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    [Edit]Take a flight! GM Tobi's precious feather starts on 4/20!

    Regarding the event "Take a flight! GM Tobi's precious feather", the NPC to access the reward Pack will be placed again during the period below.[Available Period]
    Until the start of maintenance on 5/2/2017

    We kindly ask for you continued support of AVABEL ONLINE.

    Concerning the event "Take a flight! GM Tobi's precious feather", we have confirmed an issue of not being able to accept/report some Quests on 4/27/2017 from 3:00 to 5:00 (GMT).

    As a compensation for this issue, the applied Quests will be made available until 4/28/2017 13:59 (GMT).

    [Available Period]
    4/27/2017 6:00 to 4/28/2017 13:59 (GMT).

    [Accept/Report Steps]

    -Each "Collect Quest"
    Accept and report the "Collect Quest" that has not been cleared from the NPC "Tobi".

    -Each "Defeat Quest"
    1. Accept the "Defeat Quest" that has not been cleared from NPC "Tobi".
    2. Defeat "1" required target monster.
    3. Report to the NPC "Tobi".

    *The Quests that have been reported before the occurrence of the issue cannot be accepted or reported when it is made available again.
    *Due to the issue, the count of defeated monster has been reset. Please defeat "1" of each target monster again.
    *Please note that the drop of "Feather" and access to reward Pack will end on "4/27/2017 13:59 (GMT)", as already mentioned.

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to many players due to the issue occurring near the end of the event period.

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Limited time event "Take a flight! GM Tobi's precious feather" will start!
    The offer of Exp and Jexp earned from the event target monster being doubled will be available at the same time!

    Event Period
    About the Event
    Event Area and Target Monster
    How to join

    Event Period
    4/20/2017 after the maintenance
    until 4/27/2017 04:59 (GMT)

    *The exchange of reward item is also limited in the period above.

    About the Event
    The stage of the event is the 4 floors in the main tower.
    Defeat the monsters that await to gather "feather".

    If you deliver the "feather" to the Event Square, you can Spin the reward Pack!
    There are many Arms enhance items in the Prizes!

    Plus during the event period, Exp and Jexp earned when defeating the target monsters will be doubled compared to the usual!
    You will get massive Exp by accepting the defeat quest from "GM Tobi" in the Event Square at the same time!

    Enjoy the event that will provide major boost to the growth of your character!

    Event Area and Target Monster

    5F -Esuna-
    Gilt Wig / Flyer / Solurtle

    13F -Gebu-
    Scarabe / Cactos / Sandpiper

    28F -Elpio Gate-
    Sword of Pain / Bone Archer / Ghoul

    36F -Stufe-
    Epinighton / Craparki / Crogwagan

    How to join
    1. Accept the defeat quest from "GM Tobi" in the Event Square!
    First test the water in the defeat quest that match your progress of character building!

    2. Head to the area designated in the accepted quest!

    3. Hunt, hunt, and hunt!
    Take back the "feather" that the monsters drop!

    4. Report to "GM Tobi" once the defeat quest is cleared!

    5. By then, there could be enough "feather" gathered? Spin the reward Pack from the NPCs by the side!
    The reward Pack's rank depends on the type of the "feather", so if you think you can handle it, maybe you should try the next floor!

    6. If you gather enough "Blue Crest" collected from drops or each Pack, deliver it to "GM Tobi"!
    There are collect quests "Crest of Blue Bird 1 to 5"!

    The clear reward of the last quest "Crest of Blue Bird 5" is "Rift Stone 100 R"!

    What, I can fly...?


    We hope you will help Tobi out! 

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team