MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」


  • ▼What is an MMORPG?
  • What is an MMORPG?
  • An MMORPG is short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

    It has become the generic name for a game where thousands of players can be together in the same world of adventure.
  • ▼What is a Server?
  • What is a Server?
  • A server is a host for players playing in the game. While running your client, you are automatically connected to the game server.

    Players can interact with others connected to the same server through chat or actions. All character and item data is also saved to the server you are on, so even if you uninstall the application your data will not be lost.
  • ▼About Penalties
  • What is a penalty?
  • AVABEL ONLINE is a game where you can enjoy adventures with others, but there are rules to go by for all players to enjoy themselves.
    By going against these rules, penalties will be applied.

    Rules for AVABEL ONLINE are agreed to upon signing up, but to put it simply, we prohibit such things as verbal abuse, harassment, fraud, etc. that may cause discomfort to people.

    You can review details of our Penalty Policy by checking the Penalty Policy page.
    For everyone to enjoy playing AVABEL ONLINE, please read through these policies carefully prior to play.
  • ▼When I play on my "Android(TM)" device, it gets hot. Are there any ways to avoid this?
  • When I play on my "Android(TM)" device, it gets hot. Are there any ways to avoid this?
  • Like many other online games, AVABEL ONLINE also consumes a lot of battery due to maintaining server connection. Batteries tend to heat up when consumed while charging at the same time.
    They also gets hotter the more the battery is consumed.

    Overheating may be reduced if you play when your mobile device is fully charged or play on a Wi-Fi(R) connection.

    *"Android" is a Trademark of Google Inc.
    *"Wi-Fi" is a Trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • ▼What is maintenance?
  • What is maintenance?
  • Maintenance is a vital task that involves updating the server and system. Without Maintenance, our network may experience partial or total failure.

    Please be aware that during maintenance you are unable to login to the game.
    We apologize in advance for any unexpected maintenance you may experience.
  • ▼About trouble with other users
  • There is trouble between two players. Please do something about it.
  • AVABEL ONLINE Support cannot respond, or be held responsible for trouble between any user(s).

    Acts such as handing over items from being blackmailed are also deemed as trouble between users.

    If you experience such troubles, please protect yourself by immediately logging out, using the Blacklist, etc.

    Please note that issues such as spam, abuse, harassment, soliciting, fraud, real money trade, or any cases that may evolve into a criminal case can be referred to via our Penalties Policy.
  • ▼About behavior of the game
  • Can you do anything about the game being so slow and laggy?
  • We suggest changing some settings. (examples below)

    1. From Title screen, tap "Menu"
    2. Tap "Options"
    -- Set the "Render Lv" Lo. or Med.
    -- Set the "Displayed Number" to Sm. or Med.
    -- Set the "Displayed area" to Sm.

    Turning off the BGM also may have some effect.

    Moving to a channel with less players will also have some effect.
  • ▼Application fails to initialize when launching App.
  • Application fails to initialize when launching App.
  • If you experience initialization failure when launching the app, please try rebooting your devise, or please try launching the app again after some time.