MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

Game system

  • ▼How do I recover HP?
  • How do I recover HP?
  • Using recovery items and recovery skills can replenish your HP.
    Also, when not in battle against a monster your HP will automatically refill.
    By adding recovery items and skills to your shortcuts, they can be used quickly.
  • ▼How do I save my data?
  • How do I save my data?
  • Your game data will be automatically saved while playing, but for the safety of your played data, we recommend that you close your game in the following manner:
    "MENU" -> "Option" -> "Logout" -> "Yes"
  • ▼How can I change the recipient of chat?
  • How can I change the recipient of chat?
  • By tapping the middle button of the three chat icons located at the bottom right of the round virtual stick icon, the type of chat can be changed

    Say: Characters around you can hear
    Whis: Only specific characters in your friends list can hear
    Guild: Members of the same guild can hear
    Party: Members of the same party can hear
    Shout: Everyone in the same field can hear
    Twitter: Can tweet logging into Twitter
    LINE: Send messages via Line application
    Alli: Delivered to guild member of an ally guild

    *Default setting is "Say".
  • ▼Even if I defeat a monster I do not receive any money.
  • Even if I defeat a monster I do not receive any money.
  • In AVABEL ONLINE, you are able to sell items dropped after defeating monsters for money.
  • ▼About Dungeon Points (DP)
  • What are Dungeon Points (DP) for?
  • Dungeon Points (DP) are consumed to play certain game modes such as "Dungeon" or "Mission".
    Required points depend on each maps. Consumed DP will recover with time.

    Please note that we cannot give back consumed DP when they are lost by connection failure or cut off.

    *We kindly ask that you play the game under the stable connection environment such as using Wi-Fi.
  • ▼About reset time
  • What time are the Daily Free Spin and Daily Achievements reset?
  • They will be reset at 4:00 (GMT) everyday.
  • ▼About maximum amount of Gold that can be held.
  • How much Golds can each characters hold?
  • Current maximum amount of Golds that can be held is "999,999,999G".
    Earned Golds which exceed the maximum amount will be lost.
  • ▼Is it possible to expand Storage slots?
  • Is it possible to expand Storage slots?
  • You can expand the storage slots by using "Storage Expansion", which can be purchased in the in-game Shop.
    If you wish to expand "Item Stack Limits" in the Storage, it is offered in "Monthly Ticket(s)" effect. "Monthly Ticket(s)" are also available in the Shop.

    Please refer to below regarding "Item Stack Limits":

    - The maximum amount (cap) for each item you can own. 
    - This is not the cap for weight and cap(slots) for the Bag and Storage.
  • ▼About Items
  • I lost my item. Please investigate.
  • Please contact us from application's Title Screen [Menu] > [Contact/FAQ] with the information below written.

    -The date you confirmed the loss of the item.
    (Please write in the yyyy/mm/dd format.)

    -The ID and the name of the character you confirmed the loss of the item (Please make sure they are absolutely correct.).

    -The full name, enhance level, weapon type, element, and amount of the applied item.
    (Please also provide details of evolve rank, numbers of slots, attached ORB, if applicable.)

    -The date you last confirmed the existence of the item.
    (Please write in the yyyy/mm/dd format.)

    *Items that were sold, disposed, or enhanced by mistake can be returned.
    *"Enhanced by mistake" is supported for items lost from 2016/2/5 and later.
    The items lost before that date cannot be returned.
    *Depending on the status of the item, it may not be returned or may be returned different from the original state, although applying to above.
    Please agree to that before contacting us.
  • ▼​The mail which was in my In-box has disappeared.
  • The mail which was in my In-box has disappeared.
    Are there any display limitations?
  • The display limitation of the In-box is up to 100 mails.

    If you receive over 100, the older mails will not be shown.

    *The mail not being displayed will be displayed again by organizing your mails.
    Please use the "Keep" function you wish to keep in your In-box.