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    3rd Awaken Class will be available with stronger Awaken skills!!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added "3rd Awaken Class" after maintenance on December 19!

    What is "Awaken Class"?This will be new class of succeeding 2 specific powers from advanced classes that are above the basic class.

    In the Awaken Class, you will be able to acquire enhanced advanced class skill's ”Awakened Version of Advanced Skill" and  super powerful "Awaken Skills,"

    Also, you can now equip 2 advanced class EX Skill Rings at the same time, which is also requirement to change class!​

    Introducing Awaken Class and super powerful Awaken Skills 
    Warrior typeLuminous

    Class to release the power with to control light sword and dark sword.
    Sharp that can cut the shadows of evil.
    Awaken Skills<Blade Rush>
    Using light and dark sword to attack and destroy all enemies like storm.

    Magician typeStorm Mage

    Class that dominates wind.
    Destroys the enemy with sudden gust of wind with lightening.
    Awaken Skills<Storm’s Rage>
    Shoots out intense tornado that was gathered by the power of wind.

    Ranger typeBlaster

    Class that uses various heavy weapons, and destroys enemies.
    Activates mass bombing.
    Awaken Skills<Bullet Storm>
    Shoots with raging force, and destroys the enemies with powerful rocket.

    Acolyte typeRedeemer

    Class that uses barricade and supports the allies.\nProtects the allies with shining light.
    Awaken Skills<Holy Nest>
    Creates a divine defending curtains to protect allies from enemy attack and weakens the enemy that comes in the curtain.

    Rogue typeStorm Crow

    Class to attack with lightening by flying fast with crow’s feathers.
    The wind that blows with black feathers, paints the world in to darkness.
    Awaken Skills<Shadow Wing>
    Place numerous, light feathers with dark powers.

    Creator typeCosmo Shaper

    Class that attacks while hitting electric ball with a huge hammer.
    There are no mercy in a strong hammer.
    Awaken Skills<Cruise Strike>
    Fly the ships made by power of thunder to the front and attack.

    Wanderer typeDrake Guardian

    Class that penetrates the land with two hand spear and unlocks the power of dragon.
    Wakes the dragons asleep.
    Awaken Skills<Dragon Smash>
    Jumps up in the air, and call out the power of the dragon from deep down and surge with intense blow.

    Revenger typeDemon Eater

    Class that uses the darkness and fire at will.
    Burn all with the black fire from the otherworld.
    Awaken Skills<Demonist>
    Batters the enemy with the strong, demonic power.

    Summoner typeVoid Crusher

    Class to activate ultimate power of the Titan and Thanatos.
    Boasts the strength of the summoned beast.
    Awaken Skills<Giant of Death>
    Summon Titan with power of Thanatos, and cause fatal damage the surroundings.

    About changing class to "Awaken Class"?You will need to fulfill the following requirements in changing class.

    ▼Requirements to change class to Awaken Class
    ・Character level is above 200.
    ・ Achieved job master with 2 of specific advanced class
    ・Owning item "Awakening Stone"

    You will be able to change class as you have fulfilled these requirements and talk over to NPC "Awaken Class Release Lucy"

    Experience the powerful Awaken Class!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team