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    Notice for update on 6/5

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2019/6/5 maintenance and app version update.
    For the followings, the content which has (!!) will be applied to latest version of application. 
    *It will take time to update the app version.
    Updated details- Improving Avatar Contest
    - Showing a crown icon for the ranking 1st to 10th.(!!)
    - Added character name in the profile screen(!!)
    - Showing ranking of the opening period(!!)
    - Added filter function according to character's gender.(!!)
    - Added function to search from character name.(!!)

    - Changed the tournament format for official tournament (PvP Tournament) and official GvG tournament.
    - Based on the results of preliminaries, there will be changes for the top qualifiers will not hit early in the tournament.
    - Tournament with semi-finals and finals will be started on-time.
    - When the team for the finals don't fulfill to 32 teams
    [Before] Semifinals and finals started earlier than scheduled time, as the main tournament was set up only by teams reached to it.
    [After] To fill up to 32 teams, seeding will be from the first match, and the semifinals and finals will be held on time.

    - Other removals
    - Expanded the necessary Battle-P for Resist Dungeon Solo to the same with ORB Dungeon Solo due to the clearing situation.
    *There will be no changes for monsters etc.
    Changed the types of Boss Monster appearing in ORB Dungeon Int. 2F and 3F.
    Changed the types of Boss Monster appearing in ORB Dungeon Solo.
    - Changed to not being able to drop the Event Coin from Guild Tower's Chests.
    *We will adjusting according to in-game environment regarding the item drops later.
    - Lowers the unlocking level for equipping jewels from 30 to 1.

    - Added the recipe to enhance the ORB for the event, "Long Rain."
    Bug Fixes- Fixed an issue of not being able to drop "Silver Kodora Statue" from Defeat Reward Box+.
    - Fixed an issue of monsters using Abnormal Status which has been added in April 24, in other than Resist Dungeon.
    - Fixed an issue of being able to get some rewards from 3rd floor at 1st and 2nd floor for Challenge Dungeon Solo.
    *There will be no changes with the number to get from totals.
    - Fixed an issue of not showing saved Mail when saving by not selecting recipient of in-game mail.(!!)
    -- When saving by not selecting recipient, it will be saved in the "Out-box" within Friend.
    - Fixed an issue of not being able to show Class Category at PvP Ranking.(!!)

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team