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    Sanrio Characters Collaboration Pack now out!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    From today, collaboration with Sanrio characters pack,"Sanrio characters collaboration" pack will be sold!

    The collaboration special site Please come in from here.

    Sanrio Characters Collaboration Pack"Sanrio Characters Collaboration"Pack now on sale!
    The avatars and furnitures which imaged a popular characters such as "Hello kitty" and "Pom Pom Purin" are in lineups!
    Additionally, any of the furnitures will be given as a bonus for the "Spin x10"!

    Don't miss this chance! These are  event limited items!

    [Item on Sale]

    Sanrio Characters Collaboration Pack
    Spin x1: 5 Gems
    Spin x10: 50 Gems

    Tap here to list the Related Prize Items[Pack Lineup]
    Hello Kitty’s Male Headband
    Hello Kitty’s Ladies Headband
    Hello Kitty’s Headgear
    Hello Kitty’s T-shirt 1
    Hello Kitty’s T-shirt 2
    Hello Kitty’s T-shirt 3
    Hello Kitty’s Shorts 
    Hello Kitty’s Hoodie
    Hello Kitty’s Pants
    Hello Kitty’s Cute Table
    Hello Kitty’s Cute Sofa
    My Melody’s Hood
    My Melody’s Dress
    My Melody’s Skirt
    Cinnamoroll’s Headband
    Cinnamoroll’s Hoodie
    Cinnamoroll’s Pants
    Pompompurin’s Head
    Pompompurin’s Hoodie
    Pompompurin’s Pants
    KIRIMI chan.Headgear
    KIRIMI chan.Suit
    Nisetamasan’s Headgear (Gudetama)
    Nisetamasan’s Suit (Gudetama)
    Gudetama’s Futon
    Little Twin Stars’ Light

    Hello Kitty’s Balloons
    Hello Kitty’s Can Badge
    Hello Kitty’s Round Badge
    Hello Kitty’s Dagger Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Sword Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Mace Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Axe Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Rifle Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Bow Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Staff Accessory
    Hello Kitty’s Lance Accessory
    My Melody’s Balloons
    My Melody’s Can Badge
    My Melody’s Round Badge
    Cinnamoroll’s Balloons
    Cinnamoroll’s Can Badge
    Cinnamoroll’s Round Badge
    Pompompurin’s Balloons
    Pompompurin’s Can Badge
    Pompompurin’s Round Badge
    Gudetama’s Backpack
    Gudetama’s Can Badge
    Gudetama’s Round Badge
    "Spin x10" Tap here to list the Gifted Items
    Hello Kitty’s Cute Table
    Hello Kitty’s Cute Sofa
    Gudetama’s Futon
    Little Twin Stars’ Light
    [Offer period]
    From 12/26/2017 8:00 (GMT) to 1/15/2018 7:59 (GMT)

    * Please note that the bonus will not be given for purchasing the "Spin x1" ten times.
    *"Pack Tic" cannot be used for "Sanrio Characters Collaboration Pack".
    *You may win multiple same items.
    *One item from those listed in the "Item List" will be randomly won.

    *Some area is not in service for purchase of this Sanrio Characters Collaboration limited items. Please refer the News on in-game for more detail.
    If you purchase this item, you assure that you are not located in such country, that you are not under the control of such country, that you are not a citizen or resident of such country.
    We appreciate your understanding Please acknowledge it.

    list of Not-service in the Country】
    British Virgin Islands
    Cape Verde
    Cayman Islands
    Cook Island
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Marshall Islands
    Puerto Rico
    US Virgin Islands

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team