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    About handling the issue of the official GvG/PvP/1on1 tournaments/关于官方GvG/PvP/1on1大赛出现的问题现象以及措施

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.
    We have made some modifications to the official tournament in response to the issue in the 7/19 update, where ranking rewards were not distributed properly. The following will take place in regards to the tournaments held after 7/22.

    Summary of each official tournament
    • The ranking rewards for the 3rd and 4th place of the official GvG/PvP/1on1 tournaments will be unified
    • 32 guilds/teams will be allowed to participate in the official GvG/PvP tournament, and ranking rewards will be distributed until the 32nd place
    • The scheduled date for the start of the official GvG/PvP tournament will be changed
      *There will be no changes to the scheduled start date of the official 1on1 tournament
    About the scheduled fix Due to a delay in the development of the system that prevents ties from occurring, we have postponed the scheduled date for the modification of the official tournament from 7/28 to 8/18.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to players who have been waiting for the official tournament modifications.

    We will continue our efforts to implement the system, so we thank you for your understanding.
    Scheduled Details for Applicable
    In the official GvG/PvP/1on1 tournaments, we will add a system that prevents the same rankings from occurring so that rankings can be made from 1st to 32nd and ranking rewards can be distributed properly

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team

    针对7/19更新后出现的以下问题:排行榜报酬发送出现异常,我们已进行了应对措施,并对官方大赛的部分内容进行了修改。 7/22之后开办的大赛将会变为以下内容。

    • 统一官方GvG/PvP/1on1大赛的第3名与第4名的排行榜报酬。
    • 官方GvG/PvP大赛中,将有32公会/队伍可以进入决赛,前32位可获得排行榜报酬。
    • 变更官方GvG/PvP大赛举办日程


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