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    Limited event! Premium Weapon Avatar Pack on sale
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The "Premium Weapon Avatar Pack" will be on sale starting from today!

    The "Premium Weapon Avatar Pack" that includes various weapon avatars will be on sale!

    *Only weapon avatars are included in this Pack.
    *The "Premium Weapon Avatar Pack" will only be on sale with 10 spins.

    [Includes the following avatars]
    - Yggdra Avatar
    - Elder Avatar
    - Easter Avatar
    - Avars Avatar
    - Dragoon Avatar
    - Gunner Avatar
    - Weiss Avatar
    - Holy Avatar
    - Chocolat Avatar
    - Darkness Avatar
    - Unicorn Avatar
    - Jipang Avatar
    - Astoria Avatar 
    - China Avatar
    - Necross Avatar

    This is your chance to get the weapon avatars you wanted!
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    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team