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    10/25 Details for update
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We made an update on 10/25/2017.
    Also, application has been renewed as well so please try to download/install the latest version of application.

    For the followings, the content which has (!!) will be applied to latest version of application. 
    [Update Details]
    Halloween Event "Harvest Fest" Part2
    -- Here is detail

    -Change the game time for PvP league from 10 mins to 5 mins.​
    -In the Defense Line", change made to be displayed a target of defense core regardless of distance."
    -In the Defense Line", change made to be surely have announcement when the target of defense core is under the attack."
    -Change made that selection screen is not going back to top when user put the arms into Crystal Case or Element Case.

    [Bug Fixes]
    -Fix for the issue of being slot is not displaying correctly when selecting the arms with Crystal Case or Element Case.(!!)
    -Fix for the issue of being that switch/change button is displayed as Costume Set" when opening a avatar change screen."(!!)
    -Fix for the issue of being that character is not being able to equip the same type of weapon on left hand when the character attempt to equip the weapon on right hand in the condition of weapons are not equip on both right and left hands on character.(!!)
    -Fix for the issue of being that  incorrect value of number is being displayed on "Next Level" at the time of attempting a enhance for max enhance level of Astra arms.(!!)

    [Other changes]
    -Added the Sample Room" which can be entered from each base of My Room Manager when the character is in condition of not released the My Room. "
    -Added notes to the description of Kitty x3 ORB"."

    *Effect of item itself will not be changed.

    We kindly request for continued support to AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team