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    Shop update notice for December 7

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    Full set Astra Arms and handy items in one set! "Astra Carnival" on sale!
    Weapons and Weapon Avatars for Rogue collected! "Lord of Rogue" is on sale!
    "[5 Times Only] Super Dev Mystery Bag"  wherein you can win Enhance Stone, Statue Set, and Book item for 5 Gems per Spin is on sale!
    "Academy" guaranteeing Avatar is on sale!
    Full set Astra Arms and handy items in one set! "Astra Carnival" on sale! "Astra Carnival" in which you will win total of 6 gorgeous items is on sale!

    Get one Astra Weapon and three Astra Armors from 8 to 11 Stars Astra Arms,
    one from "Rift Stone 100 R", "Evo liquid 10 R" or "Slot Release 100 R,
    plus, one from various "Shining Stone Big Box 10 R"!

    The Astra Armor you win are one each of [Head], [Upper], and [Lower] equipment!

    Go full Astra in this opportunity!

    [On Sale Items]
    Astra Carnival

    [Set Contents]
    -One from 8 to 11 Stars Astra Weapons
    -Three from 8 to 11 Stars Astra Armors

    --One each of [Head], [Upper], and [Lower] will be won.

    In addition, one from the 3 items below will be won.
    -Rift Stone 100 R
    -Evo liquid 10 R
    -Slot Release 100 R

    Plus, one from the Shining Stone Big Box 10 listed below will be won.
    -Shining Fire Stone Big Box 10 R
    -Shining Water Stone Big Box 10 R
    -Shining Wind Stone Big Box 10 R
    -Shining Earth Stone Big Box 10 R
    -Shining Light Stone Big Box 10 R
    -Shining Dark Stone Big Box 10 R

    [Item price]
    55 Gems per "Spin x1"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *Can be purchased 5 times for each account.
    *Weapons within the Pack have equip level limit set.
    *The obtianed items contain "non-tradable items" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *Astra Weapon cannot "Add Element" at "Blacksmith".
    * Acquired items include those that cannot be used for some or all of Produce contents.
    * Acquired items include those that are worth 1G when selling to NPC shop.
    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    --Astra Weapon
    [Included Rare Items]

    Blaze Astra Dagger 10~11
    Blaze Astra Sword 10~11
    Blaze Astra Blade 10~11
    Blaze Astra Mace 10~11
    Blaze Astra Axe 10~11
    Blaze Astra Trigger 10~11
    Blaze Astra Rifle 10~11
    Blaze Astra Bow 10~11
    Blaze Astra Rod 10~11
    Blaze Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Blaze Astra Wand 10~11
    Blaze Astra Spear 10~11
    Blaze Astra Lance 10~11
    Flood Astra Dagger 10~11
    Flood Astra Sword 10~11
    Flood Astra Blade 10~11
    Flood Astra Mace 10~11
    Flood Astra Axe 10~11
    Flood Astra Trigger 10~11
    Flood Astra Rifle 10~11
    Flood Astra Bow 10~11
    Flood Astra Rod 10~11
    Flood Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Flood Astra Wand 10~11
    Flood Astra Spear 10~11
    Flood Astra Lance 10~11
    Tornado Astra Dagger 10~11
    Tornado Astra Sword 10~11
    Tornado Astra Blade 10~11
    Tornado Astra Mace 10~11
    Tornado Astra Axe 10~11
    Tornado Astra Trigger 10~11
    Tornado Astra Rifle 10~11
    Tornado Astra Bow 10~11
    Tornado Astra Rod 10~11
    Tornado Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Tornado Astra Wand 10~11
    Tornado Astra Spear 10~11
    Tornado Astra Lance 10~11
    Diamond Astra Dagger 10~11
    Diamond Astra Sword 10~11
    Diamond Astra Blade 10~11
    Diamond Astra Mace 10~11
    Diamond Astra Axe 10~11
    Diamond Astra Trigger 10~11
    Diamond Astra Rifle 10~11
    Diamond Astra Bow 10~11
    Diamond Astra Rod 10~11
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Diamond Astra Wand 10~11
    Diamond Astra Spear 10~11
    Diamond Astra Lance 10~11
    Flash Astra Dagger 10~11
    Flash Astra Sword 10~11
    Flash Astra Blade 10~11
    Flash Astra Mace 10~11
    Flash Astra Axe 10~11
    Flash Astra Trigger 10~11
    Flash Astra Rifle 10~11
    Flash Astra Bow 10~11
    Flash Astra Rod 10~11
    Flash Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Flash Astra Wand 10~11
    Flash Astra Spear 10~11
    Flash Astra Lance 10~11
    Chaos Astra Dagger 10~11
    Chaos Astra Sword 10~11
    Chaos Astra Blade 10~11
    Chaos Astra Mace 10~11
    Chaos Astra Axe 10~11
    Chaos Astra Trigger 10~11
    Chaos Astra Rifle 10~11
    Chaos Astra Bow 10~11
    Chaos Astra Rod 10~11
    Chaos Astra Knuckle 10~11
    Chaos Astra Wand 10~11
    Chaos Astra Spear 10~11
    Chaos Astra Lance 10~11
    Spark Astra Dagger 10
    Flame Astra Dagger 10
    Spark Astra Sword 10
    Flame Astra Sword 10
    Spark Astra Blade 10
    Flame Astra Blade 10
    Spark Astra Mace 10
    Flame Astra Mace 10
    Spark Astra Axe 10
    Flame Astra Axe 10
    Spark Astra Trigger 10
    Flame Astra Trigger 10
    Spark Astra Rifle 10
    Flame Astra Rifle 10
    Spark Astra Bow 10
    Flame Astra Bow 10
    Spark Astra Rod 10
    Flame Astra Rod 10
    Spark Astra Knuckle 10
    Flame Astra Knuckle 10
    Spark Astra Wand 10
    Flame Astra Wand 10
    Spark Astra Spear 10
    Flame Astra Spear 10
    Spark Astra Lance 10
    Flame Astra Lance 10
    Aqua Astra Dagger 10
    Fountain Astra Dagger 10
    Aqua Astra Sword 10
    Fountain Astra Sword 10
    Aqua Astra Blade 10
    Fountain Astra Blade 10
    Aqua Astra Mace 10
    Fountain Astra Mace 10
    Aqua Astra Axe 10
    Fountain Astra Axe 10
    Aqua Astra Trigger 10
    Fountain Astra Trigger 10
    Aqua Astra Rifle 10
    Fountain Astra Rifle 10
    Aqua Astra Bow 10
    Fountain Astra Bow 10
    Aqua Astra Rod 10
    Fountain Astra Rod 10
    Aqua Astra Knuckle 10
    Fountain Astra Knuckle 10
    Aqua Astra Wand 10
    Fountain Astra Wand 10
    Aqua Astra Spear 10
    Fountain Astra Spear 10
    Aqua Astra Lance 10
    Fountain Astra Lance 10
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 10
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 10
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 10
    Cyclone Astra Sword 10
    Whirlwind Astra Blade 10
    Cyclone Astra Blade 10
    Whirlwind Astra Mace 10
    Cyclone Astra Mace 10
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 10
    Cyclone Astra Axe 10
    Whirlwind Astra Trigger 10
    Cyclone Astra Trigger 10
    Whirlwind Astra Rifle 10
    Cyclone Astra Rifle 10
    Whirlwind Astra Bow 10
    Cyclone Astra Bow 10
    Whirlwind Astra Rod 10
    Cyclone Astra Rod 10
    Whirlwind Astra Knuckle 10
    Cyclone Astra Knuckle 10
    Whirlwind Astra Wand 10
    Cyclone Astra Wand 10
    Whirlwind Astra Spear 10
    Cyclone Astra Spear 10
    Whirlwind Astra Lance 10
    Cyclone Astra Lance 10
    Dust Astra Dagger 10
    Rock Astra Dagger 10
    Dust Astra Sword 10
    Rock Astra Sword 10
    Dust Astra Blade 10
    Rock Astra Blade 10
    Dust Astra Mace 10
    Rock Astra Mace 10
    Dust Astra Axe 10
    Rock Astra Axe 10
    Dust Astra Trigger 10
    Rock Astra Trigger 10
    Dust Astra Rifle 10
    Rock Astra Rifle 10
    Dust Astra Bow 10
    Rock Astra Bow 10
    Dust Astra Rod 10
    Rock Astra Rod 10
    Dust Astra Knuckle 10
    Rock Astra Knuckle 10
    Dust Astra Wand 10
    Rock Astra Wand 10
    Dust Astra Spear 10
    Rock Astra Spear 10
    Dust Astra Lance 10
    Rock Astra Lance 10
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 10
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 10
    Twinkle Astra Sword 10
    Sparkle Astra Sword 10
    Twinkle Astra Blade 10
    Sparkle Astra Blade 10
    Twinkle Astra Mace 10
    Sparkle Astra Mace 10
    Twinkle Astra Axe 10
    Sparkle Astra Axe 10
    Twinkle Astra Trigger 10
    Sparkle Astra Trigger 10
    Twinkle Astra Rifle 10
    Sparkle Astra Rifle 10
    Twinkle Astra Bow 10
    Sparkle Astra Bow 10
    Twinkle Astra Rod 10
    Sparkle Astra Rod 10
    Twinkle Astra Knuckle 10
    Sparkle Astra Knuckle 10
    Twinkle Astra Wand 10
    Sparkle Astra Wand 10
    Twinkle Astra Spear 10
    Sparkle Astra Spear 10
    Twinkle Astra Lance 10
    Sparkle Astra Lance 10
    Shadow Astra Dagger 10
    Darkness Astra Dagger 10
    Shadow Astra Sword 10
    Darkness Astra Sword 10
    Shadow Astra Blade 10
    Darkness Astra Blade 10
    Shadow Astra Mace 10
    Darkness Astra Mace 10
    Shadow Astra Axe 10
    Darkness Astra Axe 10
    Shadow Astra Trigger 10
    Darkness Astra Trigger 10
    Shadow Astra Rifle 10
    Darkness Astra Rifle 10
    Shadow Astra Bow 10
    Darkness Astra Bow 10
    Shadow Astra Rod 10
    Darkness Astra Rod 10
    Shadow Astra Knuckle 10
    Darkness Astra Knuckle 10
    Shadow Astra Wand 10
    Darkness Astra Wand 10
    Shadow Astra Spear 10
    Darkness Astra Spear 10
    Shadow Astra Lance 10
    Darkness Astra Lance 10

    [Included Other Items]
    Spark Astra Dagger 8~9
    Flame Astra Dagger 8~9
    Blaze Astra Dagger 8~9
    Spark Astra Sword 8~9
    Flame Astra Sword 8~9
    Blaze Astra Sword 8~9
    Spark Astra Blade 8~9
    Flame Astra Blade 8~9
    Blaze Astra Blade 8~9
    Spark Astra Mace 8~9
    Flame Astra Mace 8~9
    Blaze Astra Mace 8~9
    Spark Astra Axe 8~9
    Flame Astra Axe 8~9
    Blaze Astra Axe 8~9
    Spark Astra Trigger 8~9
    Flame Astra Trigger 8~9
    Blaze Astra Trigger 8~9
    Spark Astra Rifle 8~9
    Flame Astra Rifle 8~9
    Blaze Astra Rifle 8~9
    Spark Astra Bow 8~9
    Flame Astra Bow 8~9
    Blaze Astra Bow 8~9
    Spark Astra Rod 8~9
    Flame Astra Rod 8~9
    Blaze Astra Rod 8~9
    Spark Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Flame Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Blaze Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Spark Astra Wand 8~9
    Flame Astra Wand 8~9
    Blaze Astra Wand 8~9
    Spark Astra Spear 8~9
    Flame Astra Spear 8~9
    Blaze Astra Spear 8~9
    Spark Astra Lance 8~9
    Flame Astra Lance 8~9
    Blaze Astra Lance 8~9
    Aqua Astra Dagger 8~9
    Fountain Astra Dagger 8~9
    Flood Astra Dagger 8~9
    Aqua Astra Sword 8~9
    Fountain Astra Sword 8~9
    Flood Astra Sword 8~9
    Aqua Astra Blade 8~9
    Fountain Astra Blade 8~9
    Flood Astra Blade 8~9
    Aqua Astra Mace 8~9
    Fountain Astra Mace 8~9
    Flood Astra Mace 8~9
    Aqua Astra Axe 8~9
    Fountain Astra Axe 8~9
    Flood Astra Axe 8~9
    Aqua Astra Trigger 8~9
    Fountain Astra Trigger 8~9
    Flood Astra Trigger 8~9
    Aqua Astra Rifle 8~9
    Fountain Astra Rifle 8~9
    Flood Astra Rifle 8~9
    Aqua Astra Bow 8~9
    Fountain Astra Bow 8~9
    Flood Astra Bow 8~9
    Aqua Astra Rod 8~9
    Fountain Astra Rod 8~9
    Flood Astra Rod 8~9
    Aqua Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Fountain Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Flood Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Aqua Astra Wand 8~9
    Fountain Astra Wand 8~9
    Flood Astra Wand 8~9
    Aqua Astra Spear 8~9
    Fountain Astra Spear 8~9
    Flood Astra Spear 8~9
    Aqua Astra Lance 8~9
    Fountain Astra Lance 8~9
    Flood Astra Lance 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 8~9
    Tornado Astra Dagger 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Sword 8~9
    Tornado Astra Sword 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Blade 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Blade 8~9
    Tornado Astra Blade 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Mace 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Mace 8~9
    Tornado Astra Mace 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Axe 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Axe 8~9
    Tornado Astra Axe 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Trigger 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Trigger 8~9
    Tornado Astra Trigger 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Rifle 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Rifle 8~9
    Tornado Astra Rifle 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Bow 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Bow 8~9
    Tornado Astra Bow 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Rod 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Rod 8~9
    Tornado Astra Rod 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Tornado Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Wand 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Wand 8~9
    Tornado Astra Wand 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Spear 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Spear 8~9
    Tornado Astra Spear 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Lance 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Lance 8~9
    Tornado Astra Lance 8~9
    Dust Astra Dagger 8~9
    Rock Astra Dagger 8~9
    Diamond Astra Dagger 8~9
    Dust Astra Sword 8~9
    Rock Astra Sword 8~9
    Diamond Astra Sword 8~9
    Dust Astra Blade 8~9
    Rock Astra Blade 8~9
    Diamond Astra Blade 8~9
    Dust Astra Mace 8~9
    Rock Astra Mace 8~9
    Diamond Astra Mace 8~9
    Dust Astra Axe 8~9
    Rock Astra Axe 8~9
    Diamond Astra Axe 8~9
    Dust Astra Trigger 8~9
    Rock Astra Trigger 8~9
    Diamond Astra Trigger 8~9
    Dust Astra Rifle 8~9
    Rock Astra Rifle 8~9
    Diamond Astra Rifle 8~9
    Dust Astra Bow 8~9
    Rock Astra Bow 8~9
    Diamond Astra Bow 8~9
    Dust Astra Rod 8~9
    Rock Astra Rod 8~9
    Diamond Astra Rod 8~9
    Dust Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Rock Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Dust Astra Wand 8~9
    Rock Astra Wand 8~9
    Diamond Astra Wand 8~9
    Dust Astra Spear 8~9
    Rock Astra Spear 8~9
    Diamond Astra Spear 8~9
    Dust Astra Lance 8~9
    Rock Astra Lance 8~9
    Diamond Astra Lance 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 8~9
    Flash Astra Dagger 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Sword 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Sword 8~9
    Flash Astra Sword 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Blade 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Blade 8~9
    Flash Astra Blade 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Mace 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Mace 8~9
    Flash Astra Mace 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Axe 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Axe 8~9
    Flash Astra Axe 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Trigger 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Trigger 8~9
    Flash Astra Trigger 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Rifle 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Rifle 8~9
    Flash Astra Rifle 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Bow 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Bow 8~9
    Flash Astra Bow 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Rod 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Rod 8~9
    Flash Astra Rod 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Flash Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Wand 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Wand 8~9
    Flash Astra Wand 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Spear 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Spear 8~9
    Flash Astra Spear 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Lance 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Lance 8~9
    Flash Astra Lance 8~9
    Shadow Astra Dagger 8~9
    Darkness Astra Dagger 8~9
    Chaos Astra Dagger 8~9
    Shadow Astra Sword 8~9
    Darkness Astra Sword 8~9
    Chaos Astra Sword 8~9
    Shadow Astra Blade 8~9
    Darkness Astra Blade 8~9
    Chaos Astra Blade 8~9
    Shadow Astra Mace 8~9
    Darkness Astra Mace 8~9
    Chaos Astra Mace 8~9
    Shadow Astra Axe 8~9
    Darkness Astra Axe 8~9
    Chaos Astra Axe 8~9
    Shadow Astra Trigger 8~9
    Darkness Astra Trigger 8~9
    Chaos Astra Trigger 8~9
    Shadow Astra Rifle 8~9
    Darkness Astra Rifle 8~9
    Chaos Astra Rifle 8~9
    Shadow Astra Bow 8~9
    Darkness Astra Bow 8~9
    Chaos Astra Bow 8~9
    Shadow Astra Rod 8~9
    Darkness Astra Rod 8~9
    Chaos Astra Rod 8~9
    Shadow Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Darkness Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Chaos Astra Knuckle 8~9
    Shadow Astra Wand 8~9
    Darkness Astra Wand 8~9
    Chaos Astra Wand 8~9
    Shadow Astra Spear 8~9
    Darkness Astra Spear 8~9
    Chaos Astra Spear 8~9
    Shadow Astra Lance 8~9
    Darkness Astra Lance 8~9
    Chaos Astra Lance 8~9

    --[Head]Astra Armors
    [Included Rare Items]

    Blaze Astra Cap 10~11
    Flood Astra Cap 10~11
    Tornado Astra Cap 10~11
    Diamond Astra Cap 10~11
    Flash Astra Cap 10~11
    Chaos Astra Cap 10~11
    Spark Astra Cap 10
    Flame Astra Cap 10
    Aqua Astra Cap 10
    Fountain Astra Cap 10
    Whirlwind Astra Cap 10
    Cyclone Astra Cap 10
    Dust Astra Cap 10
    Rock Astra Cap 10
    Twinkle Astra Cap 10
    Sparkle Astra Cap 10
    Shadow Astra Cap 10
    Darkness Astra Cap 10

    [Included Other Items]
    Spark Astra Cap 8~9
    Flame Astra Cap 8~9
    Blaze Astra Cap 8~9
    Aqua Astra Cap 8~9
    Fountain Astra Cap 8~9
    Flood Astra Cap 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Cap 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Cap 8~9
    Tornado Astra Cap 8~9
    Dust Astra Cap 8~9
    Rock Astra Cap 8~9
    Diamond Astra Cap 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Cap 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Cap 8~9
    Flash Astra Cap 8~9
    Shadow Astra Cap 8~9
    Darkness Astra Cap 8~9
    Chaos Astra Cap 8~9

    --[Upper]Astra Armors
    [Included Rare Items]

    Blaze Astra Armor 10~11
    Flood Astra Armor 10~11
    Tornado Astra Armor 10~11
    Diamond Astra Armor 10~11
    Flash Astra Armor 10~11
    Chaos Astra Armor 10~11
    Spark Astra Armor 10
    Flame Astra Armor 10
    Aqua Astra Armor 10
    Fountain Astra Armor 10
    Whirlwind Astra Armor 10
    Cyclone Astra Armor 10
    Dust Astra Armor 10
    Rock Astra Armor 10
    Twinkle Astra Armor 10
    Sparkle Astra Armor 10
    Shadow Astra Armor 10
    Darkness Astra Armor 10

    [Included Other Items]
    Spark Astra Armor 8~9
    Flame Astra Armor 8~9
    Blaze Astra Armor 8~9
    Aqua Astra Armor 8~9
    Fountain Astra Armor 8~9
    Flood Astra Armor 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Armor 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Armor 8~9
    Tornado Astra Armor 8~9
    Dust Astra Armor 8~9
    Rock Astra Armor 8~9
    Diamond Astra Armor 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Armor 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Armor 8~9
    Flash Astra Armor 8~9
    Shadow Astra Armor 8~9
    Darkness Astra Armor 8~9
    Chaos Astra Armor 8~9

    --[Lower]Astra Armors
    [Included Rare Items]

    Blaze Astra Greaves 10~11
    Flood Astra Greaves 10~11
    Tornado Astra Greaves 10~11
    Diamond Astra Greaves 10~11
    Flash Astra Greaves 10~11
    Chaos Astra Greaves 10~11
    Spark Astra Greaves 10
    Flame Astra Greaves 10
    Aqua Astra Greaves 10
    Fountain Astra Greaves 10
    Whirlwind Astra Greaves 10
    Cyclone Astra Greaves 10
    Dust Astra Greaves 10
    Rock Astra Greaves 10
    Twinkle Astra Greaves 10
    Sparkle Astra Greaves 10
    Shadow Astra Greaves 10
    Darkness Astra Greaves 10

    [Included Other Items]
    Spark Astra Greaves 8~9
    Flame Astra Greaves 8~9
    Blaze Astra Greaves 8~9
    Aqua Astra Greaves 8~9
    Fountain Astra Greaves 8~9
    Flood Astra Greaves 8~9
    Whirlwind Astra Greaves 8~9
    Cyclone Astra Greaves 8~9
    Tornado Astra Greaves 8~9
    Dust Astra Greaves 8~9
    Rock Astra Greaves 8~9
    Diamond Astra Greaves 8~9
    Twinkle Astra Greaves 8~9
    Sparkle Astra Greaves 8~9
    Flash Astra Greaves 8~9
    Shadow Astra Greaves 8~9
    Darkness Astra Greaves 8~9
    Chaos Astra Greaves 8~9

    Weapons and Weapon Avatars for Rogue collected! "Lord of Rogue" is on sale!

    If you want to be a powerful and attractive Rogue, this is for you!

    "Lord of Rogue" wherein you can win the related items is on sale!

    8 Stars or higher "Normal", "Rune", and "Astra" weapons,
    and Weapon Avatars from "Dark Night", "Battle School", "Silver Wolf" "Phantom", and "Minds Eye" are available!
    Don't miss it!

    [On Sale Items]
    Lord of Rogue

    [Item price]
    4 Gems per "Spin x1"
    40 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    *The won Weaponrs have equip level limits.
    *Please note that Avatar preview function is not available in this Pack.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.
    *The status for Rune Weapon is added randomly at the point they are drawn out of the Shop BOX.
    *"Add Element" at "Blacksmith" is not available for Astra Weapon.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Dirty Edge 9~15
    Gallatin 9~15

    Orion 9~10
    Meahait 9~10
    Short 9~10
    Escrow 9~10
    Pikaro  9~10
    Crown 9~10
    Blood Queen 9~10
    Fikar 9~10
    Seedling  9~10
    Rukline 9~10
    Claim glad 9~10
    Manople 9~10
    Lord of saver 9~10
    Twinkle Saber 9~10

    Genma Rune Dagger 9~13
    Genma Rune Sword 9~13

    Rune Dagger 9~10
    Iron Rune Dagger 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 9~10
    Silver White Rune Dagger 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 9~10
    Rune Sword 9~10
    Iron Rune Sword 9~10
    Black Metal Rune Sword 9~10
    Silver White Rune Sword 9~10
    Moon Light Rune Sword 9~10

    Blaze Astra Dagger 9~11
    Blaze Astra Sword 9~11
    Flood Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flood Astra Sword 9~11
    Tornado Astra Dagger 9~11
    Tornado Astra Sword 9~11
    Diamond Astra Dagger 9~11
    Diamond Astra Sword 9~11
    Flash Astra Dagger 9~11
    Flash Astra Sword 9~11
    Chaos Astra Dagger 9~11
    Chaos Astra Sword 9~11

    Spark Astra Dagger 9~10
    Flame Astra Dagger 9~10
    Aqua Astra Dagger 9~10
    Fountain Astra Dagger 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 9~10
    Dust Astra Dagger 9~10
    Rock Astra Dagger 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 9~10
    Shadow Astra Dagger 9~10
    Darkness Astra Dagger 9~10
    Spark Astra Sword 9~10
    Flame Astra Sword 9~10
    Aqua Astra Sword 9~10
    Fountain Astra Sword 9~10
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 9~10
    Cyclone Astra Sword 9~10
    Dust Astra Sword 9~10
    Rock Astra Sword 9~10
    Twinkle Astra Sword 9~10
    Sparkle Astra Sword 9~10
    Shadow Astra Sword 9~10
    Darkness Astra Sword 9~10

    Dark Night Dagger-JP
    Dark Night Sword-JP
    Battle School Knife PP
    Battle School Sword PP
    Silver Wolf Dagger-RR
    Silver Wolf Sword-RR
    Phantom Dagger-EM
    Phantom Sword-EM
    Minds Eye Dagger-FB
    Minds Eye Sword-FB

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    [Other Included Items]
    Dirty Edge 8
    Gallatin 8

    Orion 8
    Meahait 8
    Short 8
    Escrow 8
    Pikaro  8
    Crown 8
    Blood Queen 8
    Fikar 8
    Seedling  8
    Rukline 8
    Claim glad 8
    Manople 8
    Lord of saver 8
    Twinkle Saber 8

    Genma Rune Dagger 8
    Genma Rune Sword 8

    Rune Dagger 8
    Iron Rune Dagger 8
    Black Metal Rune Dagger 8
    Silver White Rune Dagger 8
    Moon Light Rune Dagger 8
    Rune Sword 8
    Iron Rune Sword 8
    Black Metal Rune Sword 8
    Silver White Rune Sword 8
    Moon Light Rune Sword 8

    Blaze Astra Dagger 8
    Blaze Astra Sword 8
    Flood Astra Dagger 8
    Flood Astra Sword 8
    Tornado Astra Dagger 8
    Tornado Astra Sword 8
    Diamond Astra Dagger 8
    Diamond Astra Sword 8
    Flash Astra Dagger 8
    Flash Astra Sword 8
    Chaos Astra Dagger 8
    Chaos Astra Sword 8

    Spark Astra Dagger 8
    Flame Astra Dagger 8
    Aqua Astra Dagger 8
    Fountain Astra Dagger 8
    Whirlwind Astra Dagger 8
    Cyclone Astra Dagger 8
    Dust Astra Dagger 8
    Rock Astra Dagger 8
    Twinkle Astra Dagger 8
    Sparkle Astra Dagger 8
    Shadow Astra Dagger 8
    Darkness Astra Dagger 8
    Spark Astra Sword 8
    Flame Astra Sword 8
    Aqua Astra Sword 8
    Fountain Astra Sword 8
    Whirlwind Astra Sword 8
    Cyclone Astra Sword 8
    Dust Astra Sword 8
    Rock Astra Sword 8
    Twinkle Astra Sword 8
    Sparkle Astra Sword 8
    Shadow Astra Sword 8
    Darkness Astra Sword 8

    Dark Night Dagger
    Dark Night Sword
    Battle School Knife
    Battle School Sword
    Silver Wolf Dagger
    Silver Wolf Sword
    Phantom Dagger
    Phantom Sword
    Minds Eye Dagger
    Minds Eye Sword

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    "[5 Times Only] Super Dev Mystery Bag"  wherein you can win Enhance Stone, Statue Set, and Book item for 5 Gems per Spin is on sale!

    To you who want to develop yourself!

    "[5 Times Only] Super Dev Mystery Bag" in which you get one type of each "Enhance Stone", "Kodora or Mellow Statue Set", and "Book item" per Spin has arrived!
    This value mystery bag is available for 5 Gems per Spin, limited to 5 times per player!
    Don't miss it!

    [On Sale Items]
    [5 Times Only] Super Dev Mystery Bag

    [Item price]
    5 Gems per "Spin x1"​

    [Sales category]
    Item Pack

    *Can be purchased 5 times for each account.
    *Won items contain "non-tradable item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on.

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    --Enhance Stone
    [Included Rare Items]
    Goldwerg x3
    Rive x3

    [Included Other Items]

    Olion x3

    --Kodora or Mellow Statue Set
    [Included Rare Items]
    Diamond Mellow Statue Set
    Sapphire Mellow Statue Set
    Lapis Mellow Statue Set
    Gold Kodora Statue Set

    [Included Other Items]
    Silver Kodora Statue Set
    Bronze Kodora Statue Set

    --Book item
    [Included Rare Items]
    Rainbow Garish Star Bk
    Red Garish Star Bk
    Blue Garish Star Bk
    Green Garish Star Bk
    Rainbow Bright Star Bk
    Red Bright Star Bk
    Blue Bright Star Bk
    Green Bright Star Bk
    Rainbow Shiny Star Bk
    Red Shiny Star Bk
    Blue Shiny Star Bk
    Green Shiny Star Bk

    [Included Other Items]

    Rainbow Dawn Star Bk
    Red Dawn Star Bk
    Blue Dawn Star Bk
    Green Dawn Star Bk

    "Academy" guaranteeing Avatar is on sale!

    "Academy" arrives with only Avatars in the lineup!

    Chance to get the Avatar you wanted! Don't miss it!

    [On Sale Items]
    [Avatar 100%]Premium Academy

    [Item price]

    3 Gems per "Spin x1"
    30 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack


    *"Academy Avatar" is a "Non-tradable Item" even though player uses a "Premium Ticket".

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items
    [Included Rare Items]
    Academy Top
    Academy Top A
    Academy Top B
    Academy Top-SL

    Academy Knife-SL
    Academy Sword-SL
    Academy Blade-SL
    Academy Mace-SL
    Academy Axe-SL
    Academy Barrel-SL
    Academy Rifle-SL
    Academy Bow-SL
    Academy Staff-SL
    Academy Knuckle-SL
    Academy Rod-SL
    Academy Spike-SL
    Academy Lance-SL
    Academy Bracer-SL
    Academy Shield-SL

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    [Other Included Items]
    Academy Knife
    Academy Sword
    Academy Blade
    Academy Mace
    Academy Axe
    Academy Barrel
    Academy Rifle
    Academy Bow
    Academy Staff
    Academy Knuckle
    Academy Rod
    Academy Spike
    Academy Lance
    Academy Bracer
    Academy Shield

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "C" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    Academy Feather (L)
    Academy Feather (R)
    Academy Bottom

    *1 type of color item "A", "B", "SL" or "No mark" will be randomly gifted from the above items types.

    -- Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    - Lord of Wanderer
    - [Avatar 100%]PremiumPirate

    * Each items that are on sale may contain "Non-Tradable Item" which "Premium Ticket" cannot be used on. For details, please check the "Item List" for each sold items from the in-game "Shop".
    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Note that to equip weapon and shield avatars, you will need to equip the same weapon or shield.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    Check out our Shop!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team