MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

About in-game controls

  • ▼How can I change the recipient of chat?
  • How can I change the recipient of chat?
  • You can change the types of chat from the "Chat" icon on the bottom.

    Say: Characters around you can hear
    Whis: Only specific characters in your friends list can hear
    Guild: Members of the same guild can hear
    Party: Members of the same party can hear
    Shout: Everyone in the same field can hear
    Twitter: Can tweet logging into Twitter
    LINE: Send messages via Line application
    Alli: Delivered to guild member of an ally guild

    *Default setting is "Say".
  • ▼How do I save my data?
  • How do I save my data?
  • Your game data will be automatically saved while playing, but for the safety of your played data, we recommend that you close your game in the following manner:
    "MENU" -> "Option" -> "Logout" -> "Yes"
  • ▼How do I recover HP?
  • How do I recover HP?
  • Using recovery items and recovery skills can replenish your HP.
    Also, when not in battle against a monster your HP will automatically refill.
    By adding recovery items and skills to your shortcuts, they can be used quickly.
  • ▼Can I change my characters name?
  • Can I change my characters name?
  • Usually, names of your character cannot be renamed once it was created, but you can rename it by using the item "Rename Book R."

    For details of the item "Rename Book R," please check from Shop > System.
  • ▼Why can't I use skills?
  • Why can't I use skills?
  • If the skills are not activated, there may be conditions below that do not meet.

    ・Weapon to activate the skills is equipped.
    ・Necessary SPs are still left.
    ・You are in the map that can activate the skill

    Please check for details from Character > Skill at the bottom to confirm about weapon type and SP amounts to activate.
    Additionally, there may be unusable summoned monsters and summoned skills at base or specific map.
  • ▼I cannot receive Exp even though I defeat monsters. Why is that?
  • I cannot receive Exp even though I defeat monsters. Why is that?
  • You may not receive Exp from the monsters in the cases below:

    -You have reached the level cap.
    -You only dealt very small amount of damage to the monster.
    -You are not in the same map as your party members.
  • ▼How do I set target when attacking?
  • How do I set target when attacking?
  • In AVABEL Online, you can freely attack to any enemies with skill shortcut that is set with skill icon.

    The default setting is set to "Assist" to help you attack nearby monsters.
    You can change the setting from below:
    "MENU" -> "Options" -> "Config" -> "Control" -> Toggle "Battle style"

    Additionally, if you use "Auto function," it will automatically attack with skill short cut that is already set to target enemy.
  • ▼What is GM?
  • What is GM?
  • GM is an abbreviation of Game Master.

    GM will usually operates AVABEL Online's environment.
    GM's character name is in yellow, and will be shown in a bigger font size than normal characters.
  • ▼About effective time for time limited items
  • How will the logged out time be handled for time limited items?
  • Time-limited items'left over time will start again once you re-logged in again.
    Item's effective time that is left can be confirmed from Option > Bonus effect.
  • ▼About maximum amount of Gold that can be held.
  • How much Golds can each characters hold?
  • Currently, you can own up to "2,000,000,000G".
    You will not be able to own an amount exceeding 2,000,000,000G.

    By subscribing to all three types of Monthly Course, the owning limit will increase, up to 20,000,000,000G.
  • ▼About the function of using Gem(s) to complete Quests
  • Can Quests be completed by using Gem(s)?
  • Players are able to complete certain Quests such as Release Quests by using "Paid Magic Gems".
    Necessary amount for Paid Gems will differ according to different quests, and there will be limits to purchase as well.

    * Purchase limit for the Release Quests will be reset on 19:00 (GMT).
    * Item "Quest Guide" will be purchased and consumed at the moment the function is used.
    * This function cannot be used to all Quests.
  • ▼Is it possible to expand Storage slots?
  • Is it possible to expand Storage slots?
  • You can expand the storage slots by using "Storage Expansion".
    Storage Expansion can be received through rewards from achievements, and buy it at shop.

    In order to raise the number of Storage Expansion's items to hold, you will need to subscribe for monthly course.
    You will be able to subscribe to monthly course through the shop.

    *"Item Stack Cap" is the maximum amount (cap) for each item you can own. Please understand that it does not expand the slots for Bag and Storage.
  • ▼What is "Rift Stone"?
  • What is "Rift Stone"?
  • Rift Stone is an item which unlocks the limits of the arms that have a equip Lv requirement.

    But please note that it is only effective for the character which used the Rift Stone.
    Also, if you delete the character which used the Rift Stone, the effect will vanish.

    The effect will not disappear when you failed on Synthesis or Evolve.
    If you acquire the item which already has Rift Stone used via trades, etc., the effect will be lost.
  • ▼What are the disadvantages of falling during battle?
  • What are the disadvantages of falling during battle?
  • When falling during battle, the experience gained will be reduced.
  • ▼About Dungeon Points (DP)
  • What are Dungeon Points (DP) for?
  • Dungeon Points (DP) are consumed to play certain game modes such as "Dungeon" or "Technical Battle".
    Required points depend on each maps.

    Consumed DP will recover with time.

    Please note that we cannot give back consumed DP when they are lost by connection failure or cut off.
    *We kindly ask that you play the game under the stable connection environment such as using Wi-Fi.
  • ▼About reset time
  • What time are the Daily Free Spin and Daily Achievements reset?
  • They will be reset at 19:00 (GMT) everyday.
  • ▼EXP's NEXT won't change from 1.
  • EXP's NEXT won't change from 1.
  • When the character level cap has reached to upper level, you cannot get more EXP.
  • ▼There are skills that cannot be set in Master skill although it is in Job Master.
  • There are skills that cannot be set in Master skill although it is in Job Master.
  • Some skills cannot be set to Master Skills.