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    (update)10/4:版本更新情報/Update Information
    (JST:10/5 16:00)
    The following contents have been corrected.
    ・Added Player rank adjustment.
    (10/4 14:30)
    Regular maintenance ended on 10/4 14:30
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 10/4

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    Status display change ・ The display of the fighting power is divided into ""Player rank"" and ""Battle-P"".
    ・ The Effect upper limit will be displayed.
    * Statuses that exceed the effects are displayed in red letters.
    Change the display of the Correction Effect List - Rank display is divided into ""Rank"" and ""Rank details"".
    - ""Weapon rank"", ""Armor rank"", ""Ornaments rank"", and ""jewelry rank"" will be combined to become ""Equip Rank"".
    - Display of ""Awakened"", ""Limit Break"", and ""Attribute granted"" will be added.
    Change the display of summoned beasts In the PvP field, summoned beasts will now be displayed even if the ""Show Summoned Monsters"" setting in the config is hidden.
    *It will not be displayed in normal fields as before.
    Quest display adjustment On the quest screen, if the conditions for the "Prerequisite Quest" are not met, the quest name will be grayed out.
    Text adjustment during Crystallize The text displayed when attempting to Crystallize a pet when the Pet Case is full has been changed.
    Player rank adjustment. The ranks of Attribute granted and Element Case now also affect Player rank.
    *Due to this adjustment, Player rank may change before and after maintenance.
    Updated Help Contents Help >★Rank  >Information about Player rank has been updated.
      Opening Events
    Issues to be fixed Details
    Fixed a bug in the Tower Scramble "Loud Tower" Please check this notice for details. 
    Fixed the display of Add element Fixed an issue where two Bowl appeared to be consumed when Add element.
    *Only one item was actually consumed for display purposes only.
    Bug fixes for summoned beasts and summoned objects Fixed an issue where damage would sometimes not be applied to summoned beasts and summoned objects. 
    Modification of skill acquisition conditions Some learning conditions for Saber's skill ""Sacred Cross"" have been corrected.
    ・Sacred Cross Lv4
    Fundamentals of Paladin Lv5 → Fundamentals of Paladin Lv4
    ・Sacred Cross Lv5
    Fundamentals of Paladin Lv3 → Fundamentals of Paladin Lv5
    Completed Details
    Forging Room ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59
    Uninvited Guest ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59
    Extremely Fast! Special Comeback Support Campaign ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    (JST:10/5 16:00追记)
    (10/4 14:30追记)
    定期维护已于10/4 14:30结束

    版本更新信息 详情
    状态显示更改 ・战斗力的展示分为“玩家等级”和“战斗力”。
    更改补正效果一览的显示 - 排名显示分为“排名”和“排名详情”。
    - “武器等级”、“护甲等级”、“饰品等级”、“珠宝等级”将合并为“装备级别”。
    - 新增“觉醒”、“限解突破”、“授予属性”的显示。
    改变召唤兽的显示 在PvP领域,即使配置中的“显示召唤怪物”设置被隐藏,召唤兽现在也会显示。
    任务显示调整 在任务屏幕上,如果不满足“前提任务”的条件,任务名称将呈灰色显示。
    结晶化过程中的文字调整 宠物盒已满时尝试结晶化宠物时显示的文本已更改。
    玩家等级调整 授予属性和元素盒的等级现在也会影响玩家等级。
    更新了帮助内容 Help >★Rank  >有关玩家等级的信息已更新。
    异常现象修正 详情
    修复了攻塔戰“称赞塔”中的一个错误 详情请查看本通知。
    显示附加属性的校正 修复了添加属性时两器皿似乎被消耗的问题。
    修正召唤兽和召唤物 修复了召唤兽和召唤物有时无法受到伤害的问题。
    修改技能获取条件 修正了骁勇剑士技能“神圣十字”的一些学习条件。
    武士的心得Lv5 → 武士的心得Lv4
    ・神圣十字 Lv5
    武士的心得Lv3 → 武士的心得Lv5
    修正完毕 詳情
    锻造室 ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59
    不速之客 ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59
    神速!回归玩家支援特别活动 ~JST:2023/10/4 13:59

    「阿瓦贝尔圣境 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」营运团队 敬上