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    Shop update notice for October 10

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    Only Earth Element! "Authentic-Astra Arms Festival" prize lineup limited to one Element, only for one day!
    New offerance! 20% OFF the price for "Spin x10" of "Armor Dynast Fest -V-" and it's only 80 Gems for "Spin x10"!
    Mysterious and cool! "Apparition" on sale!
    Only Earth Element! "Authentic-Astra Arms Festival" prize lineup limited to one Element, only for one day!

    Only the "Earth Element Astra Arms" are picked out from the lineup of "Authentic-Astra Arms Festival" wherein you can win 7 to 11 Stars Astra Arm!

    This time, it comes with the offer of "Shining Earth Stone Big Box 10" gifted as a bonus for purchasing "Spin x10"!

    Equip the effective Element to defeat the unfathomable enemies!

    [Items on Sale]
    [Earth Ele. Only] 10 Spins Bonus Authentic-Astra Arms Festival

    [Item price]
    10 Gems per "Spin x1"
    100 Gems per "Spin x10"​

    [Sales Period]
    From 10/10/2017 to 10/11/2017 07:59 (GMT)

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *You will not be gifted purchasing "Spin x1" 10 times. 
    *A equip level limit is set for the arms that comes out. 
    *Astra Arms are "Non-tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *"Add element" at "Expert Blacksmith" is not available for Astra Arms.
    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Diamond Astra Dagger 8~11
    Diamond Astra Sword 8~11
    Diamond Astra Blade 8~11
    Diamond Astra Mace 8~11
    Diamond Astra Axe 8~11
    Diamond Astra Trigger 8~11
    Diamond Astra Rifle 8~11
    Diamond Astra Bow 8~11
    Diamond Astra Rod 8~11
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 8~11
    Diamond Astra Wand 8~11
    Diamond Astra Spear 8~11
    Diamond Astra Lance 8~11
    Diamond Astra Cap 8~11
    Diamond Astra Armor 8~11
    Diamond Astra Greaves 8~11
    Diamond Astra Shield 8~11

    Dust Astra Dagger 8~10
    Rock Astra Dagger 8~10
    Dust Astra Sword 8~10
    Rock Astra Sword 8~10
    Dust Astra Blade 8~10
    Rock Astra Blade 8~10
    Dust Astra Mace 8~10
    Rock Astra Mace 8~10
    Dust Astra Axe 8~10
    Rock Astra Axe 8~10
    Dust Astra Trigger 8~10
    Rock Astra Trigger 8~10
    Dust Astra Rifle 8~10
    Rock Astra Rifle 8~10
    Dust Astra Bow 8~10
    Rock Astra Bow 8~10
    Dust Astra Rod 8~10
    Rock Astra Rod 8~10
    Dust Astra Knuckle 8~10
    Rock Astra Knuckle 8~10
    Dust Astra Wand 8~10
    Rock Astra Wand 8~10
    Dust Astra Spear 8~10
    Rock Astra Spear 8~10
    Dust Astra Lance 8~10
    Rock Astra Lance 8~10
    Dust Astra Cap 8~10
    Rock Astra Cap 8~10
    Dust Astra Armor 8~10
    Rock Astra Armor 8~10
    Dust Astra Greaves 8~10
    Rock Astra Greaves 8~10
    Dust Astra Shield 8~10
    Rock Astra Shield 8~10

    [Other Included Items]

    Diamond Astra Dagger 7
    Diamond Astra Sword 7
    Diamond Astra Blade 7
    Diamond Astra Mace 7
    Diamond Astra Axe 7
    Diamond Astra Trigger 7
    Diamond Astra Rifle 7
    Diamond Astra Bow 7
    Diamond Astra Rod 7
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 7
    Diamond Astra Wand 7
    Diamond Astra Spear 7
    Diamond Astra Lance 7
    Diamond Astra Cap 7
    Diamond Astra Armor 7
    Diamond Astra Greaves 7
    Diamond Astra Shield 7

    Dust Astra Dagger 7
    Rock Astra Dagger 7
    Dust Astra Sword 7
    Rock Astra Sword 7
    Dust Astra Blade 7
    Rock Astra Blade 7
    Dust Astra Mace 7
    Rock Astra Mace 7
    Dust Astra Axe 7
    Rock Astra Axe 7
    Dust Astra Trigger 7
    Rock Astra Trigger 7
    Dust Astra Rifle 7
    Rock Astra Rifle 7
    Dust Astra Bow 7
    Rock Astra Bow 7
    Dust Astra Rod 7
    Rock Astra Rod 7
    Dust Astra Knuckle 7
    Rock Astra Knuckle 7
    Dust Astra Wand 7
    Rock Astra Wand 7
    Dust Astra Spear 7
    Rock Astra Spear 7
    Dust Astra Lance 7
    Rock Astra Lance 7
    Dust Astra Cap 7
    Rock Astra Cap 7
    Dust Astra Armor 7
    Rock Astra Armor 7
    Dust Astra Greaves 7
    Rock Astra Greaves 7
    Dust Astra Shield 7
    Rock Astra Shield 7

    New offerance! 20% OFF the price for "Spin x10" of "Armor Dynast Fest -V-" and it's only 80 Gems for "Spin x10"!

    The chosen Armors gathers here!

    The ultimate Armor Pack "Armor Dynast Fest -V-" wherein you can win one from
    12 to 15 Stars Normal Armor, 11 to 13 Stars Rune Armor, and 8 to 11 Stars Astra Armor is now on sale!

    20% OFF campaign is held!  Price for "Spin x10" is only 80 Gems!​

    You could withstand any heavy damage?!
    Get the sturdy Armors in this opportunity!

    [On Sale Items]
    [Campaign] Armor Dynast Fest -V-

    [Item price]
    10 Gems per "Spin x1"
    80 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *You will not be gifted purchasing "Spin x1" 10 times. 
    *The won Armors have equip level limits.
    *The obtianed items contain "non-tradable items" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *The status for Rune Armors are added randomly at the point they are drawn out of the Shop BOX.
    *"Add Element" at "Blacksmith" is not available for Astra Armors.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]​
    Glow 13~15
    Buzznet 13~15
    Aegis 13~15
    Lamedh 13~15
    Aegis 13~15
    Lamedh 13~15
    Escudo 13~15
    Refrain 13~15

    Genma Rune Cap 12~13
    Genma Rune Hat 12~13
    Genma Rune Armor 12~13
    Genma Rune Cloak 12~13
    Genma Rune Greaves 12~13
    Genma Rune Leggings 12~13
    Genma Rune Shield 12~13
    Genma Rune Guard 12~13

    Blaze Astra Cap 9~11
    Blaze Astra Armor 9~11
    Blaze Astra Greaves 9~11
    Blaze Astra Shield 9~11
    Flood Astra Cap 9~11
    Flood Astra Armor 9~11
    Flood Astra Greaves 9~11
    Flood Astra Shield 9~11
    Tornado Astra Cap 9~11
    Tornado Astra Armor 9~11
    Tornado Astra Greaves 9~11
    Tornado Astra Shield 9~11
    Diamond Astra Cap 9~11
    Diamond Astra Armor 9~11
    Diamond Astra Greaves 9~11
    Diamond Astra Shield 9~11
    Flash Astra Cap 9~11
    Flash Astra Armor 9~11
    Flash Astra Greaves 9~11
    Flash Astra Shield 9~11
    Chaos Astra Cap 9~11
    Chaos Astra Armor 9~11
    Chaos Astra Greaves 9~11
    Chaos Astra Shield 9~11

    [Other Included Items]
    Glow 12
    Buzznet 12
    Aegis 12
    Lamedh 12
    Aegis 12
    Lamedh 12
    Escudo 12
    Refrain 12

    Genma Rune Cap 11
    Genma Rune Hat 11
    Genma Rune Armor 11
    Genma Rune Cloak 11
    Genma Rune Greaves 11
    Genma Rune Leggings 11
    Genma Rune Shield 11
    Genma Rune Guard 11

    Blaze Astra Cap 8
    Blaze Astra Armor 8
    Blaze Astra Greaves 8
    Blaze Astra Shield 8
    Flood Astra Cap 8
    Flood Astra Armor 8
    Flood Astra Greaves 8
    Flood Astra Shield 8
    Tornado Astra Cap 8
    Tornado Astra Armor 8
    Tornado Astra Greaves 8
    Tornado Astra Shield 8
    Diamond Astra Cap 8
    Diamond Astra Armor 8
    Diamond Astra Greaves 8
    Diamond Astra Shield 8
    Flash Astra Cap 8
    Flash Astra Armor 8
    Flash Astra Greaves 8
    Flash Astra Shield 8
    Chaos Astra Cap 8
    Chaos Astra Armor 8
    Chaos Astra Greaves 8
    Chaos Astra Shield 8

    Mysterious and cool! "Apparition" on sale!

    The Avatar Pack with hot devilish Avatars inside, "Apparition" is now available!
    This Pack with Vampire, Dusk Crow, etc., is available for 4 Gems per Spin!
    Plus the offer on 1 bonus "Shining Accessory" for purchase of "Spin x10" is available at the same time!
    Don't miss this great offer!

    [On Sale Items]
    With Spin x10 Apparition

    [Item price]
    4 Gems per "Spin x1"
    40 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack​

    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Please note the offer will not be applied by purchasing "Spin x1" 10 times.​

    "Spin x10" Tap here to list the Gifted Items
    Bat Wing (R)-DP
    Bat Wing (L)-DP
    Aquatic Tail-GL
    Ifrit Spine-BZ
    Yaksha Soul-S
    Phantom Spirit-EM
    Necross Ornament-M
    Dusk Crow Wing (L)
    Dusk Crow Wing (R)
    Diablo Soul-DC
    Araneae Nest-SD
    Berserker Cape-MD
    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Vampire Knife-DP
    Vampire Sword-DP
    Vampire Blade-DP
    Vampire Mace-DP
    Vampire Axe-DP
    Vampire Barrett-DP
    Vampire Rifle-DP
    Vampire Bow-DP
    Vampire Staff-DP
    Vampire Knuckle-DP
    Vampire Rod-DP
    Vampire Spike-DP
    Vampire Lance-DP
    Vampire Coat
    Vampire Coat-DP
    Bat Wing (R)-DP
    Bat Wing (L)-DP
    Vampire Guard-DP

    Aquatic Knife-GL
    Aquatic Sword-GL
    Aquatic Blade-GL
    Aquatic Mace-GL
    Aquatic Axe-GL
    Aquatic Barrett-GL
    Aquatic Rifle-GL
    Aquatic Bow-GL
    Aquatic Staff-GL
    Aquatic Knuckle-GL
    Aquatic Rod-GL
    Aquatic Spike-GL
    Aquatic Lance-GL
    Aquatic Upper
    Aquatic Upper-GL
    Aquatic Tail-GL
    Aquatic Guard-GL

    Ifrit Dagger-BZ
    Ifrit Sword-BZ
    Ifrit Blade-BZ
    Ifrit Mace-BZ
    Ifrit Axe-BZ
    Ifrit Barrel-BZ
    Ifrit Rifle-BZ
    Ifrit Bow-BZ
    Ifrit Staff-BZ
    Ifrit Knuckle-BZ
    Ifrit Rod-BZ
    Ifrit Spike-BZ
    Ifrit Lance-BZ
    Ifrit Mail
    Ifrit Mail-BZ
    Ifrit Spine-BZ
    Ifrit Shield-BZ

    Yaksha Dagger-S
    Yaksha Sword-S
    Yaksha Blade-S
    Yaksha Mace-S
    Yaksha Axe-S
    Yaksha Barrel-S
    Yaksha Rifle-S
    Yaksha Bow-S
    Yaksha Staff-S
    Yaksha Knuckle-S
    Yaksha Rod-S
    Yaksha Spike-S
    Yaksha Lance-S
    Disciple Yaksha Vesture
    Disciple Yaksha Vesture-AT
    Yaksha Soul-S
    Yaksha Shield-S

    Phantom Dagger-EM
    Phantom Sword-EM
    Phantom Blade-EM
    Phantom Mace-EM
    Phantom Axe-EM
    Phantom Barrett-EM
    Phantom Rifle-EM
    Phantom Bow-EM
    Phantom Staff-EM
    Phantom Knuckle-EM
    Phantom Rod-EM
    Phantom Claw-EM
    Phantom Lance-EM
    Phantom Upper
    Phantom Upper-EM
    Phantom Spirit-EM
    Phantom Guard-EM

    Necross Knife-M
    Necross Sword-M
    Necross Blade-M
    Necross Mace-M
    Necross Axe-M
    Necross Barrel-M
    Necross Arrow-M
    Necross Wand-M
    Necross Bone
    Necross Bone-M
    Special Avatars
    Special Avatars
    Necross Ornament-M
    Necross Shield-M

    Dusk Crow Knife-DK
    Dusk Crow Sword-DK
    Dusk Crow Blade-DK
    Dusk Crow Mace-DK
    Dusk Crow Axe-DK
    Dusk Crow Barrel-DK
    Dusk Crow Rifle-DK
    Dusk Crow Bow-DK
    Dusk Crow Staff-DK
    Dusk Crow Knuckle-DK
    Dusk Crow Rod-DK
    Dusk Crow Spike-DK
    Dusk Crow Lance-DK
    Dusk Crow Coat
    Dusk Crow Coat-DK
    Dusk Crow Wing (R)-DK
    Dusk Crow Wing (L)-DK
    Dusk Crow Shield-DK

    Diablo Knife-DC
    Diablo Sword-DC
    Diablo Blade-DC
    Diablo Mace-DC
    Diablo Axe-DC
    Diablo Barrett-DC
    Diablo Rifle-DC
    Diablo Bow-DC
    Diablo Staff-DC
    Diablo Knuckle-DC
    Diablo Rod-DC
    Diablo Spike-DC
    Diablo Lance-DC
    Diablo Plate
    Diablo Plate-DC
    Diablo Soul-DC
    Diablo Guard-DC

    Araneae Knife-SD
    Araneae Sword-SD
    Araneae Blade-SD
    Araneae Mace-SD
    Araneae Axe-SD
    Araneae Barrel-SD
    Araneae Rifle-SD
    Araneae Bow-SD
    Araneae Staff-SD
    Araneae Knuckle-SD
    Araneae Rod-SD
    Araneae Spike-SD
    Araneae Lance-SD
    Araneae Robe
    Araneae Robe-SD
    Araneae Nest-SD
    Araneae Shield-SD

    Berserker Dagger-MD
    Berserker Sword-MD
    Berserker Blade-MD
    Berserker Mace-MD
    Berserker Axe-MD
    Berserker Barrel-MD
    Berserker Rifle-MD
    Berserker Bow-MD
    Berserker Staff-MD
    Berserker Claw-MD
    Berserker Rod-MD
    Berserker Spike-MD
    Berserker Lance-MD
    Berserker Mail
    Berserker Mail-MD
    Berserker Cape-MD
    Berserker Shield-MD

    [Included Other Items]
    Vampire Knife
    Vampire Sword
    Vampire Blade
    Vampire Mace
    Vampire Axe
    Vampire Barrett
    Vampire Rifle
    Vampire Bow
    Vampire Staff
    Vampire Knuckle
    Vampire Rod
    Vampire Spike
    Vampire Lance
    Vampire Head
    Vampire Head-DP
    Vampire Bat
    Vampire Bat-DP
    Vampire Bottoms
    Vampire Bottoms-DP
    Bat Wing (R)
    Bat Wing (L)
    Vampire Guard

    Aquatic Knife
    Aquatic Sword
    Aquatic Blade
    Aquatic Mace
    Aquatic Axe
    Aquatic Barrett
    Aquatic Rifle
    Aquatic Bow
    Aquatic Staff
    Aquatic Knuckle
    Aquatic Rod
    Aquatic Spike
    Aquatic Lance
    Aquatic Fin
    Aquatic Fin-GL
    Aquatic Clip
    Aquatic Clip-GL
    Aquatic Lower
    Aquatic Lower-GL
    Aquatic Tail
    Aquatic Guard

    Ifrit Dagger
    Ifrit Sword
    Ifrit Blade
    Ifrit Mace
    Ifrit Axe
    Ifrit Barrel
    Ifrit Rifle
    Ifrit Bow
    Ifrit Staff
    Ifrit Knuckle
    Ifrit Rod
    Ifrit Spike
    Ifrit Lance
    Ifrit Ornament
    Ifrit Ornament-BZ
    Ifrit Horn
    Ifrit Horn-BZ
    Ifrit Bottom
    Ifrit Bottom-BZ
    Ifrit Spine
    Ifrit Shield

    Yaksha Dagger
    Yaksha Sword
    Yaksha Blade
    Yaksha Mace
    Yaksha Axe
    Yaksha Barrel
    Yaksha Rifle
    Yaksha Bow
    Yaksha Staff
    Yaksha Knuckle
    Yaksha Rod
    Yaksha Spike
    Yaksha Lance
    Disciple Yaksha Mask
    Disciple Yaksha Mask-AT
    Disciple Yaksha Decoration
    Disciple Yaksha Decoration-AT
    Disciple Yaksha Bottom
    Disciple Yaksha Bottom-AT
    Yaksha Soul
    Yaksha Shield

    Phantom Dagger
    Phantom Sword
    Phantom Blade
    Phantom Mace
    Phantom Axe
    Phantom Barrett
    Phantom Rifle
    Phantom Bow
    Phantom Staff
    Phantom Knuckle
    Phantom Rod
    Phantom Claw
    Phantom Lance
    Phantom Mask
    Phantom Mask-EM
    Phantom Hat
    Phantom Hat-EM
    Phantom Lower
    Phantom Lower-EM
    Phantom Spirit
    Phantom Guard

    Necross Knife
    Necross Sword
    Necross Blade
    Necross Mace
    Necross Axe
    Necross Barrel
    Necross Arrow
    Necross Wand
    Necross Mask
    Necross Mask-M
    Necross Hood
    Necross Hood-M
    Necross Bind
    Necross Bind-M
    Special Avatars
    Special Avatars
    Necross Ornament
    Necross Shield

    Dusk Crow Knife
    Dusk Crow Sword
    Dusk Crow Blade
    Dusk Crow Mace
    Dusk Crow Axe
    Dusk Crow Barrel
    Dusk Crow Rifle
    Dusk Crow Bow
    Dusk Crow Staff
    Dusk Crow Knuckle
    Dusk Crow Rod
    Dusk Crow Spike
    Dusk Crow Lance
    Dusk Crow Mask
    Dusk Crow Mask-DK
    Dusk Crow Feather
    Dusk Crow Feather-DK
    Dusk Crow Under
    Dusk Crow Under-DK
    Dusk Crow Wing (R)
    Dusk Crow Wing (L)
    Dusk Crow Shield

    Diablo Knife
    Diablo Sword
    Diablo Blade
    Diablo Mace
    Diablo Axe
    Diablo Barrett
    Diablo Rifle
    Diablo Bow
    Diablo Staff
    Diablo Knuckle
    Diablo Rod
    Diablo Spike
    Diablo Lance
    Diablo Helm
    Diablo Helm-DC
    Diablo Horn
    Diablo Horn-DC
    Diablo Coat
    Diablo Coat-DC
    Diablo Soul
    Diablo Guard

    Araneae Knife
    Araneae Sword
    Araneae Blade
    Araneae Mace
    Araneae Axe
    Araneae Barrel
    Araneae Rifle
    Araneae Bow
    Araneae Staff
    Araneae Knuckle
    Araneae Rod
    Araneae Spike
    Araneae Lance
    Araneae Patch
    Araneae Patch-SD
    Araneae Corsage
    Araneae Corsage-SD
    Araneae Lower
    Araneae Lower-SD
    Araneae Nest
    Araneae Shield

    Berserker Dagger
    Berserker Sword
    Berserker Blade
    Berserker Mace
    Berserker Axe
    Berserker Barrel
    Berserker Rifle
    Berserker Bow
    Berserker Staff
    Berserker Claw
    Berserker Rod
    Berserker Spike
    Berserker Lance
    Berserker Helm
    Berserker Helm-MD
    Berserker Gear
    Berserker Gear-MD
    Berserker Cloth
    Berserker Cloth-MD
    Berserker Cape
    Berserker Shield

    --Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    - [Offer]ArmorxArmor [T]

    * Each items that are on sale may contain "Non-Tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on. For details, please check the "Item List" for each sold items from the in-game "Shop".
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    Check out our Shop!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team