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    [6th Anniversary Celebration!] Giving-away maximum of total 150 Gems! Gems Giveaway Campaign now starts!!
    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    [6th Anniversary Celebration!]
    We are giving away Gems according to the number of Gems purchased during the period!​

    Every time the total number of Gems purchased reaches a certain number, "30 Gems" will be gifts on the spot,
    You can get maximum total of 150 Gems from "Gems Give-away Campaign"!

    Campaign Dates7/26/2019 05:00 (GMT) - 7/31/2019 04:59 (GMT)
    Gifted gems
    Total Gems Purchased Gifted gems
    [ 30 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    [ 60 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 60 Gems)
    [ 90 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 90 Gems)
    [ 120 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 120 Gems)
    [ 150 Gems purchase ] 30 Gems give-away
    (Total: 150 Gems)
    Notes*When the total number of purchased Gems reached at certain amount within the period, Give-away Gems are also instantly transferred
    * Please note that the extra gifted Gem(s) from "First Time Gems Purchase Campaign" will not be counted on the "Gems Purchase campaign".
    * The Gems purchased during the campaign period will be added cumulatively.
    * Only 1 time per account.
    * Gifted items will be transferred to the Shop BOX automatically when purchased the specified amount of Gems.
    * Players that have changed devices during the campaign period will not be applied to the campaign at the point when changed devices.
    * Date and time for this campaign may subject to change.

    Don't miss this chance to get more Gems at reasonable price♪

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team