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  • BUG

    [4/13 Edit] About known issues
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.
    Currently, we have confirmed the issue below.
    Confirmed Issue

    ・Malfunctions in displaying "Progress(0%)" even in attacking Raid Boss at some part of guerilla quest in "Challenge from Olive 10."​

    -Malfunction with receiving Emails without returned items attached from the automatic returns from being submitted at the stall.
    --Working in progress.

    The Email with the items sent from the Operation Team are the items that has been completed BEFORE the elimination of the stall system on December 26, 2017.
    As those users who have found this malfunction, we are distributing corresponding amount of gold of the price from the deal.
    Please wait while for revision for this malfuction, and the distribution of gold. Thank you for your patience.

    We have re-opened the automatic returns of overdue Stall Items attached to the GM Mail after the maintenance on April 11, 2018 (Wed) 14:00.

    Items which were still exhibited at the Stall will be returned through GM Mail after the first log-in.
    Items that were sold at the Stall and were left there after the Stall suspension, the amount of Gold matching its selling price will be transferred to the character's owned money.
    *For these characters, an GM Mail will be sent stating the transferred amount.

    If the added amount of the transferred Gold and the character's owned money exceeds "999,999,999G," the Gold will be transferred upon the first login after the character's owned money does not exceed "999,999,999G."

    Malfunctions regarding progress of guerilla quest become "0%" for "Challenge from Olive 10."
    --Working in progress.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Malfunctions with new character's status points showing up with each STR/INT/VIT/MEN/DEX, then all together.
    *The deducted points (Total 20 points) will be points that can be sorted, and total status point will not be deducted.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Malfunction with skill cool time effect.
    --We have confirmed this problem when avator armor types and equipped armor types are different.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Malfunction of "Avatars inapplicable for Materials" being listed in Recycle Avatar 2.
    -We are currently investigating.

    *When practicing Avatar Recycle2 containing the "Avatars inapplicable for Materials," the message "Weight or Bag is at maximum” will show up and will not be able to practice Avatar Recycle2.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Malfunction of skill's cool time will occur according to the equipped "avatar type" after changing character’s hair style with Hair Dresser NPC.
    --We are currently investigating.

    *This issue will be solved by changing the armors. Please try again with this method.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Issue of being that application forcibly closes when activating an emotion "Screen Shot" under the certain environment.
    --Working in progress.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Malfunction with showing wrong price for Awake Arms, Element-fixed Arms, Monster type Arms, and Weapon customize.
    --It will be fixed with the updated App.

    ※Only with the malfunctions that are listed above.
    ※If the owned money is shown lower than the price due to malfunction, you will not be able to customize with Awake, Element-fixed and Monster type Weapon customize.

    Bug fix has been completed.

    -Issue of being Quest Progress is not displaying properly under the certain condition.
    --Working in progress.

    *This is display bug for Quest Progress.
    Bug fix has been completed.

    The cause is currently under investigation.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your patience until the fix is made.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team