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    Shop update notice for December 4

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    - Weapon type you want in bargain and guaranteed! Get it in the "Weapon/Type"!
    - Win up to 3 Slot Releases! "Slot Release R Jackpot" now available!
    - With Accessory Avatar gift! "Spin x10 Bonus ASOBIMO Pack" is on sale!
     Weapon type you want in bargain and guaranteed! Get it in the "Weapon/Type"!

    "Weapon/Type" in which you are guaranteed to get the type of weapon you want is on sale!
    There are 7 Stars or higher RuneNormal, and Astra Weapons in the lineup!

    If you're not satisfied with your weapon, don't miss this chance!

    [On Sale Items]
    [One Hand Spear]

    [Item price]
    4 Gems per "Spin x1"
    40 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack​

    *A equip level limit is set for the arms that comes out. 
    *The obtianed items contain "non-tradable items" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Status for the Rune Weapons will be randomly attached when players withdraw from the Shop Box.
    *Astra Weapon cannot "Add Element" at "Blacksmith".

    [Included Rare Items]
    Blaze Astra Axe 9~11
    Flood Astra Axe 9~11
    Tornado Astra Axe 9~11
    Diamond Astra Axe 9~11
    Flash Astra Axe 9~11
    Chaos Astra Axe 9~11

    Spark Astra Axe 9~10
    Flame Astra Axe 9~10
    Aqua Astra Axe 9~10
    Fountain Astra Axe 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Axe 9~10
    Dust Astra Axe 9~10
    Rock Astra Axe 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Axe 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Axe 9~10
    Shadow Astra Axe 9~10
    Darkness Astra Axe 9~10

    Genma Rune Axe 9~13

    Rune Axe 9~10
    Iron Rune Axe 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Axe 9~10
    Silver White Rune Axe 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Axe 9~10

    Over 9~15

    Taitros 9~10
    Vox 9~10
    Siege 9~10
    Baglation 9~10
    Melodila 9~10
    Nefilm 9~10
    Blast 9~10

    [Other Included Items]
    Spark Astra Axe 7~8
    Flame Astra Axe 7~8
    Blaze Astra Axe 7~8
    Aqua Astra Axe 7~8
    Fountain Astra Axe 7~8
    Flood Astra Axe 7~8
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 7~8
    Cyclone Astra Axe 7~8
    Tornado Astra Axe 7~8
    Dust Astra Axe 7~8
    Rock Astra Axe 7~8
    Diamond Astra Axe 7~8
    Twinkle Astra Axe 7~8
    Sparkle Astra Axe 7~8
    Flash Astra Axe 7~8
    Shadow Astra Axe 7~8
    Darkness Astra Axe 7~8
    Chaos Astra Axe 7~8

    Rune Axe 7~8
    Iron Rune Axe 7~8
    Black Metal Rune Axe 7~8
    Silver White Rune Axe 7~8
    Moon Light Rune Axe 7~8
    Genma Rune Axe 7~8

    Taitros 7~8
    Vox 7~8
    Siege 7~8
    Baglation 7~8
    Melodila 7~8
    Nefilm 7~8
    Over 7~8
    Blast 7~8
    [Included Rare Items]
    Blaze Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flood Astra Dagger 9~11
    Tornado Astra Dagger 9~11
    Diamond Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flash Astra Dagger 9~11
    Chaos Astra Dagger 9~11

    Spark Astra Dagger 9~10
    Flame Astra Dagger 9~10
    Aqua Astra Dagger 9~10
    Fountain Astra Dagger 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 9~10
    Dust Astra Dagger 9~10
    Rock Astra Dagger 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Shadow Astra Dagger 9~10
    Darkness Astra Dagger 9~10

    Genma Rune Dagger 9~13

    Rune Dagger 9~10
    Iron Rune Dagger 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 9~10
    Silver White Rune Dagger 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 9~10

    Dirty Edge 9~15

    Orion 9~10
    Meahait 9~10
    Short 9~10
    Escrow 9~10
    Pikaro  9~10
    Crown 9~10
    Blood Queen 9~10

    [Other Included Items]
    Spark Astra Dagger 7~8
    Flame Astra Dagger 7~8
    Blaze Astra Dagger 7~8
    Aqua Astra Dagger 7~8
    Fountain Astra Dagger 7~8
    Flood Astra Dagger 7~8
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 7~8
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 7~8
    Tornado Astra Dagger 7~8
    Dust Astra Dagger 7~8
    Rock Astra Dagger 7~8
    Diamond Astra Dagger 7~8
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 7~8
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 7~8
    Flash Astra Dagger 7~8
    Shadow Astra Dagger 7~8
    Darkness Astra Dagger 7~8
    Chaos Astra Dagger 7~8

    Rune Dagger 7~8
    Iron Rune Dagger 7~8
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 7~8
    Silver White Rune Dagger 7~8
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 7~8
    Genma Rune Dagger 7~8

    Orion 7~8
    Meahait 7~8
    Short 7~8
    Escrow 7~8
    Pikaro  7~8
    Crown 7~8
    Dirty Edge 7~8
    Blood Queen 7~8
    [Included Rare Items]
    Blaze Astra Spear 9~11
    Flood Astra Spear 9~11
    Tornado Astra Spear 9~11
    Diamond Astra Spear 9~11
    Flash Astra Spear 9~11
    Chaos Astra Spear 9~11

    Spark Astra Spear 9~10
    Flame Astra Spear 9~10
    Aqua Astra Spear 9~10
    Fountain Astra Spear 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Spear 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Spear 9~10
    Dust Astra Spear 9~10
    Rock Astra Spear 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Spear 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Spear 9~10
    Shadow Astra Spear 9~10
    Darkness Astra Spear 9~10

    Genma Rune Spear 9~13

    Rune Spear 9~10
    Iron Rune Spear 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Spear 9~10
    Silver White Rune Spear 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Spear 9~10

    Antares 9~15

    Fiji Spear 9~10
    Spirit Spear 9~10
    Dragon Spear 9~10
    Vermilion Spear 9~10
    Kaiser Spear 9~10
    Crimson Spear 9~10
    Aegis Spear 9~10

    [Other Included Items]
    Spark Astra Spear 7~8
    Flame Astra Spear 7~8
    Blaze Astra Spear 7~8
    Aqua Astra Spear 7~8
    Fountain Astra Spear 7~8
    Flood Astra Spear 7~8
    Whirlwind Astra Spear 7~8
    Cyclone Astra Spear 7~8
    Tornado Astra Spear 7~8
    Dust Astra Spear 7~8
    Rock Astra Spear 7~8
    Diamond Astra Spear 7~8
    Twinkle Astra Spear 7~8
    Sparkle Astra Spear 7~8
    Flash Astra Spear 7~8
    Shadow Astra Spear 7~8
    Darkness Astra Spear 7~8
    Chaos Astra Spear 7~8

    Rune Spear 7~8
    Iron Rune Spear 7~8
    Black Metal Rune Spear 7~8
    Silver White Rune Spear 7~8
    Moon Light Rune Spear 7~8
    Genma Rune Spear 7~8

    Fiji Spear 7~8
    Spirit Spear 7~8
    Dragon Spear 7~8
    Vermilion Spear 7~8
    Kaiser Spear 7~8
    Crimson Spear 7~8
    Antares 7~8
    Aegis Spear 7~8

    Win up to 3 Slot Releases! "Slot Release R Jackpot" now available!

    "Slot Release Jackpot" in which you win up to 3 Slot Releases is now on sale!

    Release the Slots of your Arms collection in this opportunity!

    [On Sale Items]
    Slot Release R Jackpot

    [Item price]

    5 Gems per "Spin x1"
    50 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Item Pack​

    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Some of the items cannot be used for some or all of Produce contents.
    *Some of the won items are worth 1G when sold to the NPC shop.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Slot Release 100 R×3
    Slot Release 100 R×2
    Slot Release 100 R
    Slot Release 90 R×3
    Slot Release 90 R×2
    Slot Release 90 R
    Slot Release 80 R×3
    Slot Release 80 R×2
    Slot Release 80 R

    [Other Included Items]
    Slot Release 70 R×3
    Slot Release 70 R×2
    Slot Release 70 R
    Slot Release 60 R×3
    Slot Release 60 R×2
    Slot Release 60 R

    With Accessory Avatar gift! "Spin x10 Bonus ASOBIMO Pack" is on sale!

    Various Avatars from other ASOBIMO games makes an appearance in AVABEL!
    Some cute, some cool, and a bit strange hat?
    Maybe there are some you've seen before! Check them out!


    This time, you will get one of "Accessory Avatar" within the lineup as a gift for the purchase of "Spin x10"!
    Take advantage of this opportunity!

    [On Sale Items]
    Spin x10 Bonus ASOBIMO Pack

    [Item price]
    5 Gems per "Spin x1"
    50 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack

    *Pack Tics can be use.
    *You will not be gifted purchasing "Spin x1" 10 times. 

    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Crime & Punish Wing (R)
    Crime & Punish Wing (R) A
    Crime & Punish Wing (R) B
    Crime & Punish Wing (L)
    Crime & Punish Wing (L) A
    Crime & Punish Wing (L) B
    Heavenly Halo
    Heavenly Halo A
    Heavenly Halo B
    Heavenly Halo-LC
    Heavenly Halo-LC A
    Heavenly Halo-LC B
    Exoskeleton Wing (R)-MC
    Exoskeleton Wing (R)-MC A
    Exoskeleton Wing (R)-MC B
    Exoskeleton Wing (R)-MC C
    Exoskeleton Wing (L)-MC
    Exoskeleton Wing (L)-MC A
    Exoskeleton Wing (L)-MC B
    Exoskeleton Wing (L)-MC C
    Kronos Magi Parts-CR
    Kronos Magi Parts-CR A
    Kronos Magi Parts-CR B
    Kronos Magi Parts-CR C
    Arms Wing-LT
    Arms Wing-LT A
    Arms Wing-LT B
    Arms Wing-LT C

    Crime & Punish Armor
    Crime & Punish Armor A
    Crime & Punish Armor B
    LT Armor Ninja Attire
    LT Armor Ninja Attire A
    LT Armor Ninja Attire B
    Exoskeleton Armor
    Exoskeleton Armor A
    Exoskeleton Armor B
    Exoskeleton Armor-MC
    Kronos Tops
    Kronos Tops A
    Kronos Tops B
    Kronos Tops-CR
    Arms Top
    Arms Top A
    Arms Top B
    Arms Top-LT

    Easter Bunny Hat
    Easter Bunny Hat A
    Easter Bunny Hat B
    Easter Bunny Band
    Easter Bunny Band A
    Easter Bunny Band B

    [Other Included Items]
    Crime & Punish Helm
    Crime & Punish Helm A
    Crime & Punish Helm B
    Crime & Punish Tiara
    Crime & Punish Tiara A
    Crime & Punish Tiara B
    LT Armor Ninja Helm
    LT Armor Ninja Helm A
    LT Armor Ninja Helm B
    LT Armor Ninja Bonnet
    LT Armor Ninja Bonnet A
    LT Armor Ninja Bonnet B
    Potum Hat
    Potum Hat A
    Potum Hat B
    Orochi Braid-M
    Orochi Braid-M A
    Orochi Braid-M B
    Orochi Braid-F
    Orochi Braid-F A
    Orochi Braid-F B
    World Wake Headdress (R)
    World Wake Headdress (R) A
    World Wake Headdress (R) B
    World Wake Headdress (L)
    World Wake Headdress (L) A
    World Wake Headdress (L) B
    Exoskeleton Helm
    Exoskeleton Helm A
    Exoskeleton Helm B
    Exoskeleton Helm-MC
    Exoskeleton Mask
    Exoskeleton Mask A
    Exoskeleton Mask B
    Exoskeleton Mask-MC
    Kronos Head Goggle
    Kronos Head Goggle A
    Kronos Head Goggle B
    Kronos Head Goggle-CR
    Kronos Acc Goggle
    Kronos Acc Goggle A
    Kronos Acc Goggle B
    Kronos Acc Goggle-CR A
    Arms Headset
    Arms Headset A
    Arms Headset B
    Arms Headset-LT
    Arms Earphones
    Arms Earphones A
    Arms Earphones B
    Arms Earphones-LT

    Crime & Punish Lower
    Crime & Punish Lower A
    Crime & Punish Lower B
    LT Armor Ninja Bottom
    LT Armor Ninja Bottom A
    LT Armor Ninja Bottom B
    Exoskeleton Cloth
    Exoskeleton Cloth A
    Exoskeleton Cloth B
    Exoskeleton Cloth-MC
    Kronos Under
    Kronos Under A
    Kronos Under B
    Kronos Under-CR
    Arms Bottom
    Arms Bottom A
    Arms Bottom B
    Arms Bottom-LT
    LT Armor Ninja Mask
    LT Armor Ninja Mask A
    LT Armor Ninja Mask B
    Dancer Accessory
    Dancer Accessory A
    Dancer Accessory B
    LT Armor Ninja Edge
    LT Armor Ninja Edge A
    LT Armor Ninja Edge B
    Exoskeleton Wing (R)
    Exoskeleton Wing (R) A
    Exoskeleton Wing (R) B
    Exoskeleton Wing (R) C
    Exoskeleton Wing (L)
    Exoskeleton Wing (L) A
    Exoskeleton Wing (L) B
    Exoskeleton Wing (L) C
    Kronos Magi Parts
    Kronos Magi Parts A
    Kronos Magi Parts B
    Kronos Magi Parts C
    Arms Wing
    Arms Wing A
    Arms Wing B
    Arms Wing C

    -- Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    - [Offer]ArmorxArmor [T]
    - Slot Release Fest

    - [50% OFF]100R Rate x2Rift Stone Rush
    -[50% OFF]Crysta CaseJackpot Pack
    -[50% OFF][Offer]Element CaseJackpot
    -[50% OFF]Super Nucleus Fest
    -[Avatar 100%][Sale]Zodiac-MK
    -[Avatar 100%][Sale]Zodiac-RS
    -[50% OFF][All colors]Year's Animal
    -[50% OFF]Premium Merry Reindeer
    -[50% OFF]Premium Ying Yang
    -[60% OFF]Mercury Arms Festival+
    -[60% OFF]Authentic-RuneWeapon Awake Set
    -[60% OFF]Authentic-Astra Weapon Awake Set
    -[50% OFF]8 Stars or higher 100%Astra Arms Festival+
    -[80% OFF]SP Recovery R×10 Set
    -[50% OFF]11 Bag Expand Book 5 Rs
    -[50% OFF]11 Weight Expansion 100 Rs
    -[100% refund][1 Purchase Only]Miracle Water
    -[100% Gem refund][One time only] "DP Water R"
    -NPC Avatar Fest

    The offers below has ended on the Shop update today.
    -[80% OFF]Furniture Create Expansion R
    -[80% OFF]Restatus and Reskill R Set
    -[80% OFF]Character Expansion

    *Each items that are on sale may contain "Non-Tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on. For details, please check the "Item List" for each sold items from the in-game "Shop".
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    Check out our Shop!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team