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    Apology for Uninvited Guest issues

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    There was an issue regarding the event "Uninvited Guest" in session since 8/28 (Wed).
    We will be conducting the following compensation.

    ■Compensation Details
    - Purchased "Inviting Dungeon Entrance Ticket x 10" while issue is occuring.

    ■Compensation Completed
    8/30/2019 08:30(GMT)
    ※Please receive it from Shop Box

    ■Target users for compensation
    Users who have purchased Inviting Dungeon Entrance Ticket by 8/30/2019 08:30(GMT) after maintenance ~ 8/30/2019 01:30

    We will return "Inviting Dungeon Entrance Ticket" until the issue is fixed,
    please receive it together.
    ■Compensation Details
    - Distributing Achievement "Inviting Dungeon Entrance Ticket" while issue occuring

    ■Compensation Completed
    8/30/2019 08:10(GMT)
    ※Please receive it from "Individual" from GM Mail

    ▼How to check GM Mail
    └ Main>Option>GM Mail>Individual

    ■Target users for compensation
    All account is target

    There will be 100 GM Mails (Individual) shown until the latest ones.
    └ Please note that earlier mails will not be deleted.
    *For the users who have exceeded 100 GM Mails (Individual), please delete unnecessary GM Mail (Individual) after receiving the attached items.

    We deeply apologize for the incovenience caused from opening event.