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    [Free 10x Pack Event] Challenge from Crecia will be open from 9/12!
    ​Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    As you achieve event-limited daily achievements,
    you can play Crecia's Free Pack, that can win Equipment Lv 200 limit Mevius Armors ★15!​

    We will be holding "Challenge from Crecia" after the maintenance on  September 12, 2018 (Wed) !

    "Crecia's Free Pack" and achievement reward lists will not be shown if you haven't updated the app to the latest version which will be opened from 2018/9/12.
    Please update the app to the latest version and enjoy the game.

    Event PeriodFrom 9/12/2018 after the maintenance - until 9/19/2018 13:59 (GMT)
    *When you own a "Crecia's Free Pack Ticket" after the event is over, "Crecia's Free Pack" will be until 2018/9/20 03:59 (GMT).

    How to Join1. Accept "[Free 10x Pack] Challenge from Crecia" from NPC"Crecia" in Event Square and enter a special dungeon.

    2. You will receive Crecia's Free Pack Ticket automatically when you cleared the dungeon and event-limited daily achievement.
    Achievements are achieved as you clear dungeon one by one, and you can achieve maximum of 10 achievements daily.

    3. You can play once with "Crecia's Free Pack"  by using event limited-achievement's reward 1 Crecia's Free Pack Ticket.
    *"Crecia's Free Pack Ticket" will be deleted everyday at 04:00(GMT), and will not be carried over to the next day.

    Rewards"Crecia's Free Pack" will be placed in the shop during the event.
    *This will be shown in shop when owning more than 1 of Crecia's Free Pack Ticket.

    Crecia's Free Pack cannot be purchased with Gems, and only allowed to play with Crecia's Free Pack Ticket that can be received from event-limited achievement.

    Guranteed to win Equipment Lv limit 200's Mevius Armor ★15 only!

    Also, items won from Crecia's Free Pack will be directly sent to bag, not to shop box.​

    Here are the line-ups for Crecia's Free Pack![Offering Ratio]
    Product ranking Offering Ratio
    Normal Prize 100%
    Product line-up list
    ※The offerings ratio is showing rounded off minor 4th place, that there is possibility that the total value will not be 100%.
    Normal Prize Offering Ratio
    Mevius Dagger 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Sword 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Blade 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Mace 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Axe 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Trigger 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Rifle 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Bogen 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Rod 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Knuckle 20015 4.54%
    Mevius Wand 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Spear 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Lance 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Magi 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Cap 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Hat 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Armor 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Cloak 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Greaves 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Leggings 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Shield 20015 4.55%
    Mevius Guard 20015 4.55%

    *Event-limited daily achievements (10) can be achieved once per day per 1 account.
    *Achievement will be reset at 04:00(GMT) everyday and you can not receive the achievement rewards that was received before reset time.
    *"Crecia's Free Pack Ticket" will be deleted everyday at 04:00(GMT), and will not be carried over to the next day.

    Play daily event to get Crecia's Free Pack♪

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team