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    "[Rerun] Chocor Patisserie" starts on 2/7

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    It's almost that time of the year---
    After the maintenance on February 7th, 2018, the valentine event "[Rerun] Chocor Patisserie" will be held!

    This time we have revamped the map to a high quality map, so please come check out the remodeled new event map "Valentown"♪
    [Event Name]
    [Rerun] Chocor Patisserie

    [Event Period]
    From after the maintenance on February 7th, 2018 (Wednesday) -
    Until the maintenance on February 21st, 2018 (Wednesday)
    This event is the one that was held last February called "[Rerun] Chocor Patisserie", which we have remodeled into a higher quality.

    For the users who have completed every quests from last  event, you will be able to start from the "Chocor Patisserie Quest" which has been newly added.

    Also, if you have let go of the "Cert" item from the last event,
    you will be able to purchase the Certs of each rank from the NPC "Lea" in the Event Map.
    *Note that it's not NPC "Lea" in the Event Square.
    Clear each Quest and Challenge Dungeon to get
    "Event Limited Avatar" or "Event Coin"!

    [How to Join]
    1: Move to the "Event Square".
    2: Accept the "Release Quest" from "NPC Keil" in the Event Square and clear it.
    3: Talk to the "NPC Lea" in the Event Square and move to the Event Map.
    4: Accept the "Release", "Defeat", and "Collect" Quests from the NPC in the Event Map, and collect clear rewards.
    5: You can produce event limited items by taking the collected reward to NPC "Chocove", and NPC "Chocor".

    *Note that you cannot receive reward item if your Bag and Storage is full.

    The NPCs "Keil" and "Lea" are waiting for you in the Event Square.

    By clearing "Chocor Patisserie Release", you will be able to move to "Valentown"!

    [Get the Event limited Avatar]
    In "Risky Kitchen", the materials for event limited Avatar will drop.
    It's the Avatar that resembles lovely character that appear in the Chocor Patisserie event.

    However as the name "Risky Kitchen" suggests, the monsters are super powerful. We suggest you to challenge with "Choco Orb" equipped.
    By equipping "Choco Orb", you will be able to lower the monster's ability by a great margin.

    So collect the materials by progressing the event and produce Choco Orb at NPC "Chocor" in the event map beforehand!
    NPC "Chocor" will appear by progressing the event!

    *There are 4 types of Choco Orb, "Spicy/Sugary/Blazing/Freezing".

    [Challenge Dungeon Guide]
    You will be able to choose and challenge "Risky Kitchen" from NPC Emma in the event map.​

    Don't forget to equip the "Choco Orb"!
    *You will not be able to challenge from Quest/Dungeon guide room or Event Square.
    *"Risky Kitchen" will always be available during the event period.
    *You need required DP to challenge "Risky Kitchen".

    Produce event limited items!
    Go to NPCs "Chocove" and "Chocor" with the collected reward to produce the event limited items.

    Again, when you complete "Additional Order Quest" and "Chocor Patisserie Quest", you will be able to obtain exclusive avator that you can not produce from event coins♪

    [Items that can be produced]
    "Sugary Summon Book"
    Magic Book that creates a special field to summon Chef Chocolin.
    You can acquire rewards by defeating it within the time limit.

    ※"Sugary Summon Book" can be used in User Raid Start Map.
    *Status changes may occur in the special fields to adjust to handicaps.

    "Event Limited Avatar"

    There are different types of Chef Hat!
    Note regarding [Rerun] Chocor Patisserie event
    *Clear and reward for "Release", "Defeat", and "Collect" Quest are only available once per character.
    *Production of event limited item will be unavailable after the event period.

    *For "Additional Order Quest" and "Chocor Patisserie Quest" will only be accepted and achieved once per one account only.
    *Note that you cannot receive reward item if your Bag and Storage is full.

    Other Note
    *During the event period, GM (Game Master) may appear in the game.
    *The Game Master cannot reply to questions regarding the game system or individual inquiries.
    If you have inquiries or opinions/requests regarding the game, please send those via Contact Form.
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team