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    [Sale for limited amount] New arrival!Noble spirit "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale! 11/30 15:00-

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.
    - Noble spirit "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale!
    - "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale!
    Noble spirit "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale!Noble spirit "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale!

    Fallen down on to the battlefield
    Dignified presence silences the chaos
    And bring peace to the world


    [Product Name]​
    [BF&CM Special Price] Holy Elegant Set

    [BF&CM Special Price] Navy Elegant Set
    [BF&CM Special Price] Rose Elegant Set
    [BF&CM Special Price] Dark Elegant Set
    [BF&CM Special Price] Sakura Elegant Set
    [BF&CM Special Price] Snowy Elegant Set

    [Item price]
    60 Paid Gems each

    200 x Each color
    └ The sale will end when each types solds out.

    [Set Items]
    - Upper Avatar
    - Lower Avatar
    - Accessory Avatar x2

    [Sales Period]
    11/30/2019 15:00(GMT)​ -
    └ The sale will end when each types solds out.

    [Sales category]
    Limited Shop

    * Able to purchase with Paid Gems only.
    *The number of sales limited by the "Limited Shop" is the value in [Other environment than Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese].

    *You cannot purchase with below condition
    ・If you don't own the amount necessary of Paid Gems for the product.
    ・Before the sale starts.
    ・After the sale ended.
    ・When the limited amount has sold out.

    *You can purchase the product at the confirmation display and comeplete by selecting "Purchase" button. Please note that there may be case of not being able to purchase due to timing. Additionally, we do not accept for refunds in such cases as well.

    "Elegant Avatar" will be on sale!

    [Product Name]​
    Elegant Avatar

    [Item price]
    5Gems per "Spin x1"
    50 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales Period]
    11/30/2019 15:00(GMT)​ -

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack

    [Offering Ratio]
    Product ranking Offering Ratio
    Big Jackpot Prize 5%
    Winning Prize 35%
    Normal Prize 60%
    Product line-up list
    ※The offerings ratio is showing rounded off minor 4th place, that there is possibility that the total value will not be 100%.
    Big Jackpot Prize Offering Ratio
    Holy Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Navy Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Rose Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Dark Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Sakura Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Snowy Elegant Wings 0.167%
    Holy Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Navy Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Rose Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Dark Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Sakura Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Snowy Elegant Veil 0.667%
    Winning Prize Offering Ratio
    Holy Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Navy Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Rose Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Dark Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Sakura Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Snowy Elegant Upper 5.833%
    Normal Prize Offering Ratio
    Holy Elegant Lower 10%
    Navy Elegant Lower 10%
    Rose Elegant Lower 10%
    Dark Elegant Lower 10%
    Sakura Elegant Lower 10%
    Snowy Elegant Lower 10%

    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * 1 item will be randomly won from the list in ''Items''
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.

    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team