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    Challenge from Dragon Emperor "Descending Bahamut" starts from May 30!
    ​Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    "Do you want to challenge me?"
    There seems to be a challenge from a bored Dragon Emperor ----

    We will be holding Dragon Emperor "Descending Bahamut"
    after the maintenance on May 30, 2018 (Wed)!

    Event Period
    From 5/30/2018 after the maintenance - until 6/13/2018 13:59 (GMT)
    *Reporting of the Quest will be until June 13, 2018 (Wed) 23:59.
    This is only applicable for "Report for Quest," and you will not be able to the dungeon.

    Steps for Challenge from Bahamut
    1.Talk over to NPC "Descending Bahamut Event," and head over to "Land of Dragon Emperor"!

    2.You can challenge NPC "Event Quest Reception" at Land of Dragon Emperor, and challenge at NPC "Dragon Emperor Bahamut"!
    This is a Challenge Dungeon, and divided 4 levels, "Beginners," "Intermediate," "Advanced" and "Ex Adv."

    Once you have achieved the quest accepted from NPC "Event Quest Reception" at Land of Dragon Emperor, you will be able to recieve event-limited armor, "Dragon Emperor’s Spikey Helmet"!

    Not only "Dragon Emperor’s Spikey Helmet" is for armor, it also has the effect to reduce fire element damage!
    You may also be able to retrieve more powerful "Dragon Emperor's Spikey Helmet"....?!

    Challenge the quest and complete them all♪

    *You will not be able to store "Dragon Emperor’s Spikey Helmet" in to evolution, awake and crysta case.
    *You will be able to attach it to Slot release, and orb, but it will not be transferred as reward  "Dragon Emperor’s Spikey Helmet" when it is offering as Quest collect item.

    The Event support item will be on sale!​"Bracelet to fight against dragon" now available to attack against "Awakening Bahamut"Equip it during this event and deals massive damage to "Awakening Bahamut" that appears in "Descending Bahamut"!

    Also, the bracelet includes the effects "STR+4," "INT+4," "VIT+4," "MEN+4," which will be useful as accessory even after the event♪
    But "Bracelet to fight against dragon" will only be available during this event time-only. Buy it at the shop!

    [Product Name]​
    Bracelet to fight against dragon

    [Item price]
    5 Gems

    [Sales category]

    [Sales Period]
    From 5/30/2018 after the maintenance - until 6/13/2018 13:59 (GMT)

    *The event limited effect is available by equipping.
    *The massive damage effect for "Bracelet to fight against dragon" will overlap when it is equipped 2 or more.
    *It will ineffective for other monsters except for "Awakening Bahamut."
    *The event limited effect will be lost at the end of the event.​

    *You will only be able to complete the quest once per 1 account from NPC "Event Quest Reception" at Land of Dragon Emperor.
    *During the event period, GM (Game Master) may appear in the game.

    *The Game Master cannot reply to questions regarding the game system or individual inquiries.
    *If you have inquiries or opinions/requests regarding the game, please send those via Contact Form.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team