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    Exceeding power than advanced class! "Awaken Class" added!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We wil be adding
    "Awaken Class," succeeding two of Advanced Class's power from after the maintenance on July 25, 2018!

    What is "Awaken Class"?This will be new class of succeeding 2 specific powers from advanced classes that are above the basic class.

    In the Awaken Class, you will be able to acquire enhanced advanced class skill's ”Awakened Version of Advanced Skill" and  super powerful "Awaken Skills,"

    Also, you can now equip 2 advanced class EX Skill Rings at the same time, which is also requirement to change class!​

    About changing class to "Awaken Class"?You will need to fulfill the following requirements in changing class.

    ▼Requirements to change class to Awaken Class
    ・Character level is above 200.
    ・ Achieved job master with 2 of specific advanced class
    ・Owning item "Awakening Stone"

    You will be able to change class as you have fulfilled these requirements and talk over to NPC "Awaken Class Release Lucy"

    Introducing Awaken Class and super powerful Awaken Skills 
    Warrior typeProminence Knight

    A class that uses a sword that emits heat and swift swordsmanship.
    Is able to attack by exploding the heat.
    Awaken Skills<Heatwave Slash>
    Summon a burning dual-wielded sword and rush forward.
    Pierce through all enemies in the pathFurthermore, it causes a powerful explosion that scorches the earth around them.

    Magician typeWarlock

    Class to use black and red fire freely.
    Able to create large explosion and chaos.
    Awaken Skills<Chaos Explosion>
    Creating a enormous chaos, and generates large explosion by drawing in the surrounding enemies.

    Ranger typeHound

    A class that maneuvers handguns in both hands while shooting with tricky movements.
    Awaken Skills<Rapid Fire>
    Evade forward while shooting vigorously.
    After that, turn around and fire a fusillade.

    Acolyte typeSeraphim

    A class that protect allies with holy golden wings.
    Receiving blessings from God, they always shine in a golden color around them.
    Awaken Skills<Devotion>
    Give benefits of an archangel to your allies at the expense of your own body.
    Those who were granted benefit will be invincible for a short period.

    Rogue typeShadow Dancer

    A class that hides one’s form and attack using a clone.
    The clone will quickly slash a targeted enemy.

    Awaken Skills<Shadow Dancing>
    Throw the dagger forward and divert the inner darkness to the enemy hit.
    Annihilate the enemy by successive deadly blows by the clone. 

    Creator typeScholar

    A class that makes medicine with all the knowledge.
    Change the weather freely, and create black clouds or rainbows to assist in combat.
    Awaken Skills<Weather Change>
    Change the weather by throwing special medicine into the air.
    The dark cloud created from the medicine reduces enemy’s defensive power.
    After that, a rainbow appears and recovers the surrounding allies. 

    Wanderer typeHigh Lancer

    Those who have reached the limits of spearmanship.
    Annihilate enemies with tremendous speed.
    Awaken Skills<Infinity Rush>
    Combo that pierces all enemies forward with a ferocious spirit. 
    Throw a spear with even more a mighty power to eliminate enemies. 

    Revenger typeSpecter

    Summon the grim reaper and annihilate enemies by slashing ruthlessly.
    Awaken Skills<Death Size>
    Throw a scythe forward and summon the grim reaper there.
    After doing so, completely destroy enemies with a soul trembling combo.

    Summoner typeEmperor

    A class that can summon both Bahamut and Valkyrie with the dignity of the king.
    Awaken Skills<Super Divine Beast Combo>
    Summon both Bahamut and Valkyrie from the powerful summoning monster and unleash the phenomenal power.

    Experience the powerful Awaken Class!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team