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  • Enjoy the jolly month of May! Reset the "Gems Purchase Campaign"!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The "Gems Purchase campaign"will be held with Reseted status! ​
    Various mesmerizing items will be gifted according to the total amount of purchased Gems during the period!
    Get items in great value, and enjoy the jolly month of May!

    Campaign Dates
    From May 19th, 2017 08:30 to May 26th, 2017 04:59 (GMT)

    Gifted items
    Total Gems Purchased Gifted items
    [ 1 Gem purchase ] Miracle Water R
    [ 5 Gems purchase ] DP WaterR+
    Red Stardust Bk
    [ 15 Gems purchase ] Pure ORB Vessel
    [ 27 Gems purchase ] PackTic×3
    [ 50 Gems purchase ] Weird Copper Coin
    [ 70 Gems purchase ] Moonite R×15
    [ 100 Gems purchase ] ORB Remover∞ R
    [ 150 Gems purchase ] PackTic×5
    [ 250 Gems purchase ] Crysta Case Expansion Book R
    Element Case Expansion Book R
    [ 300 Gems purchase ] Refine Pilot Light×30
    [ 400 Gems purchase ] Slot Release 100 R
    Red Comet Bk
    [ 500 Gems purchase ] Gardin ORB Box
    Rainbow Garish Star Bk
    [ 600 Gems purchase ] Awake Crystal
    Crescent Ring 1

    Notes* Please note that the extra gifted Gem(s) from "First Time Gems Purchase Campaign" will not be counted on the "Gems Purchase campaign".
    * The Gems purchased during the campaign period will be added cumulatively.
    * Only 1 time per account.
    * Gifted items will be transferred to the Shop BOX automatically when purchased the specified amount of Gems.
    * Players that have changed devices during the campaign period will not be applied to the campaign at the point when changed devices.

    * Date and time for this campaign may subject to change.

    Don't miss this chance!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team