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    [Summoner 6th Adv Class] "Abyss Crawler" added!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added the
     6th Summoner's Advanced Class, "Abyss Crawler,"from November 21, 2018 update!

    Abyss Crawler summons the evil god, "Thanatos" from the deep, dark pit.
    He mainly attacks with strong dark element, but attacks with poison mists for abnormal status attack !


    How to change class to Abyss Crawler
    1. Being Level 60 and above Summonner Class, and talk to NPC "Challenge from the summoned monster" in the Quest/Dungeon Reception Map.

    2. Choose "Challenge from Thanatos," and battle agasinst Thanatos !

    3. You will be able to receive 1 "Chaos Stone," item necessary in order to change class.

    4. If you are already reached to Lv 60 or above with Summoner, collect "Chaos Stones" and other necessary items and head over to Advanced Class NPC and unlock "Abyss Crawler" to change class !

    Call out the power from dark underground and drag in the enemy with it!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team