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Items and equipment

  • ▼About obtaining items
  • Why can I not obtain more items?
  • You cannot obtain items in the following cases:
    -You have reached the maximum number your bag can hold of the particular type of item.
    -The total weight of the item exceeds the weight allowance.

    By depositing some items to the Storage or selling items, you can make available space in your bag, as well as lighten the gross weight of items in your possession.
  • ▼About effective time for time limited items
  • How will the logged out time be handled for time limited items?
  • Time limit is calculated based on real time.
    Please be aware that time is counted while you are logged out.
  • ▼What is "Rift Stone"?
  • What is "Rift Stone"?
  • "Rift Stone" is an item which unlocks the limits of the arms that have a equip Lv requirement.
    But please note that it is only effective for the character which used the Rift Stone.

    The effect will not disappear when you failed on Synthesis or Evolve.
    If you acquire the item which already has Rift Stone used via trades, etc., the effect will be lost.
    Also, if you delete the character which used the Rift Stone, the effect will vanish.