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    Thrust with the scorching fist! Details of version update

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Update has been applied on 3/17/2017.

    The update provides the release of "Inferno", the 5th Advanced Class of "Revenger", addition of "EX Skill" for the 3rd Advanced Classes, ORB creation, etc.!!
    Please check below for details! Addition of "EX Skill" for 3rd Advanced Classes"EX Skill" that grants further power has been added.
    This Skill can be used by equipping certain "Skill Ring" which can be acquired from the Quest that can be accepted by mastering each Advanced Class.

    Three points below must be fulfilled to accept the Quest.
    "Currently in the Class that match the Ring", "Achieved Job Master of the Class that match the Ring", "Has done Rebirth for the Class that match the Ring".

    Fulfill all requirements and accept the Quest from the NPC "Skill Master Perseus" to get the Ring!

    [EX Skills of 3rd Advanced Classes]

    Left:Sacred CrossPaladin)  Right:Dark DaggerAssassin

    Left:Invisible TrapTrap Gunner)  Right:Elemental BarrierEnchanter

    Left:Lost MeteorLost Speller)  Right:Dragon DemolishMonk

    Left:Sequence of WaterGeo Dancer)  Right:Fell BreakCleaver

    EX Skill Rings of the 2nd Advanced Classes made evolvable
    EX Skill Ring can be evolved by using Crescent Ring as material.
    Crescent Ring can be acquired in "ZENITH CLASH" or exchanging "Event Coin"

    "Inferno", the 5th Advanced Class of "Revenger" released"Inferno", the 5th Advanced Class of "Revenger" newly released!
    Specialized in using Knuckles and maneuvers Skills such as wrapping knuckles with flame, and scorching the enemy to death.
    "Inferno" can be changed from "Revenger".

    [Inferno Skill]

    Skill Name: Detonation - Releases fierce impact and covers the surrounding in flame.

    Skill Name: Melting Road - Releases fierce impact and covers the surrounding in flame.

    Skill Name: Burning Rush - Releases fierce impact and covers the surrounding in flame.

    Addition of ORB creationCreation of ORBs is now available at Synthesis in each Base.

    ORBs can be created by using the new item "Pure ORB Vessel", items earned from the Element monsters in the Element Dungeon, etc.

    The ORBs that are release this time are the four listed below, and they raise resistance against Elements by attaching to Arms.
    Different from the ordinary ORBs, they can be added to any equipment parts.
    Furthermore, their effects are strengthened by synthesizing with more materials.

    [Creatable ORB]
    -Anti-Fire ORB I
    -Anti-Fire ORB II
    -Anti-Fire ORB III
    -Anti-Water ORB I
    -Anti-Water ORB II
    -Anti-Water ORB III
    -Anti-Wind ORB I
    -Anti-Wind ORB II
    -Anti-Wind ORB III
    -Anti-Earth ORB I
    -Anti-Earth ORB II
    -Anti-Earth ORB III

    *Addition of ORB to raise resistance to Dark and Light Elements are planned to be added in the future update.

    Addition of slots for equipment and Avatar AccessoriesNow the equipment and Avatar Accessory slots can be released by using items.

    The item can be exchanged by using Event Coin or RP.

    -Acc. Slot Expansion R
    --NPC "Ranm" in the Event Square: Event Coin x50

    -Avatar Acc. Slot Expansion R
    --Item Recycle NPC in each Base: 150,000 RP

    Also, "Acc. Slot Expansion R" will be on sale in the Shop after the Shop update on 3/17.

    [Item on Sale]
    Acc. Slot Expansion R

    10 Gems

    *"Acc. Slot Expansion R" is "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Up to 1 Slot each for equipment and Avatar Accessory can be released by the items.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team