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    [completed]8/20:臨時維護公告/Notice for extraordinary maintenance
    Temporary maintenance ended on 8/20 16:37
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We will conduct Temporary maintenance for the below dates.

    Conducting date
    JST:2021/8/20 16:30

    *Please note that you will not be able to login to the game during maintenance.
    *Please note in advance there may round time.
    *We will inform you with more details regarding completing the maintenance.

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    Adjusting the Max Boost Breakthrough power of the Transcendent skills ■In light of the fact that some skills are dealing higher damage than expected, we will be making adjustments again in order to attain a more fair balance
    ■With this adjustment, the following items will be distributed via GM mail after maintenance
    ・【Limited Time】Restatus Scroll x5
    ・【Limited Time】Reskill Scroll x5
    *Please note that after the period has expired, the item will be changed to "HP Recovery EXL”

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    臨時維護已於 8/20 16:37結束

    JST:2021/8/20 16:30


    版本更新情報 詳情
    调整超越职业的技能限解突破威力 ■由于部分技能的伤害高於原设定,为维持公平的游戏平衡,将再次进行调整
    ・【时间限定】修练卷轴 x5
    ・【时间限定】再技的秘传 x5


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