MMORPG with ultimate graphics for Smartphones 「AVABEL ONLINE」


    7/3 Notice for update

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2019/7/3 maintenance and app version update.
    For the followings, the content which has (!!) will be applied to latest version of application. 
    *It will take time to update the app version.
    Updated details- Collaboration with the TV anime "Demon Lord, Retry!" confirmed!
    Please check here for Collaboration details 

    - As a collaboration celebration event, we will hold "50%-off campaign", "Main Tower Rush"& "Enhance Super Success Campaign" at the same time
    Please check here for Collaboration details 

    - Matching of the PvP league "Practice" will be changed regardless of the rank
    Bug Fixes- Fixed the issue of not being able to sell the pet that was taken out, when deleting the character that had taken out the pet
    - Fixed the issue of the "Xiphodon Egg" not being dropped in the Deep cry Advent
    - Fixed the issue of the summoned beasts death count (number of times being defeated) getting counted in PvP

    - Fixed the issue of the the displayed value not being reflected immediately after using "Weight Expansion" and "Bag Expand Bk" from the bag
    - Fixed the issue where the effect of the abnormal status resistance of the ORB not being displayed in the bag(!!)
    - Fixed the issue when selecting the arms in the bag, the "equipment" being shown on the screen(!!)
    - Fixed the issue when performing "Combine ORBs", "Remove ORBs", and "Add Slots" within the bag, the description displays "loading" under certain conditions(!!)
    - Fixed the issue where the room that requires the password being displayed, even when there are no key mark checked on the "Recruiting Rooms" screen for the Defense Line(!!)
    - Fixed the issue the "?" mark is not shown when opening the help function from the menu screen for the Technical Battles(!!)
    - Fixed the issue of being disconnected when trying to deposit such items to multiple storage repeatedly while operating the bag(!!)


    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team