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    Notice for The ranking rewards and league format will be changed 2/20~
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The ranking rewards and league format will be changed after the maintenance on February 20 (Wed).

    [Newly added "Class League"]
    - We will newly add "Class League" which is separated from "General League's" "Class Ranking."
    -- You will be matched with other players with your Class type at "Class League"
    - The ranking will be shown separately with "General League" and "Class League."

    Due to this, with rewards delivered for League Mode from February 18, the "Ranking Rewards for League Mode" will be changed as below.
    - "General League" and "Class League" will be delivered separately.
    - "General League" and "Class League" ranking points will have different total point.

    [Week General League Ranking Reward]
     -Before [Week Overall Ranking Reward]
    【Rank】 【報酬】
    Rank 1 20Gems
    Rank 2~5 15Gems
    Rank 6~15 10Gems
    Rank 16~50 5Gems
    Rank 51~100 3Gems
    Rank 101~200 1Gem

    After- [Week General League Ranking Reward]
    【Rank】 【報酬】
    Rank 1 10Gems
    Rank 2 7Gems
    Rank 3 5Gems
    Rank 6~10 3Gems
    Rank 11~30 1Gems

    -- Date
    2/25/2019 (Mon) from 12:00 (GMT)

    [Week Class League Ranking Reward]
    * Warning *
    Please note that the Class Ranking from February 18 (Mon) to February 20 (Wed) before maintenance will be resetted when Class League is added.
    The rewards for the ranking which will be delivered on February 25 (Mon) 12:00AM, will be calculated according to the battle results from February 20 (Wed) after maintenance to February 24 (Sun).

    -Before [Week Overall Ranking Reward]
    【Rank】 【報酬】
    Rank 1 5Gems
    Rank 2~5 3Gems
    Rank 6~15 2Gems
    Rank 16~50 1Gem

    -After [Week Class League Ranking Reward]
    【Rank】 【報酬】
    Rank 1 5Gems
    Rank 2 3Gems
    Rank 3 1Gem

    -- Date
    2/25/2019 (Mon) from 12:00 (GMT)

    The display for League Reception will also be changed at the maintenance on February 20, 2019 (Wed) 14:00.

    We kindly request for continued support to AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team