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    [Summoner 5th Adv Class] "Ground Shaker" added!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added the
     5th Summoner's Advanced Class, "Ground Shaker,"from October 31, 2018 update!

    Ground Shaker will summon the ancient, furious Giant, the "Titan!"
    Control the Titan with ranged attack ability, and attack multiple enemies at once!


    How to change class to Ground Shaker
    1. Being Level 50 and above Summonner Class, and talk to NPC "Challenge from the summoned monster" in the Quest/Dungeon Reception Map.

    2. Choose "Challenge from Titan," and battle agasinst Titan!

    3. You will be able to receive 1 "Earth God Stone," item necessary in order to change class.

    4. Once you have "Earth God Stone" and other necessities to change class, open "Ground Shaker" from Advanced Class Manager in the base and change class!

    Take control of the Earth and the enemy!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team