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    [Summoner 7th Adv Class] "Iroas" added!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    We have added the
     7th Summoner's Advanced Class, "Iroas,"from January 30, 2019 update!

    Iroas summons the ultimate hero, "God of Sword Gilgamesh"!
    It is good with none elements, and slay the enemies with numerous swords! Open the road for Iroas !


    How to change class to Iroas
    1. Being Level 60 and above Summonner Class, and talk to NPC "Challenge from the summoned monster" in the Quest/Dungeon Reception Map.

    2. Choose "Challenge from Gilgames" and battle agasinst God of the Sword Gilgamesh !

    3. You will be able to receive 1 "Hero Stone" item necessary in order to change class.

    4. If you are already reached to Lv 60 or above with Summoner, collect "Hero Stone" and other necessary items and head over to Advanced Class NPC and unlock "Iroas" to change class !

     "Iroas Celebration Campaign" starts !!Reach to level 150!!
    We will open the campaign to raise character at once!

    In celebrating adding of Iroas,
    we will be holding a campaign to support to raise characters !

    ・When enhancing equipment, you can gain more EXP with "Super Success," activation rate 100% during the campaign !
    ・Also, we will be giving-away "[Limited Only] Beginners Support Ring 150" which can gain EXP will reach up to 300% until Level 150 !

    This will only be during campaign, so don't miss this chance for you to enhance your character at once♪

    >>> キャンペーン詳細はこちら!

    Experience slashing with numerous swords!

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team