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  • Status
    Status is the parameter that affects battle, and they are raised by distributing Status Points that are gained by raising character's level.
    [About Setting up Status Upper Cap]
    >>> STR,INT,VIT,MEN,DEX status' upper cap are set.
    - Upper cap will be Character Level x 30.
    Ex: If the Character Level is Lv320, the upper cap will be "9600," if Lv200, the upper cap will be "6000," and if Lv80, the upper cap will be "2400."
    - Please note that upper cap are total of each skill's buff, ORBs, and Rune Arms, and not the upper cap of raising status.
    - Each status raised by Buff Skills, effective until the upper cap.
    * Please note that as upper cap is reached, debuff will occur as using buff skills.

    STR (Strength): Affects ATK
    INT (Intelligence): Affects MATK
    VIT (Vitality): Affects DEF and HP
    MEN (Mentality): Affects MDEF and SP
    DEX (Dexterity): Affects Criticals
    DEF(Defence) and MDEF(Magic Defence): Affects damages. The number within () affects with division. The number not in () affects with subtraction, and number will be increased as you equip subtracted DEF and subtracted MDEF.

    Up until Lv49, Status can be reset and redistributed from the Class Manager NPC in the Base field.
    As an exception, Status can be reset by using ""Restatus Scroll"" from Lv49 or higher.
    [Final status upper limit for ORB, Skill, and buff etc.]
    *The upper limit will be the total rate of each up effect(2020/07/20 after the maintenance)
    Ex) If the physical damage is increased up to 90%, the physical damage increase effect by skills and buff will be 0
    List Upper Lower
    Raise HP 300% -300%
    Raise SP 300% -300%
    Adds Critical 95% -95%
    Defends Critical 95% -95%
    Raise Monster Damage 90% -90%
    Raise Player Damage 90% -90%
    Raise Physical Damage 90% -90%
    Raise Magic Damage 90% -90%
    Cuts Physical Damage 80% -80%
    Cuts Magic Damage 80% -80%
    Raise Moving Speed 70% -70%
    Raise Attack Speed 70% -70%
    Cut Cool Time 60% -60%