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    6/12:版本更新情報/Update Information
    (6/12 15:20)
    Regular maintenance ended on 6/12 15:20
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 6/12

    Correspondence Details
    Unlock level cap The level cap will be 1300.
     *The experience points gained for Main Tower 60F will be reduced from level 1255.
    Status related ▼Combat power will increase according to the "Refined value" of the equipment.

    ▼The damage increase and resistance effects due to "Refined" will be adjusted upward.

    ▼The increase in combat power due to "Breaking the limit" will be adjusted upward.
    Achieve related ▼The following "Achieve" will be added.
     ・Monthly play time
     ・Weekly play time
     ・Daily login 2
    System related ▼World chat will be implemented.
     ・World chat is a chat that reaches all channels and all locations.
     ・You can use it by selecting the world in the chat item.

    ▼The list of useful functions has been adjusted.

    ▼Beginner tutorial will be improved.
    Guild related ▼The upper limit of guild rank will be "40".

    ▼A new active skill will be added to the guild skills.
     *Can be learned at guild rank 21 or higher.
     ・Hunter's Great Skill
      Effect: Increases damage dealt to monsters & reduces damage received
     ・Mercenary's Great Skill
      Effect: Increases damage dealt to players & reduces damage taken

    ▼The number of people who can use guild skills will be relaxed.
    Changes the BOSS Colosseum The attribute of "BOSS Colosseum" will be changed from "Water" to "Wind".
    Official Tournaments Related ▼A tournament with a combat power upper limit will be added to the "Official 1vs1".

     ・The "New Official 1vs1" will be held on a weekly basis with the existing "Official 1vs1" without a combat power cap.
      ■Plans for the upcoming "Official 1vs1"
       ・Week of 6/10: No upper limit on combat power
       ・Week of 6/17: Combat power upper limit
       ・Week of 6/24: No upper limit on combat power
       ・Week of 7/1: Combat power upper limit
      Opening Events

    Completed Details
    Forging Room ~JST:2024/6/12 13:59
    Veteran Monster Appearance ~JST:2024/6/12 13:59
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    (6/12 15:20追记)
    定期维护已于6/12 15:20结束

    解锁等级上限 等级上限为1300。
    状态相关 ▼战斗力会根据装备的“精炼值”而增加。


    成就相关 ▼将添加以下“成就”。
    系统相关 ▼世界聊天将被实施。


    公会相关 ▼公会等级上限为“40”。


    BOSS 斗兽场变更 “BOSS 斗兽场”的属性将由“水”变更为“风”。
    正式比赛相关 ▼“官方1vs1大会”中将增加有战力上限的锦标赛。


    修正完毕 詳情
    锻造室 ~JST:2024/6/12 13:59
    挑战迷宫 ~JST:2024/6/12 13:59

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