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    The battle to choose the AVABEL's Ultimate Guild, now open!/艾瓦贝尔圣境的最强公会是哪家?决战开幕!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.
    Event Period(GMT)
    2020/07/30 14:30

    About Campaign
    "Ultimate Guild Match" will open, in July, 2020, to decide who will be AVABEL!

    1. Talk over to "Ultimate Guild Match Guide Fanan" in the base, to move to "Guild Battle Royale Reception."
    ∟Go talk to "Ultimate Guild Match Guide Wallis" in the "Guild Battle Reception" to join!
    *Join up to 15 members per 1 Guild.
    *Unable to participate unless you're not joined in the Guild.
    *Do not start if the participants are less than 2 Guilds.
    *Unlike the usual "Battle Royale," there will be no limit for character level, status, equipped arms, and owned items.
    *"Battle Royale" will be suspended during the event period.
    2.Battle in the big Battle Royale Map against the other Guilds!
    Be the last one Guild standing, as the map gradually narrows down!
    You can also use the mount items in the Guild Battle Royale, so run through the big map!
    *You will be defeated when receiving attacks from other players and your own character's HP becomes "0."
    *The rank will be confirmed once al the Guild Members were defeated.
    *Once you are defeated, you will not be able to challenge again for that battle.
    *The battle will end, even before the end time, once the winner is confirmed.
    *When the end time of the battle pass, and multiple Guilds have survived, all of the survived members will be 1st place.
    *There will be no monsters appearing, like the usual "Battle Royale."

    Winning guild participants will receive a special avatar for this tournament.

    *Please note that the map is big, and it will take time to move, so please enter as soon as possible
    *Rewards will be sent to the players who have participated in the tournament. Even you are the member of the Top Guild, if you are not participating in the tournament, the reward will not be sent
    *Rewards will be delivered through GM Mail after the tournament ends
    *You will not be able to enter the map before the battle starts

    Fierce Guild!! Gather to be the best and the strongest of the Tower!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team

    2020/07/30 23:30






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