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    8/31:版本更新情報/Update Information
    (8/31 14:05)
    Regular maintenance ended on 8/31 14:05
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We have updated to details below from maintenance on 8/31

    Correspondence Details
    Update Information Details
    Changing the ZENITH CLASH The ZENITH CLASH will be changed from "Snowland" to "Cave".
    Changes to the Revere map The map will return to the original version.
      Opening Events

    Issues to be fixed Details
    Fixing some skills effects Fixing an issue with skills like Invisible Trap and Spiral Thorn that limit movement in or out of a generated area of effect, where the character using the skill and allied characters also had their movements restricted
    *These adjustments will be shown when you update the app to the version 9.2.2
    Completed Details
    【9th】Cleanup Defense Battle ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    【9th】Boss Tower ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    【9th Anniversary】Thank You Pack ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    9th Anniversary Avatar Present!! ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    Uninvited Guest ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team
    (8/31 14:05追记)
    定期维护已于8/31 14:05结束

    版本更新信息 详情
    苍穹争霸变更 苍穹争霸由「雪山」变更为「洞窟」。
    里卫依鲁地图变更 地图变回普通版本。

    异常现象修正 详情
    修正部分技能效果 修正以下问题:效果区域内外会产生限行效果的技能(如隐形陷阱、螺旋荆棘等)中,发动技能的角色或己方角色有时会被限行的异常现象。
    修正完毕 詳情
    【9周年】清扫防卫战 ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    【9周年】BOSS塔 ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    【9周年】大感谢扭蛋开办 ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    9周年纪念时装赠礼!! ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59
    不速之客 ~JST:2022/8/31 13:59

    「阿瓦贝尔圣境 ~AVABEL ONLINE~」营运团队 敬上