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    [From 7/2 Now Open!]Tips for being successful in World VS!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We hope you are enjoying the World VS mode!

    "I entered the map, but where should I go?"
    "I had confidence but I'm not doing well..."

    We've been hearing such opinions.
    But don worry! We will bring you the tips for being successful in World VS!

    [Event Period]
    From 7/2/2018 03:00 to 7/9/2018 02:59(GMT)
    [World VS Starter] -Let's begin from here!-
    -Gather Crystals!Crystals can be acquired by destroying Obelisk or Core, and by defeating monsters or players in opposing Force.
    Also it can be acquired by using "Charge" in "Operation Terminal" once every 30 minutes.

    -Get the helper Arms!Players who have not done Rebirth can purchase powerful equipment only for World VS for small amount of Crystals, from [Helper] NPC in the Conference Room.
    The players who have done Rebirth can purchase the helper Arms by raising the Rank to "Adventurer" or higher.

    *As the character in World VS is "Duplicate", the changes made to the acquired items or the items that were brought in will not be reflected to the character out of World VS.
    They also cannot be carried over to the next World VS period.

    -Raise the Rank!You can raise your Rank by reaching certain amount in the requirements below.

    -Destroy Core
    -Time spent in World VS

    After the end of World VS period, you will be granted the "War God Medal", amount depending on your Rank.
    If you were in the victorious Force, you will earn additional "War God Medal", also depending on the Rank.

    *The reward is sent via mail after the end of World VS period.
    [Shortcut to Victory] -You got the hang of it? Master these!-
    -Utilize Transfer!From the "Operation Terminal" placed in the map your Force has conquered, you can transfer to another conquered map.
    Crystal is consumed, but you can quickly get to your allies awaiting your rescue.

    -Defend the Territory!To earn Force Points, you need to defend the area fo certain period of time.
    After expanding your land, you will need to protect them to win.

    -Try communicating with others!Statements made via the Simplified Command under World VS Menu will be displayed in translated text to players from other countries.
    Also, [Rescue Request] can be sent from Occupation Info under World VS Menu.
    Request for rescue when you need your allies' help, and fight together for victory!

    Handle the "Sorcery Cannon" and help your comrades!By consuming Crystal at "Siege Weapon Terminal", you can place the Sorcery Cannon for fixed time.

    Aim by virtual pad, and tap the dedicated Skill Shortcut to launch.

    -During the placement time, the player who placed it can board and step off freely. You cannot board the Sorcery Cannon the other players placed.
    -You cannot place a new Sorcery Cannon until already placed cannon is destroyed or the placement time is over.
    -The Sorcery Cannon has its own HP and the character boarding it will not be affected by the damage to the cannon. However, if the character is boarding it when the cannon is destroyed, the character will fall regardless of HP.
    -When the Sorcery Cannon is destroyed, the "Siege Weapon Terminal" will appear again after fixed time.
    -In "King's Tower-Hall", the Sorcery Cannon can be placed even if your Force has not conquered the facility.

    How did you like the tips?
    We hope these will be a good advice for the massive player battle in "World VS"!

    We will be waiting for your participation, and will keep on improving AVABEL ONLINE so you can enjoy even more exciting online battles!

    We kindly ask for your continued support to AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team