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    2nd Awaken Class will be available with stronger Awaken skills!!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added "2nd Awaken Class" after maintenance on September 26!

    What is "Awaken Class"?This will be new class of succeeding 2 specific powers from advanced classes that are above the basic class.

    In the Awaken Class, you will be able to acquire enhanced advanced class skill's ”Awakened Version of Advanced Skill" and  super powerful "Awaken Skills,"

    Also, you can now equip 2 advanced class EX Skill Rings at the same time, which is also requirement to change class!​

    Introducing Awaken Class and super powerful Awaken Skills 
    Warrior typeBlade Master

    Mastered swordsman. Class to speedily slash the enemy.
    Awaken Skills<Sword Dance>
    Skill that releases numerous slashes in front.
    Also, it slashes everything in front in a flash.

    Magician typeGrand Magus

    Class that summons the old magic, frost orb, and never let enemy come near.
    Awaken Skills<Frost Orb>
    Skill to summon ancient ice giant, which scatters icicles to the surroundings.

    Ranger typeFrost Archer

    Class to make enemy immovable by releasing icy arrow that freezes everything..
    Awaken Skills<Crystal Arrow>
    Skill that will rapid-fire arrows forward in to arcs.
    Also, it can release big, icy arrow from the sky to freeze surrounding.

    Acolyte typeStriker

    Class to empower the enemy by using serial attacks with powerful kicks.
    Awaken Skills<Hiten Leap>
    Skill to stun the enemy in front by leaping up to the sky and nose-dive with fierce kick.

    Rogue typeTempester

    Class to attack with short sword, with charged electricity and fast moves.
    Awaken Skills<Thunder Sword>
    Skill that charges electricity in dagger.
    It will expand the electric field.

    Creator typeAxe Riser

    Class that can powerfully execute strength by charging powers of nature.
    Awaken Skills<Element Rizing>
    Skill to spread buff of increase all elements' damages to yourself and allies.
    After, you will break ground with 2 hand axes.

    Wanderer typeElaim

    Class that can shape that was drawn by water and brush.
    Awaken Skills<Big Wave>
    Big wave that will drag everything in front.

    Revenger typeBlood Seeker

    Class that uses sword that is made from bat’s blood, that can absorb its power.
    Awaken Skills<Blood Blast>
    Releases slash attack by sacrificing HP.
    Increases the HP that absorbs from enemies and damage tornado.
    When HP is less than certain value, HP decrease effect will not activate.

    Summoner typeMajesty

    Class that uses its knowledge and rule both Yggdrasill and Fenrir.
    Awaken Skills<Icy Garden>
    As the flower blooms around you, it increases VIT and MEN.
    Decreases the moving speed by blowing blizzard and damages the icy petal.

    About changing class to "Awaken Class"?You will need to fulfill the following requirements in changing class.

    ▼Requirements to change class to Awaken Class
    ・Character level is above 200.
    ・ Achieved job master with 2 of specific advanced class
    ・Owning item "Awakening Stone"

    You will be able to change class as you have fulfilled these requirements and talk over to NPC "Awaken Class Release Lucy"

    Experience the powerful Awaken Class!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team