Daily 10x Free Mevius Pack now available!

JST:2020/7/1~2020/7/8 13:59
Let's get 7th Anniversary Avatars by answering quizzes with everyone♪

JST:2020/7/8~2020/7/20 9:59
Defeat enemies with 7th Anniversary event-only skill ring "Water gun" and get the 7th Anniversary Pet!!

JST:2020/7/20~2020/8/5 13:59
Test your luck by choosing 1 out of many Portals! If you chose the right one, you can get many event exchange items!! Exchange it to Special 7th Anniversary Avatars and other luxurious items!!

GvG Tournament now opens to decide the ultimate Guild!

JST:2020/8/5~2020/8/19 13:59
Get the Special 7th Anniversary Avatars and Furnitures to defeat more monsters than other players!!