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    Apology and response regarding the issue with the selling price of Salon Ticket/关于美容劵出售金额异常的致歉以及应对详情

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    • The selling price of Salon Ticket was different from the original from after the maintenance on 9/2 to 14:00 on 9/9
    • We have fixed the above issue at the maintenance on 9/9
    Regarding the fix
    • We have recalled the Gold Salon Tickets from the target accounts that were sold after the period when issue occurred
    • We will return the sold Salon Tickets through GM Mail (Scheduled to complete on 9/9)
    *It will shown as minus, when the owned Gold is insufficient
    *When its minus, you cannot purchase items until you sell other items to get the missing gold.

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team


    • 9/2维护后~9/9 14点为止,美容劵的出售金额有异
    • 9/9维护时已修复完毕
    • 我们已从异常期间内售出美容券的帐号内,回收相应金币
    • 售出的美容劵将通过运营邮件返还予对象帐号(预定于9/9中应对完毕)


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