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    [New] World VS Mode Renewed!!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    On the last day of October 2016...
    The World VS Mode will be renewed!!

    The new system "Rank" will be released!!

    Also, Golds can be used to earn Crystals, and the "Force" you join will be randomly chosen!

    Plus, special Arms will be purchasable in World VS by consuming Crystals, making it more enjoyable from beginners to veterans!
    [What is World VS Mode?]
    PvP type battle mode in which the players around the world gathers in the dedicated world, split up in 3 Forces, and try to conquer each other's areas while competing by earned points.
    The battle lasts for 1 week. By conquering areas/facilities, the Force earns points, and the Force with the highest points at the end gains victory.

    *Only certain amount of equipment can be taken to the World VS dedicated world.
    [New System]

    You can consume Crystal and raise your Rank when you reach certain amount of enemy defeats, Obelisk/Core destruction, or World VS playing time.
    By raising your Rank, within World VS, you will be able to gain more Crystals by defeating an enemy, and get access to the new World VS Shop.
    If you reach certain Rank, your appearance in the mini-map will change.
    On top of that, if you are in the victorious Force, you will be able to receive "War God Medal", amount according to the Rank in the final day!

    "War God Medal" is an item that is used to purchase Pack filled with gorgeous items, after the end of World VS.
    [New Feature]

    "Exchange Golds to Crystal"
    When your character joins World VS after it is started, you will be able to earn Crystals by consuming Golds.

    "Increase of Crystals"
    Crystals each player can hold is increased!
    Crystals earned by defeating monsters will also increase, and Crystals can be obtained by destroying Obelisk or Core.

    [Other Changes]
    The map of Bainz, Aelia, and Karam Area will be partially changed.
    Each defense zone will have a landscape that is easier to defend!

    "Force Points"
    The method for added points of conquered facility will be changed.
    The points are not added when conquered, but will be added when defended for certain period.
    Think more about defense and cooperate with other players to gain points!
    *King's Tower and each defense zone will give you massive points!

    "Force Selection"
    In accordance with the increase of rewards, the Force you join will be randomly chosen.
    The Force will be fixed per account, and all characters in your account will be assigned to the initially chosen Force.
    *The Force will be randomly chosen on every World VS.

    All players who reach certain Rank will be given "War God Medal" regardless of the outcome of the battle.
    Also, the players in the victorious Force will be given additional "War God Medal" according to their Ranks.

    *"War God Medal" can be used to purchase Pack filled with gorgeous items, after the end of World VS.
    *From the new World VS, the Force you join will be randomly chosen.