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    8/18:版本更新情報/Update Information
    Regular maintenance ended on 8/18 15:00
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 8/18
    We will conduct Regular maintenance for the below dates.

    Conducting date
    JST:2021/8/18 14:00~15:00

    *Please note that you will not be able to login to the game during maintenance.
    *Please note in advance there may round time.
    *We will inform you with more details regarding completing the maintenance.

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    Implementing the 1st level of the new “Crystal Cave”, “58F [Crystal Cave 1] Haven” ■With the release of the new floor, the current environment is very different from when the release quest “57F Budwei Trainer Bennan’s Exam" was implemented, so in order to adjust to the current environment, the achievement status will be reset during the maintenance on 8/18
    ■After the adjustment, the release quest “57F Budwei Trainer Bennan’s Exam" will be available to be accepted and the achievement reward can be received after the 8/18 maintenance
    *Please note that there are 2 different types of “57F Budwei Trainer Bennan’s Exam” with the same name but different clearing conditions, but both will be reset and the contents will be adjusted
    ■“58F Haven" can be accessed by the “Transferrer" after completing the release quest
    Renewal of the Official Tournament ・In official tournaments (PvP, 1on1, and GvG), battles in the preliminary rounds will be eliminated, and players will be selected to advance to the main tourney based solely on the total combat power
    ・The main tournament will be held over two days, Friday and Saturday
    ・There will be a set of criteria for determining the rankings of the players who are tied for third place or lower in the main tournament based on the number of wins, and it will determine the rankings up to the 32nd place based on the merits of the criteria
    A large-scaled defense battle “[Guild Only]Helios Tower All-Out Battle Ultra” will be added ・Only guild members can create a room
    ・The room you create will only be visible to your guild members in the "Recruiting Rooms" section
    My room will be revamped ■My room portal will be removed so that users can leave from EXIT
    ■The item “Create Furniture with Gold" will be removed, and “Create Furniture with Materials" will be renamed “Create Furniture”
    ■Select the furniture you want to create and click "Create" in the lower right corner to start creating furniture
    ■The housing level required for “Create Furniture” and the housing EXP gained will now be displayed
    ■Since “delivering” for Create Furniture will be gone, if you delivered materials before the update, the number of items you delivered before the update will be subtracted from the "Number of items required" and displayed as "Number of required materials" after the update
    *If you have already delivered the required number of items, the number of required items will be displayed as x0
    Key Config functions will be expanded ■New keys and buttons can be set for the following to improve usability
    ・Cursor movement
    ・Control on the preview screen
    ・Character movement
    ・Camera control
    *The key config will be reset when the latest app is updated, so please tap and re-set “■Key Config Reset” while the controller to be used is connected
    Adjusting the Material Dungeon/Ultra Material Dungeon ■Material Dungeon
    ・Weakening monsters
    ・Changing to a 9 floor system
    ・Changes to the drop contents and adjustments to drop rates
    ■Ultra Material Dungeon
    ・Changes to the drop contents and adjustments to drop rates
    The campaign that started on 2020/6/24, which increases the “Exp, Jexp, and the drop rate” of each monthly course and full subscription bonus by up to 500%, will be made permanent The information on the "Monthly Course" page in the "Shop" section will be updated to reflect this change
    Adding the [Material Dungeon] achievement to the “Skill Points Achievement”  
    Upward revision on the synthesis success rate of the Fusion Orb  
    Some of the EXP values when using STR/INT/VIT/SP/DEX/Fusion Orbs as materials for Growth Orbs will be revised  
    Adjusting the skills Along with the adjustment of various skills, some of the displays in the skill details will be changed
    Each Status upper limit will be relaxed from Character Level x45 to x70  
    Issues to be fixed Details
    Fixing an issue when switching the selection of pet in the bag and storage at a quick pace, the details of a different pet than the one selected may be displayed  
    Fixing an issue in which tapping the "Details" button in the inventory could display details of a different item than the one currently selected under certain conditions  
    Completed Details
    50%-off DP starts!(Advent dungeon) ~JST:2021/8/18 13:59
    Water Wars ~JST:2021/8/18 13:59
      Opening Events

    Opening Events Details
    “[Limited Time] Auto Expansion Ticket” will be sent via GM Mail Trial Period: After the maintenance on 2021/8/18-8/25 13:59
    We will be distributing the "[Limited Time] Auto Expansion Ticket" that can be used for the Auto Expansion function via GM Mail after the 8/18 maintenance
    Please give it a try!
    *You must have a full monthly subscription to use the “[Limited Time] Auto Expansion Ticket”
    *Please note that after the trial period has expired, the item will be changed to "HP Recovery EXL”
    *One distribution per account
    Limited time challenge dungeon achievements added Period: JST 2021/6/9 after maintenance ~
    Limited time challenge dungeon is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    You can get each reward from achievements by clearing it a specified number of times
    Limited time Defense Line added Period: JST 2021/6/16 after maintenance ~
    Limited time Defense Line is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    Reward is only available by clearing SSS rank
    Limited Time Technical Battle Added Period: JST 2021/6/16 after maintenance ~
    ・Limited time Technical Battle is now available and can be challenged with consumption DP1
    ・Acquired reward will vary depending on the number of defeats within the time limit
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    定期維護已於 8/18 15:00結束

    版本更新情報 詳情
    实装新阶层「水晶洞窟」第1阶层「58F【水晶洞窟-1】-海温-」 ・由于新阶层的开放,解放任务「57F 白威村 贝南教官的考验」当初与现在的游玩环境差异过大,需要配合当前的环境进行调整,该任务的达成状况将于8/18维护时进行重置。
    ・内容调整后,解放任务「57F 白威村 贝南教官的考验」将在8/18维护后可以重新承接并获得达成报酬。
    ※「57F 白威村 贝南教官的考验」同名任务有2种,达成条件各有不同,2种任务都会被重置并调整,敬请留意。
    ・「58F - 海温- 」达成解放任务后,将可以从「传送管理人」直接移动。
    官方大会进行翻新 ・官方大会(PvP,1on1,GvG)将废除预赛战斗制度,变更为以合计战斗力数值为标准,决定进入决赛权。
    追加大规模防卫战「【公会专用】太阳神塔全力战・超级 ・仅限加入公会的玩家可创建房间
    修改个人房间系统 ・删除个人房间中的传送点,变为可由EXIT退出房间。
    常用快捷键功能扩张 以下操作对应的键盘以及按钮可以重新设定,更加方便操作。
    调整材质迷宫/超级材质迷宫系统 ■调整材质迷宫
    2020/6/24开始的月费各方案与月费全套方案的加成奖励「经验值、职业经验值、掉宝率UP」合计最大可增加至500%活动将变为恒定 伴随加成恒定,「商店」中「月费方案」页面讯息也将更新
    实施技能调整 由於各种技能调整,技能说明也作出部分更改。
    應對異常現象 詳情
    修正完畢 詳情
    DP减半活动!(降临迷宫) ~GMT:2021/8/18 4:59
    水之战 ~GMT:2021/8/18 4:59

    開辦活動情報 詳情
    营运邮件将发送「【时间限定】自动扩张券」 试用期间:2021/8/18 维护后~8/25 13:59
    8/18维护后,我们将透过营运邮件发送「【时间限定】自动扩张券」。使用该券后可使用自动扩张功能。 请务必一试!
    追加期间限定挑战迷宫成就 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/9 维护后~
    期间限定挑战迷宫登场,玩家可消耗DP1进行挑战 通关指定次数後,可通过成就获得各种报酬
    追加期间限定的防卫战 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/16 维护后~
    追加期间限定技巧对战 举办期间:JST日本时间 2021/6/16 维护后~

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