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    Shop update notice for December 3

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    - Weapons and Weapon Avatars for Creators gathered!
    - Chance to get Evolution Gangue! "[BOX] Gangue BOX" now on sale!
    - [40% OFF] Only Vermilion color! Great deal for "Vermilion Pack"!
    Weapons and Weapon Avatars for Creators gathered!

    Generate items and equipment by your own hands!

    "Lord of Creator" with 8 Stars or higher Normal/Rune/Astra Weapons for Creators and
    "Zodiac-RS", "Scorpion", "Easter", "Berserker" and "Ifrit" Weapon Avatars gathered is on sale!

    Recommended for you who like creating or supporting using items!

    [On Sale Items]
    Lord of Creator

    [Item price]
    4 Gems per "Spin x1"
    40 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *The won Weaponrs have equip level limits.
    *Please note that Avatar preview function is not available in this Pack.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *The status for Rune Weapon is added randomly at the point they are drawn out of the Shop BOX.
    *"Add Element" at "Blacksmith" is not available for Astra Weapon.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Dirty Edge 9~15
    Gallatin 9~15
    Thor 9~15
    Over 9~15

    Orion 9~10
    Meahait 9~10
    Short 9~10
    Escrow 9~10
    Pikaro  9~10
    Crown 9~10
    Blood Queen 9~10
    Fikar 9~10
    Seedling  9~10
    Rukline 9~10
    Claim glad 9~10
    Manople 9~10
    Lord of saver 9~10
    Twinkle Saber 9~10
    Troy  9~10
    Ririte 9~10
    Inverial 9~10
    Armfgadl 9~10
    Katdral  9~10
    Goriate 9~10
    High Pressure 9~10
    Taitros 9~10
    Vox 9~10
    Siege 9~10
    Baglation 9~10
    Melodila 9~10
    Nefilm 9~10
    Blast 9~10

    Genma Rune Dagger 9~13
    Genma Rune Sword 9~13
    Genma Rune Mace 9~13
    Genma Rune Axe 9~13

    Rune Dagger 9~10
    Iron Rune Dagger 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 9~10
    Silver White Rune Dagger 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 9~10
    Rune Sword 9~10
    Iron Rune Sword 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Sword 9~10
    Silver White Rune Sword 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Sword 9~10
    Rune Mace 9~10
    Iron Rune Mace 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Mace 9~10
    Silver White Rune Mace 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Mace 9~10
    Rune Axe 9~10
    Iron Rune Axe 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Axe 9~10
    Silver White Rune Axe 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Axe 9~10

    Blaze Astra Dagger 9~11
    Blaze Astra Sword 9~11
    Blaze Astra Mace 9~11
    Blaze Astra Axe 9~11
    Flood Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flood Astra Sword 9~11
    Flood Astra Mace 9~11
    Flood Astra Axe 9~11
    Tornado Astra Dagger 9~11
    Tornado Astra Sword 9~11
    Tornado Astra Mace 9~11
    Tornado Astra Axe 9~11
    Diamond Astra Dagger 9~11
    Diamond Astra Sword 9~11
    Diamond Astra Mace 9~11
    Diamond Astra Axe 9~11
    Flash Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flash Astra Sword 9~11
    Flash Astra Mace 9~11
    Flash Astra Axe 9~11
    Chaos Astra Dagger 9~11
    Chaos Astra Sword 9~11
    Chaos Astra Mace 9~11
    Chaos Astra Axe 9~11

    Spark Astra Dagger 9~10
    Flame Astra Dagger 9~10
    Spark Astra Sword 9~10
    Flame Astra Sword 9~10
    Spark Astra Mace 9~10
    Flame Astra Mace 9~10
    Spark Astra Axe 9~10
    Flame Astra Axe 9~10
    Aqua Astra Dagger 9~10
    Fountain Astra Dagger 9~10
    Aqua Astra Sword 9~10
    Fountain Astra Sword 9~10
    Aqua Astra Mace 9~10
    Fountain Astra Mace 9~10
    Aqua Astra Axe 9~10
    Fountain Astra Axe 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Sword 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Mace 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Mace 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Axe 9~10
    Dust Astra Dagger 9~10
    Rock Astra Dagger 9~10
    Dust Astra Sword 9~10
    Rock Astra Sword 9~10
    Dust Astra Mace 9~10
    Rock Astra Mace 9~10
    Dust Astra Axe 9~10
    Rock Astra Axe 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Sword 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Sword 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Mace 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Mace 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Axe 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Axe 9~10
    Shadow Astra Dagger 9~10
    Darkness Astra Dagger 9~10
    Shadow Astra Sword 9~10
    Darkness Astra Sword 9~10
    Shadow Astra Mace 9~10
    Darkness Astra Mace 9~10
    Shadow Astra Axe 9~10
    Darkness Astra Axe 9~10

    Zodiac-RS Dagger-RT
    Zodiac-RS Sword-RT
    Zodiac-RS Mace-RT
    Zodiac-RS Axe-RT
    Scorpion Dagger-PL
    Scorpion Edge-PL
    Scorpion Mace-PL
    Scorpion Axe-PL
    Easter Dagger-CL
    Easter Sword-CL
    Easter Mace-CL
    Easter Axe-CL
    Berserker Dagger-MD
    Berserker Sword-MD
    Berserker Mace-MD
    Berserker Axe-MD
    Ifrit Dagger-BZ
    Ifrit Sword-BZ
    Ifrit Mace-BZ
    Ifrit Axe-BZ

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    [Other Included Items]
    Dirty Edge 8
    Gallatin 8
    Thor 8
    Over 8

    Orion 8
    Meahait 8
    Short 8
    Escrow 8
    Pikaro  8
    Crown 8
    Blood Queen 8
    Fikar 8
    Seedling  8
    Rukline 8
    Claim glad 8
    Manople 8
    Lord of saver 8
    Twinkle Saber 8
    Troy  8
    Ririte 8
    Inverial 8
    Armfgadl 8
    Katdral  8
    Goriate 8
    High Pressure 8
    Taitros 8
    Vox 8
    Siege 8
    Baglation 8
    Melodila 8
    Nefilm 8
    Blast 8

    Genma Rune Dagger 8
    Genma Rune Sword 8
    Genma Rune Mace 8
    Genma Rune Axe 8

    Rune Dagger 8
    Iron Rune Dagger 8
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 8
    Silver White Rune Dagger 8
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 8
    Rune Sword 8
    Iron Rune Sword 8
    Black Metal Rune Sword 8
    Silver White Rune Sword 8
    Moon Light Rune Sword 8
    Rune Mace 8
    Iron Rune Mace 8
    Black Metal Rune Mace 8
    Silver White Rune Mace 8
    Moon Light Rune Mace 8
    Rune Axe 8
    Iron Rune Axe 8
    Black Metal Rune Axe 8
    Silver White Rune Axe 8
    Moon Light Rune Axe 8

    Blaze Astra Dagger 8
    Blaze Astra Sword 8
    Blaze Astra Mace 8
    Blaze Astra Axe 8
    Flood Astra Dagger 8
    Flood Astra Sword 8
    Flood Astra Mace 8
    Flood Astra Axe 8
    Tornado Astra Dagger 8
    Tornado Astra Sword 8
    Tornado Astra Mace 8
    Tornado Astra Axe 8
    Diamond Astra Dagger 8
    Diamond Astra Sword 8
    Diamond Astra Mace 8
    Diamond Astra Axe 8
    Flash Astra Dagger 8
    Flash Astra Sword 8
    Flash Astra Mace 8
    Flash Astra Axe 8
    Chaos Astra Dagger 8
    Chaos Astra Sword 8
    Chaos Astra Mace 8
    Chaos Astra Axe 8

    Spark Astra Dagger 8
    Flame Astra Dagger 8
    Spark Astra Sword 8
    Flame Astra Sword 8
    Spark Astra Mace 8
    Flame Astra Mace 8
    Spark Astra Axe 8
    Flame Astra Axe 8
    Aqua Astra Dagger 8
    Fountain Astra Dagger 8
    Aqua Astra Sword 8
    Fountain Astra Sword 8
    Aqua Astra Mace 8
    Fountain Astra Mace 8
    Aqua Astra Axe 8
    Fountain Astra Axe 8
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 8
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 8
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 8
    Cyclone Astra Sword 8
    Whirlwind Astra Mace 8
    Cyclone Astra Mace 8
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 8
    Cyclone Astra Axe 8
    Dust Astra Dagger 8
    Rock Astra Dagger 8
    Dust Astra Sword 8
    Rock Astra Sword 8
    Dust Astra Mace 8
    Rock Astra Mace 8
    Dust Astra Axe 8
    Rock Astra Axe 8
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 8
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 8
    Twinkle Astra Sword 8
    Sparkle Astra Sword 8
    Twinkle Astra Mace 8
    Sparkle Astra Mace 8
    Twinkle Astra Axe 8
    Sparkle Astra Axe 8
    Shadow Astra Dagger 8
    Darkness Astra Dagger 8
    Shadow Astra Sword 8
    Darkness Astra Sword 8
    Shadow Astra Mace 8
    Darkness Astra Mace 8
    Shadow Astra Axe 8
    Darkness Astra Axe 8

    Zodiac-RS Dagger
    Zodiac-RS Sword
    Zodiac-RS Mace
    Zodiac-RS Axe
    Scorpion Dagger
    Scorpion Edge
    Scorpion Mace
    Scorpion Axe
    Easter Dagger
    Easter Sword
    Easter Mace
    Easter Axe
    Berserker Dagger
    Berserker Sword
    Berserker Mace
    Berserker Axe
    Ifrit Dagger
    Ifrit Sword
    Ifrit Mace
    Ifrit Axe

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    Chance to get Evolution Gangue! "[BOX] Gangue BOX" now on sale!

    "Evolution Gangue" guaranteed by the 5th Spin! "[BOX] Gangue BOX" is available!

    Only "Gangue Piece" and "Evolution Gangue" are lined up in "[BOX] Gangue BOX"!
    Get the "Evolution Gangue" in this opportunity!

    In the [BOX] Pack, the items you win from each purchase will be excluded from the pool in the [BOX], meaning that you will win ALL of the items in the lineups if you Spin until the end!

    [On Sale Items]
    [BOX] Gangue BOX

    [Item price]
    5 Gems per "Spin x1"
    25 Gems per "Spin x5"

    [Sales Period]
    From 12/3/2017 to 12/19/2017 7:59 (GMT)

    *This Pack will be disabled if you win all of the items within the lineup.
    *Please note that if remaining items are under 4, “Spin x5” will be automatically disabled.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Evolution Gangue

    [Other Included Items]

    Gangue Piece×4
    Gangue Piece×3
    Gangue Piece×2
    Gangue Piece

    [40% OFF] Only Vermilion color! Great deal for "Vermilion Pack"!

    Now only Vermilion colors in the lineup!
    Here's the mega deal which you only win Vermilion colors!
    Get out to the field wrapped in vivid scorching red Avatars!

    The regular price is 5 Gems for Spin x1, but this time it's available with 3 Gems for Spin x1!

    [On Sale Items]
    [40% OFF] [Vermilion Only] Premium Vermilion

    [Item price]
    3 Gems per "Spin x1"
    30 Gems per "Spin x10"

    *Items in "[40% OFF] [Vermilion Only] Premium Vermilion" contains "Non-tradable Items" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Assassin Supporter-DP V
    Diablo Soul-DC V
    Dragoon Wings-V V
    Necross Ornament-M V
    Bat Wing (L)-DP V

    [Other Included Items]

    Assassin Cover V
    Assassin Coat V
    Assassin Supporter V
    Assassin Hood V
    Assassin Bottoms V
    Vampire Coat V
    Vampire Head V
    Vampire Bat V
    Vampire Lower V
    Diablo Coat V
    Diablo Soul V
    Diablo Plate V
    Diablo Helm V
    Diablo Horn V
    Dragoon Wings V
    Dragoon Head V
    Dragoon Helm V
    Dragoon Mail V
    Dragoon Lower V
    Necross Ornament V
    Necross Bind V
    Necross Hood V
    Necross Bone V
    Necross Mask V
    Bat Wing (L) V
    Bat Wing (R) V

    -- Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    - Lord of Warrior
    [5 Gems/Spin x1]Awake Rush

    *Each items that are on sale may contain "Non-Tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on. For details, please check the "Item List" for each sold items from the in-game "Shop".
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    Check out our Shop!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team