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    Shop update notice for December 5

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    - Price 33% off the "Heavenly Dynast Mystery Bag"! 40 Gems per one Spin now available!
    - Refine Pilot Light x30 gifted on the 5th Spin! "[Bonus Stage] Slot Release R" now available!
    - Get your favorite head equipment! "[Campaign] Head Avatar Fest" now released!
    Price 33% off the "Heavenly Dynast Mystery Bag"! 40 Gems per one Spin now available!


    Great offer! It's only 40 Gems per one Spin with "Heavenly Dynast Mystery Bag"!​

    Won arms will be all equip limit Lv 100 only!

    With Spin x1, you can get each of Head, upper, Lower, Weapon and "Rift Stone 100R" in this "Heavenly Dynast Mystery Bag"!
    Lineups for equipment are 12 stars or above "Normal Equipment", 11 stars or above "Rune Equipment", and 8 stars or above "Astra Equipment"

    Please refer the lineups for more detail!​

    [On Sale Items]
    [Price 33% Off]Heavenly Dynast Mystery Bag

    [Item price]
    40 Gems per "Spin x1"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *Can be purchased 5 times for each account.

    *5 items will be won from 1 purchase (Head Equipment+ upper Equipment + Lower Equipment + Weapon + "Rift Stone 100R").
    *A equip level limit is set for the arms that comes out. 
    *Status for the Rune Arms will be randomly attached when players withdraw from the Shop Box.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Some of the items cannot be used for some or all of Produce contents.
    *Some of the won items are worth 1G when sold to the NPC shop.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Dirty Edge 13~15
    Gallatin 13~15
    Tycoon Blade 13~15
    Thor 13~15
    Over 13~15
    Seeing Shot 13~15
    Corona Break 13~15
    Early Arch 13~15
    Saruware 13~15
    Over Blow 13~15
    Asklepios 13~15
    Antares 13~15
    Phage Lance 13~15

    Genma Rune Dagger 11~13
    Genma Rune Sword 11~13
    Genma Rune Blade 11~13
    Genma Rune Mace 11~13
    Genma Rune Axe 11~13
    Genma Rune Trigger 11~13
    Genma Rune Rifle 11~13
    Genma Rune Bow 11~13
    Genma Rune Rod 11~13
    Genma Rune Knuckle 11~13
    Genma Rune Wand 11~13
    Genma Rune Spear 11~13
    Genma Rune Lance 11~13

    Blaze Astra Dagger 9~11
    Blaze Astra Sword 9~11
    Blaze Astra Blade 9~11
    Blaze Astra Mace 9~11
    Blaze Astra Axe 9~11
    Blaze Astra Trigger 9~11
    Blaze Astra Rifle 9~11
    Blaze Astra Bow 9~11
    Blaze Astra Rod 9~11
    Blaze Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Blaze Astra Wand 9~11
    Blaze Astra Spear 9~11
    Blaze Astra Lance 9~11
    Flood Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flood Astra Sword 9~11
    Flood Astra Blade 9~11
    Flood Astra Mace 9~11
    Flood Astra Axe 9~11
    Flood Astra Trigger 9~11
    Flood Astra Rifle 9~11
    Flood Astra Bow 9~11
    Flood Astra Rod 9~11
    Flood Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Flood Astra Wand 9~11
    Flood Astra Spear 9~11
    Flood Astra Lance 9~11
    Tornado Astra Dagger 9~11
    Tornado Astra Sword 9~11
    Tornado Astra Blade 9~11
    Tornado Astra Mace 9~11
    Tornado Astra Axe 9~11
    Tornado Astra Trigger 9~11
    Tornado Astra Rifle 9~11
    Tornado Astra Bow 9~11
    Tornado Astra Rod 9~11
    Tornado Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Tornado Astra Wand 9~11
    Tornado Astra Spear 9~11
    Tornado Astra Lance 9~11
    Diamond Astra Dagger 9~11
    Diamond Astra Sword 9~11
    Diamond Astra Blade 9~11
    Diamond Astra Mace 9~11
    Diamond Astra Axe 9~11
    Diamond Astra Trigger 9~11
    Diamond Astra Rifle 9~11
    Diamond Astra Bow 9~11
    Diamond Astra Rod 9~11
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Diamond Astra Wand 9~11
    Diamond Astra Spear 9~11
    Diamond Astra Lance 9~11
    Flash Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flash Astra Sword 9~11
    Flash Astra Blade 9~11
    Flash Astra Mace 9~11
    Flash Astra Axe 9~11
    Flash Astra Trigger 9~11
    Flash Astra Rifle 9~11
    Flash Astra Bow 9~11
    Flash Astra Rod 9~11
    Flash Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Flash Astra Wand 9~11
    Flash Astra Spear 9~11
    Flash Astra Lance 9~11
    Chaos Astra Dagger 9~11
    Chaos Astra Sword 9~11
    Chaos Astra Blade 9~11
    Chaos Astra Mace 9~11
    Chaos Astra Axe 9~11
    Chaos Astra Trigger 9~11
    Chaos Astra Rifle 9~11
    Chaos Astra Bow 9~11
    Chaos Astra Rod 9~11
    Chaos Astra Knuckle 9~11
    Chaos Astra Wand 9~11
    Chaos Astra Spear 9~11
    Chaos Astra Lance 9~11

    [Other Included Items]
    Dirty Edge 12
    Gallatin 12
    Tycoon Blade 12
    Thor 12
    Over 12
    Seeing Shot 12
    Corona Break 12
    Early Arch 12
    Saruware 12
    Over Blow 12
    Asklepios 12
    Antares 12
    Phage Lance 12

    Blaze Astra Sword 8
    Blaze Astra Blade 8
    Blaze Astra Mace 8
    Blaze Astra Axe 8
    Blaze Astra Trigger 8
    Blaze Astra Rifle 8
    Blaze Astra Bow 8
    Blaze Astra Rod 8
    Blaze Astra Knuckle 8
    Blaze Astra Wand 8
    Blaze Astra Spear 8
    Blaze Astra Lance 8
    Flood Astra Dagger 8
    Flood Astra Sword 8
    Flood Astra Blade 8
    Flood Astra Mace 8
    Flood Astra Axe 8
    Flood Astra Trigger 8
    Flood Astra Rifle 8
    Flood Astra Bow 8
    Flood Astra Rod 8
    Flood Astra Knuckle 8
    Flood Astra Wand 8
    Flood Astra Spear 8
    Flood Astra Lance 8
    Tornado Astra Dagger 8
    Tornado Astra Sword 8
    Tornado Astra Blade 8
    Tornado Astra Mace 8
    Tornado Astra Axe 8
    Tornado Astra Trigger 8
    Tornado Astra Rifle 8
    Tornado Astra Bow 8
    Tornado Astra Rod 8
    Tornado Astra Knuckle 8
    Tornado Astra Wand 8
    Tornado Astra Spear 8
    Tornado Astra Lance 8
    Diamond Astra Dagger 8
    Diamond Astra Sword 8
    Diamond Astra Blade 8
    Diamond Astra Mace 8
    Diamond Astra Axe 8
    Diamond Astra Trigger 8
    Diamond Astra Rifle 8
    Diamond Astra Bow 8
    Diamond Astra Rod 8
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 8
    Diamond Astra Wand 8
    Diamond Astra Spear 8
    Diamond Astra Lance 8
    Flash Astra Dagger 8
    Flash Astra Sword 8
    Flash Astra Blade 8
    Flash Astra Mace 8
    Flash Astra Axe 8
    Flash Astra Trigger 8
    Flash Astra Rifle 8
    Flash Astra Bow 8
    Flash Astra Rod 8
    Flash Astra Knuckle 8
    Flash Astra Wand 8
    Flash Astra Spear 8
    Flash Astra Lance 8
    Chaos Astra Dagger 8
    Chaos Astra Sword 8
    Chaos Astra Blade 8
    Chaos Astra Mace 8
    Chaos Astra Axe 8
    Chaos Astra Trigger 8
    Chaos Astra Rifle 8
    Chaos Astra Bow 8
    Chaos Astra Rod 8
    Chaos Astra Knuckle 8
    Chaos Astra Wand 8
    Chaos Astra Spear 8
    Chaos Astra Lance 8

    [Included Rare Items]
    Glow 13~15
    Buzznet 13~15

    Genma Rune Hat 11~13
    Genma Rune Cap 11~13

    Blaze Astra Cap 9~11
    Flood Astra Cap 9~11
    Tornado Astra Cap 9~11
    Diamond Astra Cap 9~11
    Flash Astra Cap 9~11
    Chaos Astra Cap 9~11

    [Other Included Items]
    Glow 12
    Buzznet 12

    Blaze Astra Cap 8
    Flood Astra Cap 8
    Tornado Astra Cap 8
    Diamond Astra Cap 8
    Flash Astra Cap 8
    Chaos Astra Cap 8

    [Included Rare Items]
    Aegis 13~15
    Lamedh 13~15

    Genma Rune Armor 11~13
    Genma Rune Cloak 11~13

    Blaze Astra Armor 9~11
    Flood Astra Armor 9~11
    Tornado Astra Armor 9~11
    Diamond Astra Armor 9~11
    Flash Astra Armor 9~11
    Chaos Astra Armor 9~11

    [Other Included Items]
    Aegis 12
    Lamedh 12

    Blaze Astra Armor 8
    Flood Astra Armor 8
    Tornado Astra Armor 8
    Diamond Astra Armor 8
    Flash Astra Armor 8
    Chaos Astra Armor 8

    [Included Rare Items]
    Aegis 13~15
    Lamedh 13~15

    Genma Rune Greaves 11~13
    Genma Rune Leggings 11~13

    Blaze Astra Greaves 9~11
    Flood Astra Greaves 9~11
    Tornado Astra Greaves 9~11
    Diamond Astra Greaves 9~11
    Flash Astra Greaves 9~11
    Chaos Astra Greaves 9~11

    [Other Included Items]
    Aegis 12
    Lamedh 12

    Blaze Astra Greaves 8
    Flood Astra Greaves 8
    Tornado Astra Greaves 8
    Diamond Astra Greaves 8
    Flash Astra Greaves 8
    Chaos Astra Greaves 8

    Refine Pilot Light x30 gifted on the 5th Spin! "[Bonus Stage] Slot Release R" now available!

    The item lineup becomes more gorgeous for more Spins!
    "[Bonus Stage] Slot Release R" is on sale!

    The lowest rank of "Slot Release R" in the item lineup will be raised depending on the total Spin times!
    On the 5th Spin, you are guaranteed to win "Slot Release 100 R" and on top of that, "Refine Pilot Light x30" will be gifted as a bonus!
    Don't miss this opportunity!

    [On Sale Items]
    [Bonus Stage] Slot Release R

    [Item price]
    5 Gems per "Spin x1"

    [Lineup Per Spin Times]
    -1st Spin: One from Slot Release 60R to 100R
    -2nd Spin: Slot Release 70R to 100R
    -3rd Spin: Slot Release 80R to 100R
    -4th Spin: Slot Release 90R to 100R
    -5th Spin: Slot Release 100 R + Refine Pilot Light x30

    [Sales category]
    Item Pack

    *One of the items is randomly won depending on the total Spin times.
    *On the [Item List] column, the same items as the first Spin will be shown, but the actual lineup changes depending on the total Spin times.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Some of the items cannot be used for some or all of Produce contents.
    *Some of the won items are worth 1G when sold to the NPC shop.

    Get your favorite head equipment! "[Campaign] Head Avatar Fest" now released!

    Either one color of "Wild Phoenix" or original color of head avatars which were released on 2016 will be won! 
    The "[Campaign] Head Avatar Fest" released!

    This time, 20%OFF the "Spin x10" and will be 40 Gems!
    Moreover,offer of either one of "Wild Phoenix" will be guaranteed from purchase of "Spin x10" will be held!

    Don't miss this chance!

    [On Sale Items]​
    [Campaign]Head Avatar Fest

    5 Gems per "Spin x1"
    40 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack

    * Purchasing "Spin x1" ten times does not apply for the offer.
    * The winning rate of the items that are guaranteed to be won by the purchase of ""Spin x10"" will be higher compared to the original winning rate in ""[Campaign]Head Avatar Fest"". In accordance with that, the winning rate of the items other than those guaranteed to be won will be lower compared to the original winning rate in ""[Campaign]Head Avatar Fest"".
    * The obtianed items contain "non-tradable items" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]​
    Wild Phoenix
    Wild Phoenix A
    Wild Phoenix B
    Wild Phoenix C
    Wild Phoenix D
    Wild Phoenix E
    Wild Phoenix F

    [Other Included Items]
    Dusk Crow Mask
    Dusk Crow Feather
    Exoskeleton Helm
    Exoskeleton Mask
    Nordic Glacier Cap
    Nordic Glacier Hat
    Berserker Helm
    Berserker Gear
    Malachite Band
    Malachite Corsage
    Devil Buster Cap
    Devil Buster Crown
    Pair Aer Hat
    Pair Aer Barretter
    Magi Knight Hat
    Magi Knight Cap
    Kronos Head Goggle
    Kronos Acc Goggle
    Splendor Ornament
    Splendor Head Dress
    Revolutionist Gear
    Revolutionist Helm
    Arms Headset
    Arms Earphones
    Summer Fest Headband
    Summer Fest Ribbon
    Battle School Wig
    Battle School Covering
    Falfeather Hat
    Falfeather Cap
    Zodiac-RS Helmet
    Zodiac-RS Hood
    Academy Feather (L)
    Academy Feather (R)
    Ifrit Ornament
    Ifrit Horn
    N. Kagura Whisker
    N. Kagura Ear
    Araneae Patch
    Araneae Corsage
    Roseritter Ornament
    Roseritter Headdress
    Tri-Tre Wolf Ear
    Tri-Tre Cat Ear
    Tri-Tre Wolf Helm
    Tri-Tre Cat Helm
    Merry Reindeer Cool Head
    Merry Reindeer Cute Head
    Merry Reindeer Cool Mask
    Merry Reindeer Cute Mask
    Dynast Dragon Helm
    Dynast Dragon Hat
    Cosmo Sphere Circlet
    Cosmo Sphere Hat
    Corruption Helm
    Corruption Hood
    Lively Beach Glasses
    Lively Beach Hat
    Malulani Ornaments
    Malulani Tiara
    Prima Morph Mask
    Prima Tiara
    Obscurite Mask
    Obscurite Headdress

    -- Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    - [Two Hand Sword]Weapon/Type
    - [Blunt Weapon]Weapon/Type
    - [Rod]Weapon/Type
    - [Two Hand Bow]Weapon/Type
    - Shining Stone 5R Fest
    - Magi Knight

    *Each items that are on sale may contain "Non-Tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on. For details, please check the "Item List" for each sold items from the in-game "Shop".
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    Check out our Shop!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team