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    A renewal for the "Gems Purchase campaign"
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The "Gems Purchase campaign" will be renewed!
    This time players will be gifted items each time they purchase the specified amount of Gems!
    (* Players that have received the gifts for the previous "Gems Purchase campaign" will also be applied to be gifted again)

    Limited items will be gifted when players purchase the specified amount of Gems!

    [Campaign Dates]
    From 1/02/2015 05:30 to 1/9/2015 05:29 (GMT)

    [Gems required and gifted items]
    -- With 1 Gem you get
     - New Birth Wing A

    -- With 2 Gems you get
     - 99 HP Recovery Ms and 99 SP Recovery Ms

    -- With 3 Gems you get
     - Novice box

    -- With 5 Gems you get
     - Thank you BOX

    -- With 15 Gems you get
     - Head avatar BOX
     - Miracle Water

    -- With 25 Gems you get
     - Weird Copper Coin

    -- With 40 Gems you get
     - Weapons avatar BOX

    -- With 65 Gems you get
     - Rouge Book , Indigo Book and Verdure Book

    -- With 80 Gems you get
     - Premium Ticket

    -- With 100 Gems you get
     - Bag Expand Book 10, Weight Expansion

    -- With 150 Gems you get
     - Restatus Scroll and Reskill Scroll

    -- With 160 Gems you get
     - Weird Copper Coin

    -- With 170 Gems you get
     - Accessory avatar BOX

    -- With 210 Gems you get
      - Rift BOX and Evo liquid Box

    - Gifted items will be transferred to the Shop BOX automatically when purchased the specified amount of Gems.
    - The Gems purchased during the campaign period will be added cumulatively.
    - Only 1 time per account.
    - Players that have changed devices during the campaign period will not be applied to the campaign at the point when changed devices.
    - Date and time for this campaign may subject to change.

    Be sure to try it out!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team