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    6/25 [Big Update] In addition to the new floor 53F, ZENITH CLASH will also be renewed!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2019/6/26 maintenance and app version update.

    After the latest app version is official, and the dialogue appears that update is required when the app is launched,
    please install the latest version app from app stores according to your platform.

    This time, it takes place in Ocean floor! New floor " 53F -Reef-" now open!
    So many updates!
    This time, it takes place in Ocean floor! New floor " 53F -Reef-" now open!

    The first floor of "Ocean floor" " 53F -Reef- " is newly added!

    Beautiful world where colorful reefs live and light shines in the water…
    But there will be powerful monsters await!

    Let's go out for a new adventure!!

    We will be releasing 3rd floors for following updates. Please look forward♪

    Also, we will be adding new limited quests for new floors as well !
    Don't miss this chance to get ORBs from the monsters on the new floors as well♪

    So many updates! - The minimum value will be set for the speed reduction of abnormal status
    If your character received more than a certain amount of attack speed and speed reduction debuff, you were not able to progress thereafter. As a mitigation measure, we have set the minimum value to the attack speed and speed reduction debuff to remove the status of not being able to progress.

    - Changes and updates regarding the Avatar Rankings
    - The 10 names that recently voted for your avatar on the avatar rankings will be displayed

    - Changes and updates regarding PvP
    - Matching of the ranks will be changed to improve the matching to the following
    Matching for the rank SSS... "SSS, SS"
    Matching for the rank SS... "SSS, SS, S"
    Matching for the rank S... "SS, S, A"
    Matching for the rank A... "S, A, B"
    Matching for the rank B... "A, B, C"
    Matching for the rank C... "B, C, D"
    Matching for the rank D... "C, D, E"
    Matching for the rank E... "D, E"

    - We will implement a practice room where the strength of opponents are balanced
    Free Death Match, "Team Death Match", "Party Death Match", and "Guild Death Match" will be added to the practice room
    Practice room will be a PvP room with the following conditions
    *The "Practice Mode" of the general league will also be "Practice" and the following conditions will be added
    -- There are upper and lower limits for the status correction in the room
    -- Effect of the shining stones will be disabled

    - Each of the PvP tournament names will be changed
    *No changes to the reward or participation conditions
    Name changes
    Official Team DM→[Ranking] Team DM
    Official Guild DM→[Ranking] Guild DM
    Official tournament→Official PvP

    - We will change by increasing the status bonus value increase when defeated in PvP and GvG

    - Changes and updates to the design
    - Emotions can be canceled by moving the character when waiting for the emotion to occur
    - Awakened skill of the Awakened class will be displayed by an icon with an exclusive slot

    - Other update details
    - ZENITH CLASH "Dark" will be changed to "Tree Soldier"
    Please note that in addition to the boss monster, you will need to defeat all of the various monsters that are summoned by the boss monster to clear "ZENITH CLASH -Tree Soldier-"

    - Adjustment to the EXP and JEXP acquired from the rewards of some Technical Battles

    - In the Challenge Dungeon, items drops from monster and contents of the reward boxes can be checked in the "Reward List"
    - From 6/26, there will be a max limit set on the recovery amount of collaboration type and advance class type recovery rings appearing in-game

    - If a party members are logged out for 10min., they will automatically be removed from the party that they are in
    - Characters that have not logged in for more than 7 days will forcefully be removed from the group chat

    - Avatars that are currently equipped on the character profile will be displayed

    - In the guild search screen, "Beginners welcome" will be selected initially

    - Adjusted the behaviors of characters to be smooth when receiving some skills

    - Achievements that raise various status will be changed to achievements that increase EXP
    - Adjustment of various skills of the Awakened class and the status of some summoned monsters
    Bug Fixes- Fixed the issue where the INT did not increase when using the Painter skill "Mixed Pallete" and "Magical Sketch"
    - Fixed the issue where the number of items that can be produced were not produced for the "Create Consume" that is displayed for the Creator skill "Item Production" and the Alchemist skill "Alchemy Spell"
    - Fixed the issue that did not reflect the rate of the status increase stated in the skill description for some passive skills

    - Fixed the issue where the rank became "E" when finishing the initial battle for that week in PvP league
    └ The fluctuation of RP due to matching or match results differs from the original assumption

    *From the 2nd battle onward, you will be placed in the original rank
    *The points of the previous week have been properly transferred for the RP

    - Fixed the issue where both PvP match results show "LOSE" under certain circumstances
    *The match result itself reflects the win/loss properly

    - Fixed the issue where the list of acquired items are not displayed in the case where there are many emitted lineups for random boxes
    - Fixed the issue where the display of the ★ for some items are displayed being overlapped, on the content display screen before opening the random box
    - Fixed an issue where the selling price of some Boss Spirit collect items were 1G instead of 5000G
    - Fixed the issue of not being able to move from 3rd floor to 4th floor in Ilse Tower at Tower Scramble.


    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team