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    Adding EX Skills to the remaining 19 Awaken Classes!Obtain the strength of a mighty warrior!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Following the maintenance on 8/14/2019, the “Awaken Class EX Skills -2nd Edition-” will be released!

    About the Awaken Class Extra Skills“Extra Skills" that grants further power to the Awaken Class has been released to the 19 Awaken Classes.
    This Skill can be used by equipping a certain "Skill Ring" and consuming SP and Jexp.

    The Awaken Class "Skill Ring" can be acquired from the Quest that can be accepted by mastering each Awaken Class.
    To accept the quest, you will need to be a “Class that can use the ring”.

    Fulfill all of the requirements and accept the quest from NPC “[Skill Master] Perseus” in the Max Boost Chamber to obtain the ring!

    Introducing the all of the new EX Skills added to the Awakened Classes!Warrior typeLuminous

    Class to release the power with to control light sword and dark sword.
    Sharp that can cut the shadows of evil.
    Awaken Skills<Light/Dark Sword Dance>
    Attack like dancing skill with light and dark swords.

    Warrior typeFast Blood

    Class with specialty to run faster than anybody else. One to first feel the enemy's blood.
    Awaken Skills<Rampage Swing>
    Swings around the spear over the head, and wipe out the surrounding.

    Magician typeStorm Mage

    Class that dominates wind.
    Destroys the enemy with sudden gust of wind with lightening.
    Awaken Skills<Calamity Tornado>
    Windy magic to shoot out tornadoes like laser.
    Confuses enemies.

    Magician typeForce Planet

    Special class of magician who is knowledgeable with four major elements.
    Awaken Skills<Dazzling Magical Sword>
    Secret skill to unlock the power of magical sword, and gives damage of each elements to surrounding enemies.

    Ranger typeBlaster

    Class that uses various heavy weapons, and destroys enemies.
    Activates mass bombing.
    Awaken Skills<Particle Canon>
    Call back the weapon, destroy every enemy by shooting beam.

    Ranger typeArtemis

    Hunter with sacred power.
    Destroy enemies with the arrow of power of moonlight.
    Awaken Skills<Light Chain Arrow>
    Shoots out arrows with divine power.
    There will be light chains when arrow hits the enemy, and light chain will make enemy binded.

    Acolyte typeRedeemer

    Class that uses barricade and supports the allies.
    Protects the allies with shining light.
    Awaken Skills<Curse Circle>
    Curse that makes the evil magic team appear.
    Makes the enemies cursed.

    Acolyte typeAsura

    Stronger class with merging onmyo power and martial arts.
    Awaken Skills<Expiation Fierce Attacks>
    A hard blow of furious, serial hits to wipe out enemies.

    Rogue typeStorm Crow

    Class to attack with lightening by flying fast with crow’s feathers.
    The wind that blows with black feathers, paints the world in to darkness.
    Awaken Skills<Lightening Surge>
    Stores many electricity in the body, and release with intense electric shock.

    Rogue typePsycho Killer

    Class with abundant abnormal status to manipulate the enemy.
    Kill the enemy out of control at once.
    Awaken Skills<Bloody Dance>
    Throw knives, and moves swiftly to the target enemy to give a blow.
    Able to make enemies bleed.

    Creator typeCosmo Shaper

    Class that attacks while hitting electric ball with a huge hammer.
    There are no mercy in a strong hammer.
    Awaken Skills<Electric Smash>
    Start a Electric Ball and electricute for specific amount of time. Able to electricute enemies.

    Creator typeLabrys

    Class that can crush enemy with flaming big axe.
    Support your allies with the knowledge of blacksmith.
    Awaken Skills<Flaming Axe>
    Swings around the flaming, big axe and creates a fire tornado by slash-up attack.

    Wanderer typeDrake Guardian

    Class that penetrates the land with two hand spear and unlocks the power of dragon.
    Wakes the dragons asleep.
    Awaken Skills<Dragon Fall>
    Jumps high after serial spear attack, gives a powerful attack with the dragon.

    Wanderer typeMinstrel

    Class to support with music and attack with dance.
    Even the enemy loses breath with the beautiful tone.
    Awaken Skills<Passionate Impromptu>
    Skills that uses sound waves.
    Raises moving speed and recovers SP for the allies.
    Decreases moving speed and confuses and silent for the enemies.

    Revenger typeDemon Eater

    Class that uses the darkness and fire at will.
    Burn all with the black fire from the otherworld.
    Awaken Skills<Blaze Knuckle>
    After storing all the power to the knuckle, it will shoot to front as blazing knuckle.
    The knuckle will explode after flying to certain distance.

    Revenger typeRevenant Pool

    Class to control ghosted dolls. Also the manager of the ghost mansion.
    Awaken Skills<Infernal Shot>
    Shoots out a ghostly dolls as bullets.

    Summoner typeMajesty

    Class that uses its knowledge and rule both Yggdrasill and Fenrir.
    Awaken Skills<Fusion Summon: Timberwolf>
    Ultimate summoning technique that unifies the summoned monsters.
    Wrapped in an aura with natural power that increases ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF of allies in the area during transformation.

    Summoner typeVoid Crusher

    Class to activate ultimate power of the Titan and Thanatos.
    Boasts the strength of the summoned beast.
    Awaken Skills<Fusion Summon: Titan Reaper>
    Ultimate summoning technique that unifies the summoned monsters.
    Wrapped in an aura that has a low possibility of casting a curse to enemies in the area during transformation.

    Summoner typeArtelecs

    Class to frontier the road with its power to be the evil emperor.
    Awaken Skills<Fusion Summon: Demon Lord>
    Ultimate summoning technique that unifies the summoned monsters.
    Automatically drop the sword near the enemy and attack during transformation.
    The sword remains there for a while and deals damage to enemies that touches it.

    How to obtain the Extra Skills[Requirements to obtaining the Extra Skills]
    By clearing the Extra Skills quest from the NPC “[Skill Master] Perseus” in the Max Boost Chamber, you will get a Star 1 Ring as a reward which you will be able to use the Extra Skill by equipping it.
    * Extra Skills can only be used with classes that can use the ring.
    * Extra Skill Ring can only be used on the character that has unlocked the ring and cannot be used on characters that have not been unlocked.

    [On how to enhance the Extra Skill Ring]
    The Awaken Class Extra Skills Ring can be enhanced to Star 5.

    To enhance the ring, the character that can use the ring will need to be above Lv280 for Star2, Lv300 for Star3, Lv320 for Star4, and Lv340 for Star5.
    “Crescent Ring”, “Evolution Gangue”, and an “Awakening Stone” is also required.
    * The number of items required is different based on the enhancement Level.

    Power up the powerful Awaken Classes further with the Extra Skills!
    Come and let’s experience that power!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team