MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」


  • Basic Screen
    Basic controls guide screen
    Number Names of the Buttons
    Menu Button
    HP/SP Bar
    Mini Map
    Cursor Key
    Attack Button
    Jump Button
    Evade Button
    Item Shortcut
    Skill Shortcut
    Chat Button/Bar
  • Battle
    Battle guide screen
    You can attack according to different classes and weapons by tapping the attack button and skill button. The camera angle will switch by sliding the screen in 4 directions up, down, left and right. Also various types of attacks can be done by using jump and evasions.
  • Menu
    Menu guide screen
    You can open screens such as [Status] or [Item] by tapping the [MENU] button on the upper center of the screen.
    Status guide screen
  • Chat
    ▼Chat Input
    You can input up to 60 half width letters. The default settings will be [Say]. The letter input screen will show when you tap the [Talk] button on the lower center of the screen.
    ▼Chat Categories
    You can choose to display/not display each chat categories by tapping [Display]. Options such as displayed rows of the chat window or the clearness of the window can be set up.
    Chat guide screen
    Names Description
    Say Chat only heard to players around
    Shout Chat heard to all players in the map in you are in
    Party Chat only for party members
    Guild Chat only for guide members
    Whisper Chat only for friends
    System System Message