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    Shop update notice for January 10

    The following Shop updates will be performed today.

    [Product Name]
    [50% OFF] Noir 3rd Avatar

    [Item price]
    25 Gems per "Spin x10"

    [Sales category]
    Avatar Pack

    * ''Noir Avatar'' and ''Noir 2nd Avatar'' will not be included in Product line-up.

    [Offering Ratio]
    Product ranking Offering Ratio
    Big Jackpot Prize 4%
    Winning Prize 12%
    Normal Prize 84%
    Product line-up list
    *The offerings ratio is showing rounded off minor 4th place, that there is possibility that the total value will not be 100%.
    Big Jackpot Prize Offering Ratio
    Falfeather Bracelet-FK N 0.25%
    Falfeather Arm S Feather-FK N 0.25%
    Falfeather Arm M Feather-FK N 0.25%
    Falfeather Arm L Feather-FK N 0.25%
    Zodica-RS Cap-RT N 0.25%
    Zodiac-RS Beak-RT N 0.25%
    Zodiac-RS Bag-RT N 0.25%
    Dark Quartz Loop-DM N 0.25%
    Dark Night Tool-JP N 0.25%
    Dark Night Circlet-JP N 0.25%
    Swallowtail Wing-BF N 0.25%
    Imperial Daemon Sub Wings K N 0.25%
    Imperial Daemon Main Wings K N 0.25%
    Illumination Wings I N 0.25%
    Illumination Necklace I N 0.25%
    Illumination Sabre I N 0.25%
    Winning Prize Offering Ratio
    Falfeather Top N 1.714%
    Dark Quartz Tops N 1.714%
    Swallowtail Tops N 1.714%
    Imperial Daemon Tops N 1.714%
    Illumination Armor N 1.714%
    Zodiac-RC Vesture N 1.714%
    Dark Night Upper N 1.714%
    Normal Prize Offering Ratio
    Falfeather Hat N 2.333%
    Falfeather Cap N 2.333%
    Zodiac-RS Helmet N 2.333%
    Zodiac-RS Hood N 2.333%
    Dark Quartz Hat N 2.333%
    Dark Quartz Headdress N 2.333%
    Swallowtail Hat N 2.333%
    Swallowtail Headdress N 2.333%
    Imperial Daemon Horns N 2.333%
    Imperial Daemon Tattoo N 2.333%
    Illumination Spiky N 2.333%
    Illumination Twin Tail N 2.333%
    Falfeather Lower N 4.667%
    Dark Quartz Lower N 4.667%
    Dark Night Lower N 4.667%
    Swallowtail Lower N 4.667%
    Imperial Daemon Lower N 4.667%
    Illumination Bottoms N 4.667%
    Falfeather Bracelet N 1.75%
    Falfeather Arm S Feather N 1.75%
    Falfeather Arm M Feather N 1.75%
    Falfeather Arm L Feather N 1.75%
    Zodica-RS Cap N 1.75%
    Zodiac-RS Beak N 1.75%
    Zodiac-RS Bag N 1.75%
    Dark Quartz Loop N 1.75%
    Dark Night Tool N 1.75%
    Dark Night Circlet N 1.75%
    Swallowtail Wing N 1.75%
    Imperial Daemon Sub Wings N 1.75%
    Imperial Daemon Main Wings N 1.75%
    Illumination Wings N 1.75%
    Illumination Necklace N 1.75%
    Illumination Sabre N 1.75%

    [Product Name]​
    [Only for 5 times] Lots of Gangues Set

    set of 100 "Evolution Gangues"

    [Item price]
    30 Gems per "Spin x1"

    [Sales category]
    Item Pack

    [Sales Period]
    1/10/2020 after the shop update - 1/17/2020 7:59 (GMT)

    * Can be purchased 5 times for each account.

    With a lineup of Earth 11 stars Lv100 limit equipment !!
    Additionally, we are starting the campaign "Stone Big Box 10" for when you use "Spin x 10"!

    [Product Name]
    11 Stars 100% [Earth Element Only] Authentic-Astra Arms Festival​

    [Item price]
    6 Gems per "Spin x1"
    60 Gems per "Spin x10"​

    [Sales Period]
    1/10/2020 after the shop update - 1/11/2020 7:59 (GMT)

    [Sales category]
    Equipment Pack

    * Purchasing "Spin x1" ten times does not apply for the offer.
    * Arms within the Pack have equip level limit set. When equipping with the character below the level limit, it will not activate the original ability.
    * "Add element" at "Expert Blacksmith" is not available for Astra Arms.

    [Offering Ratio]
    Product ranking Offering Ratio
    Normal Prize 100%
    Product line-up list
    ※The offerings ratio is showing rounded off minor 4th place, that there is possibility that the total value will not be 100%.
    Normal Prize Offering Ratio
    Diamond Astra Dagger 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Sword 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Blade 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Mace 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Axe 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Trigger 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Rifle 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Bow 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Rod 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Knuckle 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Wand 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Spear 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Lance 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Magi 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Cap 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Armor 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Greaves 5.556%
    Diamond Astra Shield 5.556%

    -- Announcement for closed for sale item(s)​
    The following item(s) will be closed for sale after the Shop updates held today.
    Noir Avatar


    * Players may win the same items more than once.
    * 1 item will be randomly won from the list in ''Items''
    * Check the Items in the Shop for the lineup details.
    * Date and time for the sales period may subject to change.
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    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team