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    [9/25 07:15(GMT)Edit]9/25 [Big Update] Added 56F, new floor! Also holding event to get more ORBs!

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    Here are the details for updated details for 2019/9/25 maintenance and app version update.

    After the latest app version is official, and the dialogue appears that update is required when the app is launched,
    please install the latest version app from app stores according to your platform.

    New floor is available again! Windmill in the vast farm! New floor "Farm Part 2" is now open!
    Updated details
    New floor is available again! Windmill in the vast farm! New floor "Farm Part 2" is now open!

    The Second floor of "Farm floor" " 56F - Heine -" is newly added!

    In this peaceful farming landscape with full of crops…
    But the stronger monsters are coming for attack!

    Let's go out for a new adventure!!

    We will be releasing 3rd floors for following updates. Please look forward♪

    Also, we will be adding new limited quests for new floors as well !
    Don't miss this chance to get ORBs from the monsters on the new floors as well♪
    Updated details
    [Adjusting each skills]There will be an adjustment of power balance and details for each skills for Awaken Class, each EX skills for Advanced Class, and some skills for Basic Class.

    >> Some skill to increase ATK and MATK, will be changed to increase STR and INT.

    - Skill to raise ATK will be changed to raise STR.
    - Skill to raise MATK will be changed to raise INT.
    *There will be no changes as above regarding specific skills that raises ATK or MATK due to balance of the game.

    >> Passive Skills for Awaken Class will be changed.
    - Raising values for HP will be adjusted for each Awaken Class' Passive Skills.
    *The raising value for HP will differ according to type of Awaken Class.

    >> The skill's scale with raising ATK and MATK will be adjusted for each Boss Skill Ring.

    [Unlock Level Cap]>> Level cap will be changed from 340 to 360. Due to this change, we will be updating the details as following.
    Upon with the release, there will be adjustments for the following implementations and additions.
    - Implementing Mevius Arms level limit "320."
    - Adding level limit arms, "320," in Expert Synthesis recipe.
    - Adjusted the price for Equipment Level limit "200" to "260" that corresponds to Mevius Arms in due to addition.

    *Mevuis Arms are items that cannot be stored in Shared Case, Crysta Case.

    - Adding Rift stones, Slot Release, and ORB Remover that corresponds with arm level limit, "320."
    - Adding Rift stones, Slot Release, and ORB Remover in production recipe at Synthesis NPC for arm level limit, "320."
    -- Due to this addition, we have adjusted the prices for Rift Stones and Slot Release for equipment level limit "100", "200"to "260".

    - We will be conducting addition/deletion of sales line-ups at Advanced Arms Shop and Advanced Item Shop.[9/25 03:21(GMT)Edit]

    - You can now expert evolve Rune Arms and Astra Arms with Rift Stone "100." [9/25 07:15(GMT)Edit]

    - Adding Beginners Support Ring 300.

    [Regarding Mevius Arms]>> There will be the following adjustment regarding Meviuis Arms each status.
    - There will be differences in ability for each Mevius Arms according to Equipment Lv Limit and ranking than before 9/25.
    - The ability will be declined as the Equipment Lv Limit or rank is lower, and ability will be raised as the Equipment Lv Limit or rank is higher than before the 9/25 update.

    >> What is inside the Mevius Box will be adjusted.
    The Mevius Arms with 10 stars "200" to "280" will be dropped from Mevius Box.

    [Other Update Details]- The design to conduct expert evolve will be the same as evolve, and able to expert evolve at Blacksmith.
    - Adjusting the number to defeat monsters at Main Tower will be according to the floors at the Main Tower.
    Ex: At 19F, number to defeat monsters will be 19.
    - Adjusting the number to collect items at Main Tower will be according to the floors at the Main Tower.
    Ex: At 25F, the number of items to collect will be 25.
    - You can get Resist Dungeon Box as reward when clearing each floors' Resist Dungeon.
    - The inside of reward boxes will be changed when clearing each floors.
    - Core monsters' ORBs will be added in to each floors' ORB Box.
    - Trophies from official PvP and GvG will be added to Profile.
    - At Technical Battle "Quick," it will end at time limit.
    - When registering the final evolved Pet in to Pet Book, you can also register the Pet in the middle of evolution in the Pet Book as well.
    Bug Fixes- Fixed an issue of not being able to destroy with skill "Spiral Thorn" than originally intended to be.
    - Fixed an issue of when using Creator's skill "HP Recovery" and "SP Recovery" and making items in a row and checked Storages etc., it becomes "Loading..." for a long time.
    - Fixed an issue of failing to invite a new character in to Guild with over 10 Guild members are joined.
    - Fixed an issue of ability being different for skill "Willow Circle" Type C's normal type and RE type.

    We kindly request for continued support to AVABEL ONLINE.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team