MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」

  • BUG

    [Apology] For multiple malfunctions.
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We deeply apologize for multiple malfunction issues that has occurred after the maintenance from Septemeber 12, 2018 (Wed) 5:00(GMT), and caused inconvenience for many people.
    ■Details of malfunctions
    - Fixed a malfunction of a damages are excessively decreased or raised for some skills.
    - Fixed a malfunction of a malfunction of display freezes when playing Crecia's Free Pack.

    We have completed fixing these malfunctions at temporary maintenance on September 12, 2018(Wed) 10:30(GMT).

    We will be distributing the following Gems as apology for having multiple malfunctions and temporary maintenance.■Details for distribution
    1 Gem
    - It will automatically be distributed at first login when this notification was updated.

    ■Receiving period
    Until September 16, 2018 (Sun) 23:59.

    We will strive further to avoid preventing these issues to happen again.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team